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  1. Hopefully this win is a spring board to more success and the team watches film to see what it did well and what didn't work. It feels great to be a UVM team...got really tired of losing to them. Also very happy to not see Lamb anywhere in the building lol. UAlbany Wins ** Albany stats are the left side in each grouping ** Opponent Type LOC ATN PTS FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% REB AST STL BLK TO FOUL Vermont AE Away - 63 62 23 23 49 58 46.9% 39.7% 5 10 18 29 27.8% 34.5% 12 6 20 9 60.0% 66.7% 30
  2. It's not monitored in the sense that they watch what we say to see if they should ban us from games or not, although I guess if someone made death threats on here they could pursue that if they could prove who the person is behind the username. Luckily, other than occasionally complaining that someone should be benched or fired, we don't go to that level of 'fandom' which is good for us :). That being said, the administration and probably a player or two (as well as their parents), absolutely do 100% visit this board and lurk. I know this via first hand knowledge/experience.
  3. ...lol...missed free throws with an empty gym and no noise...lol..
  4. We need more Kelly's and less everyone else (from a recruiting perspective).
  5. I will eat crow here. I thought he took us out of games but I guess not...
  6. They need a new figure head at the top...I'm comin around to the notion. This program has lost its way. We are at the very bottom of D1 hoops.
  7. One guy has 60% of our points.........with 3 minutes left in the half. This is bad. This is rock bottom bad. This is make changes in the program bad.
  8. Lol, this is comically disjointed. If UVM hit their open shots we'd be down by 20+. Individuals trying to do too much. Look at how UVM is finding the open man and how we are...sigh... Horton back to back airballs.
  9. Becker has won 70% of his games, Brown 51%. Becker has done that with worse facilities, etc. No excuse for why our brand of basketball is so ugly/not exciting. Few years ago, game threads were 9 or 10 pages long. We're lucky to hit 3-4 these days. Program is losing the interest of its fan base. Where is Healey tonight?
  10. Ugly Taylor free throws. First time this guy ever took a free throw? Wow.
  11. The link you want is this one, right? The one you shared just takes you to the front page. https://digital.olivesoftware.com/olive/ODN/AlbanyTimesUnion/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=HATU%2F2021%2F01%2F02&entity=Ar01400&sk=8ECA42F4&mode=text
  12. Now that my beloved Heat are back in business in the NBA, I had the same thought recently. Our style of basketball is BORING. It's a game of hot potato.
  13. I also have Hawaii penciled in as a possible vacation/UA game with the wife. Hoping it happens!
  14. 3 games? Yep. Try 2 seasons at least. Brown is 22-36 in the last 2 years...and now, actually 22-39 in the last 2 season and 3 games. That's not good. That's bad.
  15. Unfortunately I don't think Brown survives much longer if this continues and yes, I am also one of those who thought that the man deserves an incredibly incredibly long leash (read: lifetime contract) based on what what we accomplished from 2006-2015 or so. For whatever reason, we no longer recruit like we used to. We used to have a core of like 5-6 guys every year...now it seems that we have 5-6 new players each year which are expected to be part of the rotation (and are only here for a year or two max) and only have a core of 2-3 guys. I don't know if that's Brown's fault or just the natu
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