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  1. This is indeed key and it is disappointing sometimes. I believe it was $110 or $120 last year and this year it was only $125 I believe.
  2. That's too bad. I think we can actually win the Siena game this year.
  3. Can't wait! My Jets and Heat are going to have great seasons when all is said and done...I hope our Danes keep it going. A year where all my teams do good is a good year indeed.
  4. It is Oh okay. Cool. But yeah, he's in one of my classes.
  5. Must be nice to make that kind of money and do nothing...
  6. Kid in the very back in the middle (I believe Billy Allen is looking at him) is in one of my classes! Who is that? I can't seem to put a name to the face. And Black looks like he's bulked up a bit!
  7. I'm also down for playing a game or 4 there against good competition to help recruiting but I'd love for Albany to completely remodel/expand the SEFCU much like that one school did that ClickClack posted a few months ago. That was a beautiful arena.
  8. What an ass. So now what? I hope Brown has a replacement on his recruitment board.
  9. Oh right, the Aussie. Moore and this guy from yesterday are the JUCO's.
  10. Very nice school judging by the pics on their site. VERY NICE.
  11. lol. I wonder if Brett and Will have seen this picture.
  12. Looks like we're going to the NCAA Dance. lol
  13. People are overly sensitive these days. Take for example the Walmart prank that was in the news recently where someone dialed up the PA and said all black people must leave. Some black folks started saying they are going to boycott Walmart completely when it wasn't Walmart who made the announcement. Seriously? Or saying "Christmas" at work. OMG. NO, he said CHRISTmas. Call the Politically Correct Police! Some people...*shakes head* I agree. They should go for the money they paid him.
  14. Seriously? Wow...i shake my head at the basketball awarness of some. Kirsten Z. did so much for the Danes that Brett didnt even have a speck of ability to do. He had back to the basket moves...was mean as all hell when he needed to be...was much quicker than Brett defensively...and was big and strong. Totally different ballplayers...and I really cant believe this is an argument. Gifford wasn't developed with offense in mind and he was STILL able to step out a couple of feet and knock down a J from time to time. Zollner? From what I remember he was ALWAYS right under the bas
  15. Logan's biggest issue was his hands. He dropped a lot of pass. He was like Braylon Edwards out there. I didn't really see him struggling condition wise, etc. He definitely needs work on ball handling though.
  16. Yeah football is key in a lot of ways here.
  17. Eastern Europe. But anyway, back to discussing the schedule.
  18. I'm going to apologize at the beginning but I'm going to take this thread off topic, like it or not. If you don't like it, too bad. Your quote = Our country is 10000x better than most countries (except for maybe the Scandinavian ones who always have high scores for 'best place to live', etc.) in the world, even WITH all it's issues. Sit back and relax a bit. If you don't believe me, go spend some time in Iran, the former Soviet satellite countries, etc. I was born outside of this country and know how the rest of the world is. Perhaps some of you have never left the US borders and can'
  19. I on the other hand want John Wall to win. lol. That kid has game. I was watching him last night for the first time (at length). That dude is WAY better than Derrick Rose. If he can progress his game at the NBA level, he's gonna be a top 5 PG in the NBA. <dream> If only we had a player like that at UA... </dream> lol
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