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  1. Yep. Congrats to GoDanesGo99 for winning this with a complete obliteration of the field!
  2. It will have a negative impact, of that I am certain. I am not renewing my MBB season tickets (more of a donation at this point since I can't attend) until Benson is relieved of his duties. Regardless of who the coach is (Brown, DK, etc.). I did not renew FB and won't until BOTH Benson and Gattuso are gone, even if Benson fires Gattuso and hires a new coach. Benson is the common denominator and has ruined our overall athletics program.
  3. It's worse than that. To me, bringing 'civil rights activists' into this basically insinuates the following: 1) The initial incident was racially motivated 2) The firing is racially motivated IMO, both are outrageous positions (especially #2, even for Mark Benson) for what may or may not have happened.
  4. Benson should fire himself at the same time when he lets DK go.
  5. We all know Benson will be here after this is done. I have little doubt this snake will survive. Who are we kiddin? Vic is like 3rd in command over there. No way he didn't know. I've already decided they won't get another dollar from me until Benson is removed. In fact, I got a call from UAlbany today from a young lady looking for donations. Point blank told her until the athletic program fixes its major issues, they won't see a penny from me. She said she'd pass it on to her supervisor and we ended the call. Perfect timing to get that call lol. I've also signed up for USF's forum and have had preliminary discussions about getting season tickets down here for MBB and FB. It's about 2-3x the price ($350/per ticket for decent seats at Raymond James - not sure on MBB prices). If UA ever hopes to see a dime out of me (and many others) they will be smart to remove Benson and a bunch of other admins. I kept my tickets last year as a donation to the program and would consider keeping that going...if we weren't such a dumpster fire. But, until such time as that fire is put out, I'll be spending my 'sports dollars' locally/elsewhere.
  6. Considering he has blocked UA diehards on Twitter, I'd say he can't hahaha.
  7. Where do you draw the line? Is it okay for me to push my boss back if he/she gets in my face for not doing my job correctly? Just because it's in sports doesn't make it okay. It has nothing to do with wussification (trust me, I'm as anti-PC as they come but have to bite my tongue 99% of the time). No one should be touching anyone. Only contact should be on the court, between two opposing teams, with zebra's all around officiating.
  8. My speculation (gotta call it out literally I guess because there are people amongst us who need it spelled out evidently): they aren't 6 weeks into an investigation and are scrambling. Again, reiterating, just speculation (lol). LOLWUT? How did you come to the conclusion that it was NOT speculation? As Click said, I literally put the world 'probably' as the first word. Victim blaming? lol. Laughable.
  9. Probably was something stupid in November, heat of moment or something, maybe both guilty. Fast forward to now, player is recruited over and is burning it down on the way out.
  10. No one is going to want to work for Benson if they have half a brain. The Holy Trinity of firings would be: DK (not because of performance but seems inevitable due to allegations), Gattuso and Benson.
  11. That Benson is somehow complicit is what I'm gathering from that insinuation and as a result should be shown the door too. Maybe covered for DK until it got out some other way?
  12. We are going to lose more now that DK killed his career. Wouldn't be surprised if we now lose our prized recruit(s) too. This is going to set us back for a LONG time.
  13. Agree with the sentiment that Benson has to go. He's killed our LAX program (we were #1 shortly after he joined and are now ho hum/somewhat competitive last I knew), he absolutely DESTROYED what Bob Ford built with the FB program by extending Gattuso twice. He fired the longtime MBB coach and replaced him, evidently, with someone who has a total lack of control and assaulted a student athlete just because he didn't like Brown (yes, we know he was having a down decade). Seriously...what has this guy done for our program? Anything? This is shameful. I'm ashamed of my alma maters from a sports perspective. I've had low interest in UA sports since my move south, which was compounded by Gattuso's lack of success...honestly, at this point, I might just become a USF fan (campus is 10 minutes from me and they are about to build a brand-new football stadium on campus instead of playing at Raymond James). At least that way I can attend games. This entire AD program is a DISASTER.
  14. Hoping he was just defending himself from a player who charged him and it was nothing more. I too can't see DK assaulting a player.
  15. Wait...there were some that hadn't already? Psh. Lucky. EDIT: LOL...oof. Zags? I'll never win this stupid thing.
  16. StOp BeInG nEgAtIvE dUr DuR dUr. Try to remember that there are only 2 or 3 experts on here...the rest of us don't know our asses from our elbows.
  17. Text version: 9/3 at Baylor 9/10 vs New Hampshire 9/17 at Fordham 9/24 vs Central Connecticut State 10/1 BYE 10/8 at Monmouth 10/15 vs Hampton 10/22 at Villanova 10/29 vs Stony Brook 11/5 at Elon 11/12 vs Maine 11/19 at Rhode Island
  18. WOW. What an upset. My bracket is already largely busted lol. I had Iowa, UConn and Kentucky going quite deep. Ugh.
  19. Well, at this rate I have a 50/50 chance of winning since it's just two of us in there lol. I like my chances :D.
  20. I've started the group for this year! Group Name: BPF 2022 Bracket Challenge URL: BPF 2022 Bracket Challenge Password: GoD@n3s2022 This is the year I win! I can feel it! *channels inner Jets fan whose hope springs eternal*
  21. Congrats to the ladies! Best of luck in the tournament!
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