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  1. Albany with 8 fouls in the first 4 1/2 minutes of the half
  2. Sunday’s game moved to 5:00 as the women will play Maine at home at noon both days this weekend, UVM women having a positive COVID test
  3. That was also reported on Channel 13. I was surprised they hadn't chosen one yet. They also said Healy has been practicing and may play this weekend.
  4. A few minutes for Lulka today, practiced yesterday. Healy probably vs NJIT, has been working on his own. SJ shoots tons of threes, played 40 min of 2-3 zone vs Bonny. WB says keys are transition defense, 3-pt D, getting more FT ourselves
  5. Channel 13 said last night we’re playing St Joseph’s at 6:00 Saturday in Philadelphia
  6. Another home and home vs Morgan St announced. Here 11/13/21 and in Baltimore 9/23/23. Should complete OOC for those two years Actually not announced- FBSchedules got a copy of the contract with a FOIL request
  7. So not ten losses in a row? We might get a few more wins this year?
  8. Most jollity I had today was this story in the TU, which here as originated in Syracuse.com https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2020/12/syracuse-coach-jim-boeheim-on-buffalos-trash-talk-theres-no-way-theyre-ever-going-to-play-here-again.html Boeheim refuses to play Buffalo again, because ... Trash Talk
  9. TU said Lulka got hit in his broken nose again vs. Niagara, it bled a little and he started getting dizzy so he stayed out.
  10. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-plans-to-have-Antonio-Rizzuto-continue-to-15820596.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=share-by-email&utm_medium=email Brown hopes to shorten bench. Rizzuto leads team in scoring and with a 27 (+/-)
  11. Ok, you’re saying Albany is 4-1 vs Niagara. NU is 2-3, 2-2 MAAC. Lost to Syracuse, two losses to St Peters, two wins over Fairfield
  12. TU reports the Bubble collapsed at 8:25 pm Thursday under the weight of the 22” of snow. U is getting estimates for restoring it. Story says it last collapsed in 1986. Not sure how many times they’ve replaced the material but I thought it had a lifespan of 8-12 years
  13. Down only 1, would've liked a better shot than a deep three. OTOH how many layups off those athletic drives did we miss?
  14. Roster says he's 5'2" Oddly, the ESPN feed started several minutes earlier on my laptop than on my phone.
  15. No, radio just switched to an interview from earlier on the week
  16. Because you can’t follow the link unless you join. Not confused, just FB and IG aren’t as universal as some people think. When I post a TU story I use the email link so non-subscribers can read it. Why should I have to give ANOTHER platform my email so they can send me more crap? And it’s not an age thing, my daughter doesn’t use FB/ IG either
  17. Some of us may not be on Instagram or Facebook - required to read these
  18. In this morning's TU, Wednesday's practice was delayed to evening because Cam Healy had a root canal, Lulka is questionable after a "procedure" Tuesday, Chuck Champion had a screw put into his foot recently and his minutes may be limited, CJ Kelly and JoJo Anderson are both coming off knee surgery and Kelly is about 80%. Brown says we're close to adding a game around the time the Bryant game was, and close to another game after Christmas. The UMBC games at 4:00 Saturday and 2:00 Sunday are an hour later than originally scheduled.
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