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  1. If I'm correct, Brown had a ton of success at the JUCO level, no?
  2. And to top it off, he's taking the job after SBU got TROUNCED by Kentucky. Yes, they had a NCAA appearance, but not leaving on the highest of notes. Interesting, given that Brown hadn't had more interest in the past, given his repeated success, and great performance in the NCAAs. Unless the lack of "interest" (by big programs), is due to his apparent happiness in Albany/
  3. Unbelievable. What a comeback. Lady Danes had been so close, but finally get it done! CONGRATS!
  4. The last foul on Richards was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. I normally don't hate on refs but that ref should be sent to Mars.
  5. Was really just a small spurt of time that they ballooned the lead.. Was never going to be easy, just need to chip away
  6. Scratch that.. Forgot women play in quarters now.. Game is on WATCHESPN app.
  7. Same here with ESPN2, but Belmont at the half now, so maybe game switches over..
  8. SBU had zero guard play. In order to be competitive in these games, you need to hit the 3 ball and have your guards penetrate. The sheer difference in athleticism of our guards vs SBU is what shocked me the most last night
  9. I disagree 100%. How can you say that UA winning a tournament game would not help with recruiting? Warney maybe getting drafted and maybe making a team would be more beneficial to UA than UA winning a NCAA game?
  10. 99% of players coming to the AE do not have NBA aspirations. The same is the case for most of the lower tier conferences. Every once in a while we get a gem who wasn't recruited the way he should have been.
  11. How has it worked out for our conference post UVM upset of Cuse? It didn't. League is the same. Your argument is similar to that of real estate - I hope my neighbor strikes it big and sells his house for X dollars. That will mean that my house is worth more or comparable. Except it doesn't work like that, and we are competing against Stony for recruits - most of the AE teams for that matter. We're also competing with them for scheduling as well. They make noise and they're a better draw. I'm not some anti SBU person - a lot of my friends went there. If they happen to have an upset of UK, it will arguably be one of the greatest sports feats they will ever witness - happy for them in that case if pigs do fly.
  12. Vin Baker works at Starbucks now. At the end of the day, I don't see how rooting for SBU helps our program at all, but at the same time, our program/conference prides itself on academics and character, so I couldn't fault someone for rooting for Warney. Kid is a stud, and has been at the losing end of the deal several times at UA's expense - in heart breaking fashion. He deserves and has earned his time to shine. Hoping UK wins, but if SBU pulled it out, it would most likely be another great 1st round game - such is March. I do hope though that we do real well in our tournament - not a massive recruiting chip, but additional exposure and free basketball to get our team to gel for next season. Plus, I wouldn't want the careers of the seniors to end on that Hartford note.
  13. So people feel the need to correct my grammar? Didn't this happen a week ago with another poster? People jumping on someone regarding their grammar? Thanks for your contributions to the chain!!
  14. What's wrong with that I said? Are they not the only two D1 programs in the Albany area?
  15. The problem isn't the arena.... the problem is the way athletics are marketed. Yes, concessions and stuff don't hurt, but if I were a parent taking a kid to a game, I wouldn't not take them because the "hot dogs" were not good enough. There should be more promotions. For example, at MSG, there's always a halftime show with little kids who play basketball for a few minutes each. There's normally 4 teams (two games). This right here would attract 40+ kids, and then 1-2 parents on average for each child. Do things like this to increase attendance. Perhaps it's already done, but there are ways to drum up attendance. One of the posts above referenced the attendance of a lot of schools in the NYC metro area - most of these aren't known for athletics in the slightest, and also have to compete with 50 schools within a 10-15 mile radius. Albany doesn't have that issue. It's us and Siena for all intensive purposes. We used to say "if the team wins", people will show. Now since that's the case, and it hasn't translated into a huge surge in attendance, we rely on the deficiencies of SEFCU. A new arena will not correct the attendance issue. Maybe a slight bump, but in no way justifies the cost, imo. Make some renovations (new fodo stands, etc)., and it will go a long way. I'd rather us get to the point where we NEED a new arena, because the demand is so great for it - everygame is sold out etc. History has shown that a new arena very rarely, if ever, in any sport translates to higher attendance.
  16. What's the population for Albany? Quick google search showed 98,000 in 2013. I'm assuming that Albany, city proper, and not the surrounding area. Much smaller than I thought.
  17. If you don't think that atmosphere has an impact on recruiting or a team's success, you really need to reevaluate your ability to be objective. No one is chastising those fans that went (kudos), but it's more about the macro picture of the program. If you're an Aussie recruit (example), watching on ESPN3 from abroad and you see two games - one with a more than half empty stadium, and the other is a raucous environment, which would you prefer? Wouldn't we all prefer to play in front of a packed arena with raging students? These athletes are kids/young men. They certainly feed off of energy - grown professional athletes do as well. That's why teams historically play better at home than on the road (certainly other factors as well). If we go to 3 straight NCAAs, have a very legit chance at a 4th, and draw 2500 fans for a playoff do or die game, what does that say about the Athletic Department's marketing? At Albany, no one has come up with a way to consistently get fans in the seats, including students. Riddle me this - how are you going to demand/command money for a new SEFCU when you can't even sell out the one you have for a playoff game? People say win, win, win, and the fans will come. We've done that. Where are the fans?
  18. Seems like you're taking it personal since you're a diehard fan. Sometimes when you're a fanatic, it's hard to be objective. So what if we led the league in attendance? In terms of CBB, that's like saying you have the nicest house in the ghetto. And you say, keep winning, and the fan base will co to us to grow, but that's unrealistic, especially with a league with as much parity as ours. So if next year we have a .500 season, our attendance should drop significantly? Few teams can continue to succeed perpetually. Our women's team has a first round pick in the making. Our lax team had arguably the greatest combo and greatest individual player in the history of lax. Our athletic performance has made LEAPS, but the fan base has not. Simple as that.
  19. If there were 4k+ on Saturday, it's extremely disappointing that attendance dipped by roughly 35-40% several days later for an actual "playoff" game. I'm from NYC, but lived in ATL for a couple of years (around 5 years ago). Albany reminds me of Atlanta in many ways, in terms of sports following/teams etc. Very few are from Albany - most are from upstate NY or downstate, and Albany serves as a central hub - the reason why the capital was relocated to Albany. As such, people migrate there but have allegiances to prior teams. It may have been loud in person (that's relative too...), but on TV, it appeared dead. While we can debate noise decibels, I can judge solely based on the way fans appeared on TV. Very rarely were people standing and cheering (at least the section being showed on TV). Even the student sections didn't seem that lively. Attendance has been slowly increasing, but again, that isn't saying much, given how low it has historically been. Stop accepting mediocrity. If you ever want to make a leap to another level (albeit CAA, A10, whatever), you need to expect more of the program - that includes the fans/athletic marketing.
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