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  1. I had the same thought about Sibley during the game. He may be a bigger and badder 'beast' than Morfor was and I think has more speed. Similarly, I think Puff has a bit more mobility than JUC but a pretty decent arm.
  2. Last Up: W (45-26) vs CCSU Next Up: @ Monmouth (2-2, also lost to Fordham, UNH and barely beat Villanova) Time/Date: 10/8/22 @ 1PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 The Team
  3. I said the same thing to my wife during the game. That NEC RB Smith ran amok for a good 2-3 quarters. Didn't seem to get slowed down until the middle of the 3rd or so. Was a gorgeous day to be at the stadium and I'm glad I was treated to a win. Next week will be tough sledding for me, so at least my NY trip ends on a high note.
  4. Love the black jerseys. Started out with a fumble but Sibley is an animal. 95 yards. Did they reinforce the stands? The third down foot stomp is basically impossible now.
  5. The process to add tickets to Google Pay is mental. I am beyond well versed in technology and it just does not work. Hope they can scan from the PDF on my phone. Edit: you have to switch the ticket page (on mobile device) to the desktop version for the add button to show up. Again, such poor design and bad coding. Typical.
  6. After 3 weeks, two of which were against teams that were below our competition level in the CAA, this is how things are looking:
  7. Used to work there in my teens...probably worth a nostalgia visit anyway! Thanks!
  8. Visited the UA bookstore while I'm in town to pick up some more UA swag I can flaunt in FL...and sadly there is nothing there I'd wear (35yo male) or be comfortable paying the asking prices for. Maybe I'm more budget conscious now in my 30s and today's hyper inflated economy, but $40 for a Nike t-shirt? Oof. Is that what they sell for at stores like Dicks? $27 for a Champion athletic wear t-shirt? Maybe $15. Maybe. Am I cheap? I feel like 'merch' has always been lacking at the school (still can't buy a real jersey as far as I know). The Columbia outerwear is pretty good though but quite useless in my geographic situation. That being said the new campus center (new to me at least) is a vast improvement over what I had in 2016. University did an excellent job there. If I was still a student I'd be spending a lot of time there. Can't wait to attend the CCSU game and experience a nice fall afternoon at Casey...hope the team can get a W.
  9. As a more recent former student, I'm all for tacking on 500 bucks to one years tuition to help fund major projects like this. Problem is it gets into hot water cause not every student is pro sports. Then again, I had to pay some pretty BS fees at HVCC and Albany over the years that didn't benefit me...so maybe not?
  10. Last Up: L (48-45) @ Fordham Next Up: vs CCSU (0-3) Time/Date: 9/24/22 @ 3:30PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 The Team
  11. I arrived in Albany yesterday and forgot this was happening but it looks like work is cutout for the team next weekend against CCSU. Hoping they pull out a win while I'm in the stands.
  12. I agree with you and others on the loudness more often than not, and I just hit 35. It's not just your age group for sure.
  13. Agreed. But at least they are aware that this place exists and the overall sentiment of the diehard fan base.
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