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  1. In fact, all spring sports schedules have been posted on their U web pages Besides road games at Hopkins, UMass, and Syracuse, we're trying two night lacrosse games at University Field vs. Yale and Bing 2004 Schedule All Times Eastern Record: 0-0 (AE 0-0) MARCH 6 Sat. Manhattan TBA 9 Tue. at Johns Hopkins 3:00 13 Sat. at Delaware 1:00 16 Tue. at Massachusetts 3:00 21 Sun. Drexel TBA 27 Sat. at Quinnipiac* 1:00 APRIL 3 Sat. at UMBC* 1:00 10 Sat. Stony Brook* 1:00 14 Wed. Yale(University Field) 7:00 17 Sat. Vermont* 1:00 21 Wed. at Hartford* 7:00 23 Fri. at Syracuse(Carrier Dome) 7:30 MAY 1 Sat. Binghamton*(University Field) 7:00 5 Wed. America East Semifinals TBA 8 Sat. America East Championship TBA *America East Conference Opponent
  2. No, the pep band should start practice in August (if it's made of staff and alumni) and get their act together during football season. Arrange for a sound system if necessary for outdoors. $iena debuted a pep band at their last game.
  3. Also, Alicia Learn's double-double earns her co-POW
  4. Although we probably should go for 'Purple and Gold' http://www.albany.edu/main/features/2003/0...s/fightsong.mp3 I'm afraid we might not manage much more than sounding the Charge or Boola Boola. But there are recordings of other college fight songs at http://www.netheaduniversity.com/fightsongs.htm 'Three Blind Mice' might work at times too.
  5. Just the box with lineups and stats. In the "Data", Hughes is still out for "family reasons", and Brian DiP. says he might not play until late this month or early January
  6. Attendance tonight 2,512. Even with both baseline bleachers in use, you'd just need a few hundred more to fill in the gaps in the reserved seat section and reach a critical mass where going to a game is an EVENT - a tipping point where a student would be more likely to be asked why he's NOT going to a game, instead of why he is. OTOH, maybe a lot just decided not to travel to NYC and LI for the weekend with the storm tomorrow. Too bad the game wasn't an artistic success, an excrutiating, grinding trial with lots of fouls and turnovers, but a W's better than an L
  7. No, it's Q! St. Hilaire had 13 pts, 14 rbs, many of them offensive. Iati had 16 Jamar Wilson played 34 minutes! 13 pts, radio said he had good moves but was a little slower so far, rusty, and didn't get his usual 4-5 rebounds. Despite spotting Colgate an 8-0 start and a 14-2 start in the 2nd half, Albany still had a 3-pointer to tie at the end. A pretty good effort, but way too many turnovers, rookie mistakes
  8. Well, it's a month before the conference season starts, I'd give him that long. In another story in today's Troy Record, Mari Warner's back on the bench (for 'Burgh HS)
  9. Albany has four NEC first-stringers (OPOY Jones, Gudmundsen, LaRoche, Parks), five second. NEC Release Also, Central Connecticut's coach was fired a week before Thanksgiving New Britain Herald
  10. If you missed the beginning, you didn't miss much, because not for the first time, the broadcast on 980 didn't start until midway thru the first half. At least Iati only had one turnover, let's hope he starts shooting better when he starts playing in smaller gyms (2-8, including several airballs)
  11. Brown quote: " I didn't want to be on SportsCenter tonight watching one of Page's skyline dunks" From the Pittsburgh papers: Post-Gazette Tribune-Review
  12. From the other Pittsburgh paper, mostly on how Brown almost went to Pitt: Tribune-Review
  13. The dance team has been around for a few years, in fact there are at least two teams. The call for pep band volunteers now on the University homepage is calling for alumni and staff as well as students "Because the students leave for the holidays when there are the most number of home games". That's a problem at most schools that schedule a five week break after finals. Both to fill the bleachers and for tactical reasons the pep band should sit behind the visitor's bench.
  14. Chad Wysocki of Hoosick Falls is taking an official visit to UAlbany next week. I missed most of last week's HS semis on Time-Warner. Does anybody feel he might be a QB solution? I don't think any other Division I colleges are recruiting him, although he's gotten D-II and D-III looks.
  15. If you connect the RACC to the PE building, it would also ease the bathroom situation for football, along with the overcrowding of the gym during foul-weather halftimes. Entrance from the parking lot could be for season ticket holders, plus any advance sales and will-calls. If handicap access is required, you don't have to have a ramp, you could put in an electric lift. A bigger problem is that especially during doubleheaders you'd have to keep those areas clear as emergency exits - the exits we have now already limit the crowd to 4,538 (from the fire marshal's sign) even though there are a lot more seats. It's not fair to chartwell's to say they never have hot chocolate at the start of a football game; I distinctly remember a game last year when they did. Unfortunately they didn't have any cups at the time. Knowing the Pounds' food preference, I'm surprised they didn't suggest Ford's Franks, even if they don't have them with Sauers' Kraut.
  16. The bleacher lights were out Monday as well. Oddly they were on until about ten minutes before gametime, and all thru the men's scrimmage too. Could Patterson think darkness is a better background for shooters?
  17. No mention in the game notes of her leaving, and since she was at the $iena game, she would have had to quit Saturday or this morning. She did look a little thin when I saw her at the exhibition game, but she wouldn't be the first freshman to need time in the weight room.
  18. For all the crap we took for only getting 898 fans in 33-degree, 30mph wind last year, Duqs only drew 2,012 in 65-degree weather yesterday.
  19. Didn't really look like 12K, late-arriving crowd, upper deck endzones were empty. I don't think it was Iati's nerves, he's just got to adjust to the quickness of college defenders compared to HS. Think they just wore down in the 2nd half, nobody really wanted to attack the basket. Martin really looks like a QUICK leaper for rebounding.
  20. In fairness (not that they deserve it) the 2001 game (10,285) wouldn't make the top ten, and since it speaks of the 2003 NCAAs in the future, that page probably hasn't been updated since before the 2002-3 season. But before Albany hosts any more games at the Pepsi Arena, they should insist on covering the $iena logos on the floor, if not lowering the MAAC banners. After all, the Pepsi is not their private court.
  21. UAlbany volleyball featured in Troy Record The chainlink outfield fence is down at the baseball field, and a front-loader was digging up the left field warning track yesterday. Seems late in the year to tear it up and put new sod down if they're deepening the power alley.
  22. Actually, the contract with the NEC runs thru 2006. NEC story If we have more than 30 scholarships during the last year we'd probably be able to play their schedule but ineligible for the championship, or maybe we redshirt 15 scholarship players. I understood McElroy to say that he's interviewing companies that would define our facilities needs and present options and possible compromises (how many artificial turf fields among football, soccer & lacrosse, field hockey, and practice fields, etc). I heard this should be done by next April. After that would come funding and getting construction bids.
  23. Channel 13 news reported today that it's not an ACL, but a fracture of the lower part of the patella (kneecap), and Jamar will be out 2-4 weeks - back in time for the conference season, although missing the $iena game.
  24. Wish I knew you were there. My daughter took a tour of Wagner that morning. Agree on the stadium, but they could cut the trees opposite to give a great view of NY harbor. Most of the Albany fans were at one end of the bleachers, while I sat near midfield, in front of Tex Wilson's parents. Entertaining to see the Wagner fans get increasingly annoyed with the 'First down - Albany' chants.
  25. The news release about Stewart's hiring has just been put on the UAlbany web site. Hiring Also posted is a story that Hutcheson is getting a laparoscopy for a kidney blockage, and O'Bannon is getting her knee scoped. No word on their recovery time until after the surgery.
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