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  1. Did we have any 'secret scrimmages' against other teams (like we usually go to Canada) this year or is this truly the first game like situation for our guys?
  2. Can't breathe on a guy. I get fouls on deep shots, but down low the game of basketball is meant to be physical. They've entirely neutered post play/defense.
  3. These fouls are such garbage. Really hate what the NCAA (and NBA) have done to the game of basketball.
  4. So far I like what I see. Edit: jinxed it. No good the last few min lol.
  5. Pretty amazing. I love watching really small guys beat all odds and compete at this level or the NBA level.
  6. Yeah I like Taylor from first impression. Very athletic. Feel bad for Lulka. Broken nose sounds painful.
  7. How tall is their PG? Dude looks like Muggsy Bogues or Spud Webb.
  8. Didn't realize our starting lineup was a bunch of upper classmen. Thought we were younger. Nice!
  9. Do we know why? 11 minutes after the hour seems like a very specific time lol.
  10. Sir. You're not getting it. No one is saying don't post Instagram links. They are saying don't post the main link to a page and not give any context. Post the direct link to the Instagram post in question. Please. Otherwise we have no idea what you're trying to share with the group. It's not hard. Sheesh.
  11. Anyhow, can't believe we've finally made it! I have no idea what to expect with this team as we didn't even have a recorded/televised purple and gold game (or whatever Benson calls it these days) to get a sneak peak. Feel like it's been two years since I've last seen UA sports. About the only thing I think we can be 100% sure of is that Healey will be our number 1 option and our best player. How will Lulka look? Will he look like Freshman Lulka and S. Rowley lite? Or will he look like last years Lulka? Did Hank add anything to his post game or is he still a rebound and lay it
  12. Who knows...your guess is as good as mine. Could be that post or a post from 2016. "Laughing Out Loud" 😂
  13. And look at what specifically? The link takes to you to the entire page with hundreds of images. You want me to click on every single one before I find the one that you *may* be referring too? That's like me telling you to go read a story on CNN and then linking you to the CNN homepage..."Laughing Out Loud" Continue to do you, no one can stop you. I was just giving you a tip and letting you know that your posts, without context, are not really aiding the discussion(s). "Laughing Out Loud"
  14. You should share the actual posts you're referring too because I, and the rest of the community probably, have no idea what you're referring too. Just a tip.
  15. On the plus side, I think after going through the schedule, we have like 11 home games and 8 away games...playing on our rims may help us a bit.
  16. Here is the full, current, schedule: UAlbany Men's Schedule 2020-2021 Date Opponent Home/Away Type W/L Score 11/28/2020 Marist Home OOC - Cancelled 12/3/2020 Drexel Away OOC - Cancelled 12/4/2020 Quinnipiac Away OOC - Cancelled 12/19/2020 UMBC Home Conference 12/20/2020 UMBC Home Conference 12/22/2020 Niagara Home OOC 12/23/2020 Bryant Home OOC - Cancelled 1/2/2021 Vermont Away Conference 1/3/2021 Vermont Away Conference 1/9/2021 Stony Brook Home Conference 1/10/2021 Stony Brook Home Conference 1/16/2021 NJIT Home Conference 1/17
  17. Feel like it's been ages for a thread like this. Last Up: L (76-73) @ Stony Brook (2019-2020 AE Quarterfinals)Next Up: vs UMBC (4-1, 0-0 AE)Time/Date: 12/19/20 @ 4:00PM ESTTV/Streaming: ESPN3Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: UA 52.1% chance of winning
  18. Division I transfers for all sports get blanket waiver from NCAA, can play immediately (espn.com)
  19. I'm probably going to end up donating instead of using my funds for next year but I might hold off to see if the ESPN streaming works without any hitches before I do that.
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