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  1. You are extremely irrational at the moment. Lol. 

    UMBC did what no other team could have done in 135 tries. We also beat UMBC by 44 points this year. Stony Beat them by 30+. Crazy things happen. UVA plays UMBC 1000 times, they probably win 990. Crazy things happen.

    To say that UMBC winning has undone everything we've accomplished makes little sense. When UVM beat Cuse in a massive upset, did that set us back 15 years? Within a couple of years, we were making our debut in the big dance. UMBC will get a lot of recognition and that will be good for our conference. Mid-majors conferences are only as good as the results they produce in big game situations. I think this ultimately helps UA, and I think we could have an excellent team next year. 

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  2. News flash. We play in a $iena conference, pretty much across the board. It's no different in mens or women's basketball. Such is life.


    The conference needs to improve or we need to find a new one. Obviously not as simple as that but it is what it is. And bias isnt limited to small schools. The same thing happens to major conferences in a variety of sports where they get the short end of the stick because there's a conference dominating year in and out (ACC in bball and SEC in football). Only when there are numerous examples of the underdog conference exceeding expectations will the tide be reversed.

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  3. You're making many, many assumptions. Perhaps he just connected better with the other coaching staff or players, or likes the location, or has friends there, or any other number of reasons.


    How do you know what his personal goals are or the importance of winning to him? These are young men who often make decisions for a variety of reasons.


    Choosing a 10-22 Beth.Cookman speaks volumes about the person and HIS personal goals and the importance of winning.

    Once we signed a G he was history.

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  4. Here's another thing. I've placed blame on Nichols, but after thinking about it some more, no one on UA challenged Nichols. No one demanded more shots, that he shoot less etc. It was as though they weren't confident enough themselves to do something so they passed it off and crossed their fingers.


    I still think Nichols as the floor general needs to do a better job, but some blame needs to be placed on the other 4 surrounding him at a y given moment for not challenging him.

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    This is a game that we should have won. I hold CB in high regard. What's he done/does for our program has been nothing short of spectacular and I hope he remains at UA for a very long time. That being said, I don't think this was one of his better coached games. Everyone has an off day too, I suppose.

    At the risk of sounding like a Will Brown apologist, I see it completely opposite. My thought was that uvm had more talent and depth and to be up 9 deep in the second half spoke to how well he prepared the team and coached them.


    This is the same team that blew out the number 4 seed unh by 30 and brown had them on the ropes with an inexperienced team. Uvm rolled through the league and were sweating big time today. Credit to them gutting it out but I though brown coached a great game and team was prepared.

    I understand exactly where you're coming from. However, counter argument could be made that up 9, we collapsed, and Coach has to take some of the blame.


    For the season overall, I give him an A. For today's game, B+. Some of the substitutions at the end didn't make much sense to me, and he seemed to have lost Nichols by the end of the game.

  6. Nichols didn't help matters but this is all about the calls or lack there of. I complain about refs but rarely do this extent...this was epicly bad. One of the worst games ref wise of the year.


    Drive home is going to suck after lunch.



    Disagree with you. We got some calls too that worked in our favor. The calls were overall TERRIBLE (we agree), but this comes down to Nichols and Cremo. Cremo did zilch in 1st half, Nichols was terrible in the second. 1 of 9 from three other range for Nichols speaks volumes.


    It's not rocket science. He was hucking shots at the end of the game. Also doesn't help when Rowley did zero either. Cremo killed us with the charge and blocking calls (on both ends).


    A lot of it is attributed to youth and that he's played hero balls and it's worked for us previously. Guy went from 2PPG last year to 18PPG this year. Tremendous progress. All in all, another AE championship game. When you're in a one-bid league, you're not going to win EVERY do or die game.

  7. I wrote this earlier, but didn't really get much of a response..


    For those of you more aware of contract negotiations and how the process works, is there any reason why CB wouldn't push an extension? Higher buyout etc.? Or do coaches just focus on guarantees years and worry about the fallout of potentially leaving later?

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