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  1. Still such a remarkable story. I lost my mother not long before that and knew exactly what Peter was going through and was legit happy for him in that moment. Although those days were probably dark for him, those years were the best years of UA basketball. How how how far we've fallen since then to the point where I haven't even bothered to watch the last 2-3 games.
  2. I was able to find my account and use the site after turning off my AdBlocker. Pretty ridiculous that a site basically doesn't work at all if AdBlocker is enabled. If an AdBlocker blocks your entire site and thinks its one big ad, that's pretty poor code design. Anyway, as stated in the email, once my account was created no tickets were present because they won't show up until UA starts hosting fans on campus again. That's fine, I'll be in FL permanently by the time that happens but just calling it out here in case anyone wonders why when they log in they don't see anything.
  3. What is with UA these days? Earthlink, Netscape...who are these vendors they are partnering with and why are they stuck in the infancy of the internet?
  4. Didn't even get that far but I'm not about to go editing my cookie settings just to open one page. I work in IT and this is TERRIBLE execution. Why does their documentation even refer to old as dirt browsers like Netscape? I used that crap in elementary/middle school and I'm 33!
  5. lol, tried to do the process and the page that it sends you to complains about cookies. And it refers to browsers that haven't been in use since like 2005 lol. Not an auspicious start with this new vendor...
  6. Got an email with my info and pin, etc.
  7. lol. That's hilariously tragic. Their Social Media sends that out but ticketing team isn't ready. YIKES.
  8. https://ualbanysports.com/news/2021/1/19/ticketing-ualbany-athletics-partnering-with-ticketreturn.aspx
  9. Charlotte, NC is where I thought I would end up if I ever moved and I guess it's still a backup if FL doesn't pan out like we think it will. But we're hoping the lack of income tax, weather (even when its brutally hot) and other small things like that will make up for any nostalgic longing for the 518 that I've known for virtually me entire life (except for that stint in the USSR lol). But yeah, no more live UA sports for me although I will likely maintain my season tickets and may come home for homecoming, etc. or so. I consider it a donation to help keep the program afloat. I honestly w
  10. Good to know. We've actually started the process to move to Tampa, expect to be there by end of Feb or so...I have a few Jets/Heat/Rangers hats but my UA hat is quite old. And actually, I found that hat on eBay, so perhaps check there? It may not be 'officially' licensed, but if our school can't figure out how to sell merch then screw em I say.
  11. DP, always the voice of reason. I think everyone, at least in this community, can understand and agree that there are situations where black people are treated differently just because they are black. If our players think they need to kneel in order to unite behind the message to fix that, more power to them! Only thing I ask is that hypocrisy, virtue signaling and other stuff like that stays out of it. Good for our team.
  12. Hahaha yeah. But I blame it on them only having like 6 weeks off before training camp due to their AMAZING bubble run hahah. But well played DP, well played!
  13. No one is saying you couldn't tell Jimbo, "Sorry, but I disagree whole heartedly and you're wrong in my opinion to do that." But to say, "Go **** yourself, you Trumpy, blah blah blah"...that's just idiotic. What does Trump have to do with it? I voted for Trump twice (although my approval of him is at around 50-60% and I think he's far from a great role model - just the lesser of two evils), am okay with kneeling but also think Democrats have been insane for many years and are very hypocritical but I don't go around telling people to go **** themselves. You need to log off for a few hours
  14. Yeah that was a completely ridiculous response even if you disagree with something said. Way over the line. That's something I'd expect a millennial barista at Fivebucks (I believe it's also called Starbucks) to say when their feelings are hurt...not a middle aged man, father and member of the community. We gotta be better. Everyone has got to be better.
  15. Congrats to Brown on his 400th. Does someone else want to take over the game thread duties going forward? I couldn't even bring myself to watch UA hoops today with Miami Heat playing and the NFL going on. I'm so disinterested right now, don't know if it's cause of COVID and lack of in person attendance but man... All I ask is that whoever takes it over uses the structure I've been using for years. It is clean and makes sense.
  16. I don't follow LAX really, but based on what I'm seeing, we COMPLTELY BLEW IT when it comes to what we had a few years ago as the #1 ranked team, legit chance to get deep in the playoffs, etc. As for the program being a stepping stone...not sure I like that either. Look what happened to WBB when we started to go to that model. Abe built a powerhouse, Mac did great with it and then bounced and then this new coach has done absolutely nothing similar to Brown.
  17. Last Up: L (67-64) @ St. Josephs Next Up: vs NJIT (4-3, 3-2 AE)Time/Date: 1/16/21 @ 5:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: UA 56.4% chance of winning UAlbany Wins ** Albany stats are the left side in each grouping ** Opponent Type LOC ATN PTS FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% REB AST STL BLK TO FOUL Vermont AE Away - 63 62 23 23 49 58 46.9% 39.7% 5 10 18 29 27.8% 34.5% 12 6 20 9 60.0% 66.7% 30 33 9 14 7 3 3 4 13 14 17 18 A
  18. We've been out rebounded in EVERY SINGLE ONE of our games. Rebound advantage and FT line were our bread and butter for a decade... UAlbany Wins ** Albany stats are the left side in each grouping ** Opponent Type LOC ATN PTS FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% REB AST STL BLK TO FOUL Vermont AE Away - 63 62 23 23 49 58 46.9% 39.7% 5 10 18 29 27.8% 34.5% 12 6 20 9 60.0% 66.7% 30 33 9 14 7 3 3 4 13 14 17 18 Avg. W 0.0 63.0 62.0 23.0 23.0 49.0 58.0 46.9% 39.7% 5
  19. Nail. Meet head. Especially the bold part. Ask anyone who knows me...prior to last year or this year, I'd skip things just to make sure I caught the game or attended a game. I honestly watched like 5 minutes of this game and said, "Nah, I'm going to go fire up my XBox and play some Madden". I watched more of the Bills/Colts game than I did the UA game (and I'm a Jets fan!). Our brand of basketball is bland/boring. Maybe it's the lack of attending games in person due to COVID, but I have almost zero desire these days. Much of the board agrees as our game threads are generally pretty stagn
  20. Anyone know how to watch this? NBCSN on YouTube TV still shows SJU playing St. Louis...I'm hoping it is our game but don't know.
  21. 3RD? THAT CANNOT STAND. (ya'll better like this post)
  22. WOW. That has to be hard to do. I can't imagine playing with mask on...guys must be suffocating! I can barely sing with one at church!
  23. This thread may change if we replace the SBU games with some OOC games. Otherwise, NJIT on the 16th is our next game.
  24. Last Up: L (74-66) @ Vermont Next Up: @ St. Josephs (0-8)Time/Date: 1/9/21 @ 6:00PMTV/Streaming: NBCSNLocal Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: N/A UAlbany Wins ** Albany stats are the left side in each grouping ** Opponent Type LOC ATN PTS FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% REB AST STL BLK TO FOUL Vermont AE Away - 63 62 23 23 49 58 46.9% 39.7% 5 10 18 29 27.8% 34.5% 12 6 20 9 60.0% 66.7% 30 33 9 14 7 3 3 4 13 14 17 18 Tot. W 0 63 62 23 23 49 58 4
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