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  1. I think anyone who likes Will and wants him to stay should be encouraged by interview on Wyland's show today. Will said he had a "great meeting" with Benson. His tone was very upbeat about the UA program and the team next year. Wyland probably knows more than he lets on...and he was optimistic about Will returning next year.
  2. That is interesting about Hurley. Boosters/outside sources can play an important role in keeping good coaches at the mid-major level. Amaker reportedly gets close to $1 million to coach at Harvard, with the substantial majority of that coming from sources outside the men's basketball budget. I doubt there is that level of outside resources/commitment connected to the hoop program at UA, but maybe something can be cobbled together that works for all involved. I'm sure Benson will do what he can to keep Will and reward him for the team's success. .
  3. I think the number for either school will be more like $750k a year for five years. Both Pecora and Hewitt had contracts in that range. If WB is offered that type of deal, especially from GMU, it will be tough to keep him. Benson doesn't really have any control over this.
  4. Will might leverage a Fordham offer to improve his deal with UA, but it's hard to imagine he would take that job...Fordham can't win in the A-10 and may end up in the Patriot League in a few years. I can't see him leaving unless 1) he gets a big raise (think $3 million over 5 yrs) 2)at a program that can win and 3)in a location his family is comfortable. Some A-10 schools would fit that bill, but not Fordham.
  5. Given the stakes, the Hooley backstory, and how much we struggled to score during the first 39:55 of the game, that was one of the most amazing finishes we will ever see. As noted above, Mike Rowley is an unsung hero swishing two FTs under tremendous pressure. Great to see a good student turnout despite spring break. Also, it has to be said that Stony Brook fans were great, their band was outstanding, and their presence added to the electric atmosphere at SEFCU Arena. For those of you hoping for bigger arenas, playing at TU Center, etc., Saturday's game is a reminder that there is nothin
  6. Lillis is in Chicago working in financial services. He was at SEFCU for the UMBC last Sunday
  7. Once a year is enough for me. Also, to be fair, Siena pay day for the UA game is not really $200K. More like $80K which reflects the difference between a non Conference home game vs another team (5-6000 in attendance) and 11000 for UA minus tickets given to UA and additional cash payment. Still a great boost for them but not $200K
  8. I know some of you think otherwise, but the idea of alternating the designated “home team” at the TUC is a much less attractive option. It will never feel like a home game. At best, it will be a neutral game. Even if we had the courtside seats, the majority of the fans would still route for Siena. Also, Siena season ticket holders are strongly opposed to this concept, and do not want to be relegated to visitors seats on Siena’s home court. This creates an additional negotiating obstacle A few other points: UA has earned the right to have a home. It’s really a question of competitive fa
  9. The game is good for the area and should be continued if rational minds sit down to work out a solution. WB's arguments have less to do with money than with competitive fairness. There are two equitable ways to continue this game. The first is to have a traditional home and home series the way it is done with most non-conference rivalries. One year at Siena’s home venue (TUC) with Siena keeping all the revenue. The next year at UA’s home venue (SEFCU) with UA keeping all the revenue. Those Siena fans who have suddenly become advocates for the “community interest” in having as many people as
  10. I'm with you on Burlington, but most D1 hoop prospects don't care much about ski mountains, hiking gear, etc.
  11. I doubt Vermont aspires to move up in conference. Hockey is the only other sport of significance at UVM, and they already play in the Hockey East, which is one of the top conferences for that sport. UA's future in hoops is obviously tethered to football and lacrosse, and I agree moving up in conference level would be a challenge for many reasons, the most important being money. That should not be an excuse for mediocrity in the AE basketball conference. The first step to growth is sustained excellence in the conference you play in, whether it is the America East or elsewhere. Vermont can do it
  12. Haha, I hope too! Just trying to figure the facts, comparisons etc behind why there's a ledge people are on with the program being on a 'downswing'. People can feel anyway they want we are all entitled to that, I guess I look for facts and figures which tie to real expectations.. not just what "I feel" as a fan should happen, but realistically what can happen based on history. Not saying UA couldn't make history, we could I guess.. but not sure how realistic that is. Anyway, I just enjoy the wins, stay through the losses, clap that we have smart kids on the team, be optimistic that would get t
  13. I'm frustrated that we struggled to beat Binghamton and UMBC at home. I expect more than that from the Men's hoop program at this point. Yes, we can explain away a bad performance in any single game based on almost anything ( injuries, missed foul shots, matchup problems, hot shooting opponent, etc. etc). A large sample of games tells a more meaningful story, and I must admit to being very disappointed with the evolution of the program since Jamar graduated. Since then (6 1/2 years ago), our AE conference record is a thoroughly mediocre 49-53. We should dominate the America East. Vermont
  14. Tough to watch the last 25 minutes. Siena looked like they wanted it more...played harder, contested every shot we took in the 2d half. No reason to hit the panic button, with some winnable games coming up, and conference games not starting for a couple of weeks, but this loss revealed a lack of toughness, that is always a cause for concern. We never attacked the Siena press. Siena was not turning us over much, but we wasted 10-15 seconds each possession breaking the press without gaining an advantage or getting any easy baskets. We also stopped pressing, which allowed Siena to comfortab
  15. On the court performance against Siena has a lot to do with off the court leverage. The more we win, the more we add value to the matchup in terms of fan interest, ticket sales and ultimately $$$. So as much as we gripe about contract terms, playing on the road, etc., the reality is Siena has the upper hand because they have been the better program over the last few years, based on wins, attendance, recruiting and any other metric of success you want to look at. I don't like that, but it's true. Unless there is a major change in the status of the two programs, Siena will never agree t
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