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  1. I would agree Black had a poor game on Sunday. I would disagree about his ability to penetrate. He may not be strong enough, but you can penetrate w/ quickness too. And in that department there is no comparision between the two. I dunno. Johnson is QUICK with the dribble. He made a few quick crossovers yesterday. Either way, Black went to the hoop A LOT against UNC...so he IS able to penetrate.
  2. Did anyone see that scoop/layup Harris did in the 2nd half? I haven't seen a play out of him like that the entire time he's been here. Overall, I agree with this post in terms of my assessment of the game: As well as Black being a goog player. Dude can ball. That's fo sho.
  3. Tonight is your turn to be despondent.....I know I've been there a couple of times....post FAU rant comes to mind. This has been an awful season and they are going to get the worst beating of their lives next Wednesday. If you are an albany fan I do not know how you cant be furious. Hopefully, the new recruit wasn't present to witness this - otherwise he may be rescinding his commitment pretty quickly. The only thing this ridiculous road trip has taught these players is how to lose. I'd be my house we'll never see a road trip like this again in how ever many years Will Brown coaches this team.... Why is that, Bosiy. Tell us what you see that gives you so much encouragement. I'll take the bet - leave your house keys in a neutral site. You think he's gonna try 8 games straight on the road again? Whoever thinks that is silly. He tried it, and it failed. Miserably. Sure it was a learning experience, but at some point losing by 10pts every game starts to have a negative mental effect on a players mind.
  4. Easier said than done broski. Easier said than done...
  5. Waaa guy, what will you do when CB isn't the coach? I buy my tickets, I show up, I support this crap I waste my money for and I come on here and voice my opinion, as long as I don't violate the rules he can't do anything. PM me if you have a beef. You sir, are an idiot. I don't post here much, but seriously? This is a forum owned by someone or something. That owner (or his moderators - with his permission) can ban you for spelling a word wrong. Hell, they could ban me for saying hell. Get over yourself.
  6. Yeah that dude ran into a brick wall. The next play down, during a pause, he was bending over and holding his head with Holeman talking to him lol.
  7. A win is a win. This is a confidence builder. Hopefully Detroit isn't a confidence demoralizer. I feel we got some bad calls against us and McRae made some bad decisions but definitely a good all-around effort from everyone. The TO's will go down as the season goes on and people get more into set rotations and get chemistry going. Most of these guys have only been together a few months.
  8. I didn't notice any of this. I haven't completed a season yet. I only played like 10 minutes.
  9. I don't feel so bad about losing by 32 now. lol.
  10. how are the jerseys? they updated from 09? Nope. And also, the roster is as messed up as last year. Wasn't Connelly number 33? Didn't he graduate? Tim is the starting PG. I haven't had any subs yet (going to to try to play with the settings). I'm just glad they sped up the simulating. I got tired of waiting 15mins to sim a season.
  11. Well I'm probably the first to have it so here is my mini-review. Before playing the game, I was playing 09. Dynasty mode/menus/recruiting as far as I can tell is EXACTLY the same as 09. Although the simulation speed is better I think and overall menu speed is better. The ingame presentation from CBS/ESPN is AWESOME. SEFCU Arena is a generic building. Players are much better this year than in years past. Part of this is because the same engine used in NBA Live is used in this game. Overall, I like this version better and I may actually play some of the games instead of simming and pretending to be a recruiter/GM.
  12. I haven't been here that long, and although I'm a season ticket holder, I don't frequent this board that much. What I did notice was that Big Dog or whatever his SN is these days got under peoples skin with the constant Brown bashing. THAT is how it all started. I see this on many forums I'm on (car enthusiast forums mostly). There is a select bunch of individuals who LOVE to start crap. This is also known as trolling. It should not be tolerated on ANY forum. Unless the forum is called www.trollz.com or something. And I agree with MsGDG...it does ruin the quality of the content in those/these respective forums/threads. At least it hasn't gotten so bad here where people are blatanly and hurtfully attacking each other. I know most of you are grown men, and as a 22 year old, all I can say is.... GROW THE HELL UP! Buncha pansies...
  13. ROFL @ why do they recruit so many kids with the same name. That's a winning post if I ever saw one.
  14. Which sign was that? The one that said DaneDoggySytle is an idiot? Sure. Bring it if you want. lol. One of those "I'm with stupid *arrow pointing down*" signs. They should have him shoot the half-court shot at half-time so he can fail miserably and then not be able to talk trash about Brown and UA due to his embarrassment. It almost seems as if he thinks he could do better than them. Maybe he should apply to be a scout for Brown. He'd get us to top-25 in no time.
  15. Why is this forum throwing <br>'s (line breaks) when I edit a post? The link I wanted to post above was this: It's Remember The Name by Fort Minor.
  16. It is a good song. If they made it our 'theme song' during starting line ups, I'd totally love it haha. I'm a big fan of Top Gun, it's a classic. Or this version of "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor: <media>
  17. And if they don't move, show ticket stub to their face. And if they still don't move, kindly have them escorted out of the building. As long as you have your stub and are trying to sit in the right area, you win. Always. We've had security guards stand in front of our section before, so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get someone removed from your seat.
  18. Here comes the irrational Will Brown basher....yes, we stunk last night, but one game does not a season make! If in 4 or 5 games we are still having the same conversation then perhaps there is something to think about. It's one thing to lose, it's another to look like you don't even belong in D-1 basketball. 43 points? Are you kidding me? And this conversation isn't new bosyi, you homers have made the same excuses for the past 2 seasons, and now it continues into a 3rd season.... Coming from someone who can't spell the user name of the person he's talking to, when it's right in front of his face, you've just lost all credibility in this discussion. So. That being said...are you one of those fans who likes to crown the NCAA champ after the first game? Didn't think so. This team is playing, what, 8 new players? What do you expect? I don't know who you root for, but I'm sure if you were rooting for a team with 8 new players and got destroyed by a team that plays the zone as well as Syracuse (and gets into the passing lanes as well as Syracuse), you'd be saying the same things we are. Don't be a "homer". Fact of the matter is, once Albany managed to get Syracuse into the half-court and setup it's defense, Albany didn't look all that bad. Syracuse scored like 30 (guesstimating) of their points off of turn overs. Not to mention, we were missing our 3rd best player and undisputed floor general (I hate fireworks now lol). I'm going to venture and say most, if not all, AE teams would have been outplayed just as badly as Albany was. Syracuse is EXTREMELY athletic and very long. Plus they have that beast of a man Ounaku in the middle. Wait till Albany gets into conference play, with an in game condition Aronhalt contributing and Mike Johnson back. They'll look much better. Go waste your time doing something else instead of spending it on here being, as Bosiy (notice the spelling) said, irrational.
  19. That means I'll be getting mine soon .
  20. OOps...someone already posted in the Danes vs SU thread. My bad.
  21. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=4620949 So, who thinks UA has a chance?
  22. I don't care what they do during the regular season, as long as we beat them this year the TU. I've been to that game like 3 years in a row now and we've lost everytime. I think last year was the only one they lost by more than a possession of the ones I've been too.
  23. Not the same Xavier...that Xavier is Xavier Henry! You see, multi-tasking is a p.i.t.a. lol. Yeah I edited my last post haha.
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