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  1. Seriously? Wow...i shake my head at the basketball awarness of some. Kirsten Z. did so much for the Danes that Brett didnt even have a speck of ability to do. He had back to the basket moves...was mean as all hell when he needed to be...was much quicker than Brett defensively...and was big and strong. Totally different ballplayers...and I really cant believe this is an argument. Gifford wasn't developed with offense in mind and he was STILL able to step out a couple of feet and knock down a J from time to time. Zollner? From what I remember he was ALWAYS right under the basket. I never saw him do anything worth while. Dunks are cool and all, but he was VERY one dimensional as a player. Could he anchor the D? Possibly. But did he have more talent than Gifford? Absolutely not. He was probably more athletic, but Gifford could do more had the UAlbany staff worked with him. Instead, it seems like they focused on one thing, and that is for him to clog the lane. He had soft hands and good passing ability and could hit a jump shot from time to time. Can't say the same for Z. Again, this is all from memory. I don't remember much about Z but what I remember is that I hated when he had the ball. I'd rather Connelly or Wilson have it. They were much better 'big men'. Also, Zollner averaged like 8 more minutes than Giff. That's a lot.
  2. Logan's biggest issue was his hands. He dropped a lot of pass. He was like Braylon Edwards out there. I didn't really see him struggling condition wise, etc. He definitely needs work on ball handling though.
  3. Yeah football is key in a lot of ways here.
  4. Eastern Europe. But anyway, back to discussing the schedule.
  5. I'm going to apologize at the beginning but I'm going to take this thread off topic, like it or not. If you don't like it, too bad. Your quote = Our country is 10000x better than most countries (except for maybe the Scandinavian ones who always have high scores for 'best place to live', etc.) in the world, even WITH all it's issues. Sit back and relax a bit. If you don't believe me, go spend some time in Iran, the former Soviet satellite countries, etc. I was born outside of this country and know how the rest of the world is. Perhaps some of you have never left the US borders and can't comprehend how LUCKY you are to be living here. He's the president, but he's also human. If he wants to go play golf or do an NCAA bracket, let him. If he wants to wear jeans, let him. You people and the stuff you argue about or nit pick about. Seriously? Just stop. You want something to worry about that WILL help our country and society as a whole? Go worry about your childs education (or the education of your communities children) and making them a better overall citizen instead of raising kids who are lazy, have no respect for their fellow man, have no morals and are otherwise unproductive bags of skin (this country is FULL of them). When I was in HS, ADD or ADHD didn't exist. Now? It's an excuse parents use because their kids can't sit in one spot and are otherwise unruly. Teach kids like they do where I'm from. Slap him once or twice on the hands with a yard stick (happened to me in 1st grade back in my native country because I didn't know my vowels) and tell him to get his ass into the seat and shut the hell up. Done. Demand respect. These days, you have kids telling teachers to F themselves, kids shooting up schools, etc. etc. Stop worrying about what the President is doing on his personal time (he DOES have personal time you know, even as President) and start worrying about things in your control (such as raising proper citizens with good morals), etc. /rant
  6. I on the other hand want John Wall to win. lol. That kid has game. I was watching him last night for the first time (at length). That dude is WAY better than Derrick Rose. If he can progress his game at the NBA level, he's gonna be a top 5 PG in the NBA. <dream> If only we had a player like that at UA... </dream> lol
  7. Filled my bracket. Last place here I come!
  8. when the team plays well ... students, locals, and alums will come out ... otherwise we only have the loyal core ... but, UA is certainly capable of producing "nearly as lively of a crowd" a walk down 05-06 memory lane ... pick it up around the four minute mark if you're pressed for time we will get it together agian ... just take our lumps for now Wow. I don't recall Zollner being that good but he looked pretty good in those clips. I've always thought Giff was better but perhaps I need to reconsider. But yeah, those were the good ol days. We'll be back.
  9. I remember the first time UA won the AE title on our home court. If our team is good, we WILL fill the Sefcu. That place was ROARING that day. And the rushing of the court at the end was great.
  10. I'm sorry. Maybe I'm dumb. But I would take Gifford over Zoellner any day of the week. Zoellner = Chris Dudley. Bad. Gifford = Olden Polynice. Bad, but not AS bad.
  11. I dunno about Giff needing to be stopped. Or MJ. Dane96...I see where UA is coming from. Relax, and get the pipe outa yo ass son. Voice your opinion all you want. That's what we do. And that's what we're entitled to do. No need to get pissy about it though.
  12. Everyone should want a player like him.....he plays "hard" He straight hood yo. Fo sho. I like dat tat on his shoulder. That ish is legit yo.
  13. Oglesby looks like he's out of our class. If he's had visits to Kansas, he's a pretty damn good player. Not mid-major type.
  14. I agree with clickclack and the other on their posts. UA fought hard. I'm going to miss McRae...he really did well the last half of the season. However, that being said, why wasn't he guarding El-Amin? He's faster than Allen, and longer than Allen. I don't get it. Black is going to be AWESOME. I can't wait until his JR or SR years. He's going to be a consensus All-AE player for us. Benton sucks. I wish he was graduating. We gotta put up with that idiot for two more years. Here's to next year!
  15. Wow. I just figured out who 'rock the cape is'. lol. <--- me
  16. I think that's what I did when they were here and that prompted Gilliam to look directly at me and give me a mock 'kiss'. lol @ announcers talking about the 'screamer'. "She's bacckkkkk." Dude...I let it go the first time...not the second though...it was clearly to me! You just jealous. Stop hatin. Good win UA!
  17. I think that's what I did when they were here and that prompted Gilliam to look directly at me and give me a mock 'kiss'. lol @ announcers talking about the 'screamer'. "She's bacckkkkk."
  18. Why was that a foul on McRae? He wasn't moving? He was planted and that kid ran right into him...
  19. lol! The UMBC band just played the Family Guy theme song! HAHAHAHA. That's AWESOME. You know what I hate? When the game is decided, the losing team fouls and/or calls timeouts. WHY drag it out? Just suck it up losers!
  20. McRae and Ambrose had stat-stuffer games. Black did okay with 14pts, 4ast, 3to.
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