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  1. IIRC an overmatched offensive line was the biggest problem at Montana State too
  2. This year is four hours for all games. Villanova must be homecoming since that's the only 3:30 start
  3. I'm glad NDSU won the toss so I didn't yell at G for deferring - against a superior team I want the ball. NDSU coach doesn't impress me because they're not just pounding the ball. Also, on the radio Rodger said they were in Fargo, North Carolina
  4. Complaining about the feed on bisonville too. They never told Rodger bison is pronounced with a z Pass to odekoven for the first 1st down
  5. At least I got my parking tags today. Tailgating now opens four hours before kickoff, which I think is an hour earlier than previous.
  6. The Times-Union story was headlined “Killings set to begin” which sounds kind of ominous
  7. UAlbany heading to 'a rock concert and a football game breaks out' T-U story on the noise level at the Fargodome. I don't think the Casey Stadium sound system can match their sound level. At least we get $250K for it.
  8. Wyland said local radio 103.9 will carry the broadcast (104.5 has conflict with NYY)
  9. But the story lists him as one of those who "face extremely long odds of making the team"
  10. Also was unable to load tickets into Apple Wallet. Went to the ticket office today. Nate and Erika said the parking passes will be mailed. They said you don't have to load into the wallet, as long as you can show the UPC, But then Nate printed the tickets for me anyway. We may be looking at a major $ienashow even before the game starts.
  11. From the Associate Press via Times-Union, Syracuse preseason story Year 6 for Syracuse’s Dino Babers; nowhere to go but up
  12. UAlbany football coach wants Bob Ford closer to team A healthy Damon Burton impressive for UAlbany football in preseason Also the NDSU announcer was on Wyland on 104.5 today but I didn’t see a link yet
  13. gobison.com lists the time as 2:30, so 3:30 is EDT, and the game is on ESPN+
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