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  1. Give me 15-20 min. Just received the files. EDIT: Need to do some manual effort to make these much more high-res. Even on my 4K monitor, these are pretty bad unless you zoom in and if you don't zoom in, you can't read $iena.
  2. Recap thus far: Plans: UAlbany P-1101 Rehabilitate SEFCU Arena - Bldg. 105 :: Plans :: Dataflow Online Planroom (nyplanroom.com) Bid Date: 4/26/22 Construction Start: 9/22 Construction Completion: 11/23 SEFCU Closed During Reno: Yes Cost: $11M for Phase 1 Capacity: 3,501 w/o floor seats | 3,767 w/ floor seats | 4,663 w/ additional floor seats for concerts (graduations?) | 9,706 total capacity allowed Locker Rooms: New for Men and Women, will contain film rooms and have a players lounge with touch screen system built in for analysis/game planning in each one Seats: Purple, 18" Wide and 10" Deep, furthest seat will be 21'6" from the floor -https://www.husseyseating.com/content/MXP/HSC-CourtSide-XC10-2.pdf Aisles: Will have lights Field Cart Storage Capital Club Concourse Bar in both NW and NE corners on Mezzanine level Can be used for volleyball matches
  3. No. Least he could do is leave us a parting gift. He's blundered a half-dozen other things.
  4. Shoot me an email, I can try to work some magic. I'll send you my email in DM unless you already have it from the past?
  5. Is there any concrete renders or plans? Or are they going with what was previously shared/found (can't find the thread but I remember hosting the images and posting them)? EDIT: Found the old thread.
  6. I'd have loved something on the Gulf Goast. I'd much rather drive I-75 than the death trap that is I-4. Not to mention traffic is better on 75. It took me 2.5hrs to go from Tampa to Orlando via I-4 a month ago for my companies yearly conference. Brutal. I-4 is also the deadliest stretch of highway in the US from what I recall seeing.
  7. If the kid worked his butt off and got better, all the more power to him. D3 to NBA is definitely possible. I'm a nearly 3 decade long Miami Heat fan and we have a guy on our roster (Duncan Robinson) who went from D3 to Michigan to the NBA. One of the deadliest shooters in the NBA right now.
  8. He was brought in specifically for his fundraising acumen, was he not? Wasn't that his big selling point coming from Old Dominion? Again, I can't tell others what to do with their money, so if you want to continue to throw good money after bad...by all means. But insinuating to other diehard fans that they are somehow less diehard because they choose to speak with their wallets (mind you, they've tried to speak with emails and conversations) and therefor 'not true fans of our student athletes' is ridiculous.
  9. You folks want Benson here for 20 years? Because continuing to donate is how you keep Benson here for 20 years.
  10. Only thing I can think of is that it's not the contact that's the big deal but that he didn't self-report (based on what we know).
  11. lol. I referenced this in my email to Mr. Sanai was one of Benson's genius blunders.
  12. Good to know! I'll be sending an email to him! Thank you.
  13. I've emailed the president about Benson and Gattuso in the past and can't even get a boiler plate auto reply, so definitely not that useless bag'o'bones. I figured he'd be interested in knowing a longtime season ticket holders stance considering I saw him at many MBB games but I guess not.
  14. My guess is the suspension and fine is because DK didn't self-report the incident. I don't think it's as much about the contact as it is about the fact that, presumably based on the PRs, that it was kept quiet (but by whom?). The fact it was brought to the school's attention 3 months later is probably why he was fined and suspended. But are we really to believe that only he and the players knew for 3 months? I don't. Why isn't Benson being asked the tough questions? This is all so tiresome.
  15. Maybe he forcibly pushed the kid out of the hype circle? What other kind of contact could possibly take place in a hype circle?
  16. Yep, definitely a candidate for the can and the same practice that applied to Brown should have been doubly applied for Gattuso. The fact that one coach in a rut got canned while another got extended (twice) is an indictment on Benson and is the primary reason why everyone here hates him.
  17. Obsessed? Hardly. lol. I'm just engaging in conversation on an online forum. 1) No one (?) is disputing that he touched a player. Not sure why you are even bringing that up or insinuating that anyone has been called a liar. 2) Based on latest information, it looks like the independent investigation (meaning performed by higher ups other than crooked Benson and the athletic department) has deemed that he should keep his job (now we just wait for confirmation). This means that more than likely DK's explanation that it was accidental has merit. 3) Tell me this post by you does not translate to "we should have never fired Brown"? Save the spiel about conspiracy theories or my supposed obsession with them (lol). It's not a conspiracy theory. People (you) who are still not sold on DK exist, even if they (you) say they (you) don't care if DK stays or goes. You make it pretty obvious that you'd rather have Will Brown here than Dwyane Killings. Even if Brown was let go due to personal issues with Benson (and you are probably spot on about that), Brown's record alone the last few years would have made many D1 programs consider making a change if they had a coach that couldn't win the regular season or conference tournament for 5-6 years. We as an MBB program were stuck in a rut and a changed needed to be made...even if Benson and Brown were BFFs. 4) Not sure why you are insinuating otherwise, but I too cannot stand Benson and feel he has ruined the entirety of UA sports to the point where many of us don't even bother tuning in anymore even from our comfortable couches (forget going to games and giving the program money).
  18. One shoe has dropped (in the way that I think most of us - save for some Brown loyalists - wanted)...now hopefully the other boot drops (on top of Bensons noggin).
  19. Roger (and Charlie) are pretty terrible but having students do this is an even worse idea.
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