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  1. Was pointed out by Wyland’s B Team (he’s on the road) that ELEVEN players had ten or more minutes last night. I suppose it’s a new coach, all the players are new to him and most of them are new to each other. Hope he settles on a more steady rotation
  2. TU story says Verse is only looking at FBS, has offers from Kansas, Buffalo and Western Kentucky, and contact from Michigan State and Florida State. "I have nothing bad to say about Albany," Verse said Wednesday in a phone interview. "I love the coaches here, everything about here. I felt after helping myself grow as a player and everything like that, you'd have to leave the CAA — not Albany, but the CAA — to go somewhere FBS-wise, a bigger school, more competition where on a week-to-week basis I'm being challenged." "I wish him well," texted UAlbany coach Greg Gattuso, who is on the road recruiting. Verse said Gattuso was understanding when Verse called him Tuesday. "He said he wasn't going to try to talk me out of it because he knows I made my decision, which I respected so much and I thank him for everything he did for me and specifically for that, too," Verse said.
  3. Yeah, but Bryant was 0-6 vs. D-I. I was reminded how good Morgan Haney looked in her first seven games before she tore her ACL two years ago.
  4. Ching was the practice field, now it's their only football field https://hawaiiathletics.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_id=0&image_path=/images/2015/6/26/Ching-2015-Complex-Field-DH.jpg My daughter was one of several hundred dancers in the Pro Bowl halftime show about 2003. Afterwards she said she shook hands with some tall guy named Peyton something.
  5. K-State $iena’d North Dakota 84-42. Massey only gives us 6% chance, 71-56
  6. Aloha Stadium isn't scheduling new events. The Warriors played this year at the T C Ching Complex, their practice field that seats 9,000 and is to be expanded to 15,000 for next year. Wonder if they'll try to reduce their payment to us.
  7. Danny Rocco has been fired at Delaware. Five years, 31-23 record, one CAA championship.
  8. Cornell beat Bing by 10 in Vestal, so this game should mean we're competitive with the top half of the league. Agree we should've used the last foul, and think we had a timeout left to set up the inbound defense for the last shot.
  9. Failed to give the last foul as Red hits 30- footer at buzzer for the win.
  10. In the first minute of the pregame show, Rodger said they're in Richmond, Virginia, and that they're playing Eastern Connecticut. Did give a shoutout to "Bobby" - bob87 - as one of the twenty fans in the house.
  11. EIU also has a first-year coach, they have a win against D-III Rockford. They've lost to Central Mich. by 1, to Northwestern by 24, and St Louis by 42
  12. Also in the TU story “I’ve been self-evaluating for the last four weeks and I’m evaluating each of my coaches,” Gattuso said. “We have talent coming back and I’m excited about that and I’m going to evaluate our football team as a whole and there’s some things we’ve lost that we haven’t been able to do because of the world situation (with COVID-19) at times, just little things of how we do our leadership groups and how we interact with kids and spend time with them. I can’t wait to get back to those.” Gattuso, who has one year left on his contract, said the staff will begin recruiting in a week. “We obviously need to be better than we were this year,” Gattuso said. “When you look at this season, it’s flashes of really good things and mental mistakes. At the end of the day, I told my coaches, when we lose close games, I feel very much responsible for that as a coaching staff. We’re going to look and evaluate everything we do and we’re going to come out of it with a plan. We’ve been actively recruiting some really good football players to join our football team.” If we agree that his recruiting evaluations haven't been stellar, how could we trust him to self-evaluate? That has to be done by someone more objective.
  13. Final is at 4:00 tomorrow. I have tried to inform the play-by-play guy of the proper pronunciation of Albany
  14. Etec Building had a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday https://www.albany.edu/news-center/news/2021-etec-opening-ceremony-celebrates-new-center-research-and-innovation
  15. Former area college basketball stars happy with their teams elsewhere TU story on CJ Kelly AMHERST, Mass. — On Monday night, the University at Albany transfer came out on top of the Siena transfer. Former Great Danes guard C.J. Kelly scored 17 points off the bench to help the UMass men’s basketball team to an easy 81-56 victory over Penn State and former Saints guard Jalen Pickett, who had seven points and seven assists. Meanwhile, Kelly spent one season at UAlbany and led the team in scoring after transferring from Norfolk State. He moved on from the Great Danes after head coach Will Brown’s contract wasn’t renewed last season. He missed UMass’ season-opening win over Maryland-Baltimore County with a knee injury and returned on restricted minutes in a loss to Yale last Friday. He played 30 minutes against Penn State and made three 3-pointers. “It does a lot, really,” Kelly said. “My teammates encouraged me because my knee got swollen and I knew I was going to be out for some time. So getting my rhythm back during practice, those guys pushed me. They didn’t take it easy on me and they attacked me, so practice being so difficult, and coach (Matt) McCall wanted it to be that way, it made it so much easier to translate to the game.” Kelly, who didn’t play two seasons ago because of a knee injury, is playing for a UMass coaching staff that includes former Colonie and UAlbany player Lucious Jordan. “Me especially coming off my knee injury, I needed a good rehab,” he said. “I wanted to play at a higher conference, so the coaching staff really brought me in and one of the trainers I really liked brought me in and they had this plan and system. Me and my family loved it and now I’m here.”
  16. Geez, maybe if somebody took a three-pointer before six seconds were left.....
  17. Football and basketball radio are both on 104.5, likely some overlap. Or is one going to the alternate station?
  18. Today's TU says Amica is still day-to-day (but aren't we all? - Cris Berman)
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