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  1. I've been dormant here for quite a while, I must say that I'm not thrilled about this at all but I know that WB will land on his feet. This however is the last straw for me with MB. I feel like he never made an effort with middle donors and that we were taken for granted as "loyal fans" but our pockets were not deep enough for him. Sad thing is that many members of the Sec 600 crew are now in the position to be giving at a higher level and we are probably going to balk at it. His public lashing of SM over the TK1 Insta fiasco where he was "compelled to publicly repudiate" SM's statement about the NCAA Monopoly showed what he is about. Matter could have easily been dealt with SM releasing an apology statement that says he was acting rashly and responding emotionally and discussed the matter with internal UA staff. Instead MB grandstanded instead of standing my Marr. FOH MB, low class move. So for me this was a dead issue a long time ago, but this gong show just solidified it for me and most of 600 crew, We will continue to support teams but it will be limited to one or two hoops games a year and Lax when my kids aren't playing at their respective schools.
  2. Last night was a bit ugly; it was New Jersey style basketball, full contact in the face kind of game. It was a full contact hand checking ordeal. The Wagner Coaches were controlling the refs based on reputation. The Danes were clearly tired after the trains, planes and missing buses ordeal. As stated earlier, 0-0 starts on Sunday and now it's time to get down to business. The guys just ran out of gas. It was good to see some old friends made the trip. See you for the Seamonkey game. Siena Still Stinks! (I have to clean it up now that the 7 year old is my travel partner and President of the Blake Metcalf Fan Club)
  3. The team looked good last night especially in the second half. They were a bit weak on the boards in the first and really turned it on in the second. It was great to be at game for the first time in over a year and half. Injury kept me sidelined last season. Few notes: I liked how Jacob was gaining control of the game, he is growing into the 9th man very quickly. Black looked to be moving nicely in his track suit, with a slight hint of a limb, clearly there was no reason to push it and dress him last night. Jacob has that spring shot that his brother has especially from the outside, it's almost like he is fighting the ball. My daughter had a great time last night and is the new President of the Blake Metcalf Fan Club, as a Dad I'm real worried when the almost 8 year old asked if she could have Blake at her birthday party. I'm in trouble with this one. It was good to see many of the familiar faces on the road and I plan on making a few more road games (including the MSG and Sea Monkey games). I don't know if Matt (Class of 2032) is ready for games yet but I would expect to see more of Kate (Class of 2025) at games. I'm thinking that the 18th versus MSM might be her first home game (I might need 2 tickets A92?) See you all soon! SSS! Jon
  4. Hate to say it but I warned Commissioner Nero about a year and a half ago about Coach Broadus. I was going to post a copy of the letter here but decided against it. Either way it fell on deaf ears, Nero never even gave the courtesy of a reply. I think I should have taken it up with the interim chancellor at the time (John Clark). Makes you wonder if VADM John Ryan was in charge back in February of 2008 would we even be having this discussion? VADM Ryan seemed like the kind of guy who does not stand for this kind of $iena. It is a bad day for SUNY, the AE and Zoos across the world. Flush Hard! It's a long way to Vestal
  5. I don't need to spell this out to most of the folks on the board (admitted to the Bar or not) if it is literally a Federal Case and an indictment is handed down, it's usually a slam-dunk (no hoops pun intended) alternatively if the AUSA for NDNY will not entertain the case it could be shopped on the "state level". If it is true that Federal resources are being put toward this (be it the Postal Inspector, the Secret Service or DEA) there is probably something to go on here. In the end I hope that it is not true because this looks bad for all of SUNY athletics as well as the AE now. Flush Hard! FIRE THIRER! BOUNCE BROADUS!
  6. Clyde Frazier was a Saluki Salukis were very friendly in Columbus. I was bounced from the team hotel the first night and sent to the Marriott which had a Saluki Nation Banner in front. Spent the better part of the night at the bar with the fine folks of Saluki Nation. Flush Hard! It's a long way to Veatal!
  7. Enough said... Flush Hard! It's a long way to Vestal
  8. I'm going ape Siena here on the Island. The FOX feed keeps going down! GRRRRRRR! ESPN just sent me the text, tough loss! Flush Hard!
  9. Very much off topic but I was getting drenched at Bethpage Black on Thursday and I was looking for about 20 of my friends that were there for the day (no cell phones allowed) but I ran into only one familiar face. As I was walking from the practice driving range I see this guy sporting UAlbany rain gear walking Vijay Singh and his media entourage to the tee box on the first hole and it was none other than our own AAD for Media Relations Brian DePasquale. I gave him a quick handshake as he was entrenched in his work. Later on the left side of the first fairway (after almost getting whacked with a Tiger Woods tee shot) I see him marshalling the media across the fisque and I have seen him on TV several times throughout the week. That is some great exposure for our Great Danes when we have one of our own inside the ropes. Just thought you would all like that story. Have great rest of the summer and see you in August as we get ready for Football season! Flush Hard! It's a long way to Vestal!
  10. Nero said it was in protest to the NCAA. I'm sure he didn't make that up. That could be the case if he wasn't selected POY but was on the all-conference team. He was definitely deserving of the all-conference team at the very least, don't you think? Maybe. I don't know much about the kid to make a judgment. I haven't been following him very closely. He may very well be deserving. I just find the explanation given by Nero to be lacking. There is something really wrong here with the whole situation. According to Nero, the coaches and AD's denied Rivera a well-deserved honor - supposedly out of frustration against BUNY's coach, but then they turn around and bestow COY honors on Broadus. A couple of years ago, I thought Will Brown far more deserved the COY honor than Broadus this year, but he was denied it. Were the coaches and AD's so angry with him then that they couldn't bring themselves to honor Brown, yet they give it to someone whose reputation is tarnished at the very least? Can you explain the discrepancies? (Honest question because I don't know the answers.) No. I'm just going on what Nero told ESPN and the NY Times. Said it before and I'll say it again... Nero=Zero Put it over something and it is still zero (ie. 0/3) Put it under something and it is undefined (3/Nero) It's not often I get to make math jokes... How about our Lacrosse team?
  11. IRockTheCape!!! Nicely featured. And many cameo background shots of other posters/lurkers (A92 et al.)
  12. NY Times Link Yahoo! RivalsLink here The one thing that I can say with pride about our program is that we have high quality young men that would never beat the pulp out of another student placing him in a coma and fleeing the country on a fraudulently obtained passport. Kevin and his thug program can't say the same for themselves. I also see that Commissioner Zero (who never answered my email or fax from the incident last year with the Thug Squad) failed to come down one way or another, he must be afraid of Kevin too. I'm not afraid of thugs... Never have been, never will. I’m now a Jay Greene guy! (edit 2x for correct UMBC player) Go Retrievers!
  13. This was a tough game to watch but, then again most of the games I watch are tough to watch. UAlbany Basketball used to be the bright spot in my life. My pro teams are always ready to disappoint, Jets, Mets, Rangers. I'm thinking about becoming a Knicks fan too but I don't know if I can hack it. I'd agree with much of the previous posts but I'm not a worried about a young team as much as I think there are stamina problems. The 4th spot is looking very good right now. sss
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