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  1. Lamb missing much of last year throws the Warney comparison off - A.L. will need to just continue at his pace and work to get better before I say he is on Warney Level, but he is close. If you let him " get his " , you could be giving up 40+ to one player
  2. I watched it on ESPNU but as a Catamount fan I can say that they were challenged in the OOC season this year and many of their games came down to the last few mins. and last second shots. They did not blink last night - I felt UA rushed some shots and did not space themselves well and allowed UVM's defense to really contest the shots. Not missing 1 free throw really slammed the door.
  3. You can also thank Jay Bilas should UA defeat my Catamounts tomorrow. He pretty much gave us the Kiss of Death with this article: 64. Vermont Catamounts This was the team that barely lost at Rupp Arena to start the season. The Catamounts have five losses, but all were very close games. That matters. In the NCAA tournament, this team can sneak up and beat some poor, dumb group that takes it lightly. The Catamounts will likely run the table in the America East and be crazy confident in March." He is such a D-bag for doing that ... Anyway UA & UVM games are always interesting. Good luck Danes..
  4. I thought we were going to hang a 30 point loss on them. Becker pulled off near the end. TBH, hamstring strain and concussion are gone- kid absolutely ate the $iena guards lunches 2night. Nico... a talented player but damn, he can't keep his head in the game.
  5. Danes... please, blow the doors off of Siena this evening. I promise the game at Patrick on Monday with the " Aints" will be a visit from hell for them. Lets double 'em up!
  6. UA played well enough to earn a win yesterday. As a VT fan and at the game yesterday, it played just about how I thought it would. WB will coach the $hit out of the game and turn it into a battle. AE reffing at it's " best " - poor calls on both sides. It makes homecourt that much more important. 15-16 game I felt UVM got the worst of it too. Patrick Gym , just leave that one out of the discussion. Our fan base has been vocal about a new arena. Be very thankful you as Dane fans may only have to be there twice a year, I "endure" 12-14 games and may lower back reminds every time what a unsafe dump it is. That said it also gets wild in there! Danes, Will Brown is a class act and top level coach. Becker has begun to reach his level IMO as far as getting teams ready to play. WB is good for our conference and I would not want to wish him gone ( had he busted us yesterday, I might've changed my opinion!). As the time almost expired and we thought the game was done ( had to review the D.N. trey ball) WB was near Dre Wills on the sideline and CB extended a handshake to Wills and talked momentarily with the kid. Gracious in defeat, Brown was again displaying great character. Keep him there! UA brings back a solid team and more experienced team next. UVM will be right here waiting for you. Lets do this again next year
  7. Hooley & Singletary will eat them alive... PLEASE lay another AE a$$whippin on them...I so wish Duncan was able to go tonight - assist total would've been staggering .
  8. Thanks. You guys have a lot of good fans. It is just too bad for you, one of your more vocal fans on the AE board is one of your dumber ones who wasn't even at the game. His (and others) nonsense doesn't bother me at all. I find it both amusing and sad in a wierd way. BTW, over here we say $iena instead of $hit. good to know - $iena, " We are Legend" Saints , I can do without them !
  9. UVM fan here- good win Saturday ( getting tired of this $hit! ) anyway, good luck - beat the Brookies. Forget the nonsense some of my fellow Cats fans are spewing- UA kicked our a$$ - UVM played not to lose and not to win. From head coach down. They are a good team and good enough that they should have taken care of biz, and they choked and got manhandled. Do the same to the Wolfie's!
  10. Heady.....it's liquid gold! Thankfully the temps went into the fifties today. Tough game to watch - everything went UVM's way today. In this conf. all we really did was hold serve. Too much respect for UA to think that will happen again
  11. free...uvmathletics.com go to mens basketball, select schedule, select todays game and the link is there. Our PBP guy sucks IMO but it is usually a good video feed
  12. UVM website : http://uvmathletics.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball
  13. use extreme caution Danes fans - Highway Dept of Vt is shutting down many roads now due to ice and flooding. Not that we don't want you here but it is crazy out there right now. Maybe you can come up again for the championship game....we can't lose for a third time to Slick Willy ,,can we ? be safe
  14. Congrats Danes ...I can tell you as a VT fan, that was a classic game. Your coach is a class act and the team,fans of UA earned that win. Inside that gym was crazy and except for the outcome I wouldn't change a thing. Your program has our respect and as many of us say, " anybody but StonyBrook". . I'll be rooting for the Danes for as long as they play in the tourney. Of course we want you again next year! Enjoy the NCAA's
  15. UVM has been too inconsistent and have been shown they can not handle talented point guards. Mike Black will shred this team today.If UA doesn't rip The Cats by at least 12 I would be very surprised.
  16. I made the trip to SEFCU and will give you my $.02 Watts is going to be a very good AE player. Logan needs to develop an interior game and UA bigs need to improve. Black was a no show for the game but I like him too. That said Lonergan took that game wire to wire and wasn't in trouble at any point. He has a deep bench and when they run thier sets and play D like that they can beat anyone in the AE. Albany is a young team but so is UVM - many times they had 3 Freshmen,1 Soph and 1 Sr. on the floor. I see these two teams going head to head for a few more years. It will get interesting when Lonergan leaves, he isn't long for us anymore.
  17. Im traveling down for the re-match with a small group. I know of quite a few UVM fans making the trek and a bus from the UVM Athletic Dept so don't sell all the tix's !
  18. As a UVM fan I watched this game at Patrick Gym and will tell UA fans your team plays very good D. They completly shut off Fjeld inside. UA is not a #8 AE team at all. I see that team capable of beating anyone on any given night - just as I see UVM being able to do the same thing. UVM has a deep bench and that is what UA is lacking right now. Logan is the best shooter Ive seen this year except for Jimmer. All in all, UA is back. rematch 1-29-11 ! We'll be ready
  19. Do you stop at car wrecks also? i jest - I'm a UA fan for Saturday! Go Danes!
  20. Soooooooo rootin for the Danes tonight! You are guys are way overdue for a great game
  21. If UVM doesn't regroup we could fall to the Danes Saturday. Blakely was pounded by UNH and Lonergan has had it with the no calls for him. After the UNH game the NESN cameras picked up Lonergan going off on the lead officail. Does the 2 time DPOY & POY deserve better? I'd say yes but I think his ( #23) frustration is leading to hios poor play as of late. If he mans up and re focuses UVM will be tough to beat Sat.
  22. I'd skip the Bball game completly - it is going to be hard to watch these 2 teams " play " basketball. There is a good middle school game at Burlington High - you just might see better hoops there. Where have these 2 teams gone ??
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