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  1. As one of those Ukrainians, it is very welcome and thank you to all of you who have supported the war effort in any which way possible and for your thoughts and/or prayers! I'm from Western Ukraine where the fighting isn't as prevalent, and many people have escaped to that part of the country. Family has managed to stay safe as far as we know although my wife has some college friends who barely got out of Kyiv and my cousins have cousins (on the other side of the family) who were/are in Kharkiv last I heard which is obviously taking a great pounding. Some family escaped to Poland as well. That being said, it may be time to update the overall header a bit once we go back to the regular one with a newer picture of SEFCU (with the 'mood lighting', etc.).
  2. Last Up: L (67-55) vs Hartford Next Up: Hartford (11-19, 9-9 AE) Date: 3/6/22 @ 2:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: TBD% chance of a UAlbany win
  3. Last Up: L (66-50) @ Stony Brook Next Up: vs Hartford (10-18, 8-8 AE) Date: 3/1/22 @ 7:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 64.9% chance of a UAlbany win
  4. Glad I was in Miami (still am) watching the Heat beat the Spurs instead of this dud.
  5. We are guaranteed a .500 conference record now as we are 9-7 with 2 games to go. For a first-year coach with a new system and a lot of new players, I'll take it ALL DAY. Great job by DK and staff figuring it out as the year went out. Our record likely would have been better if we hadn't scheduled such a strong OOC but I think it may just yet pay dividends when it matters.
  6. Last Up: W (72-68) @ Maine Next Up: @ Stony Brook (16-13, 8-8 AE, lost to UML by 17 in their last game) Date: 2/26/22 @ 6:30PMTV/Streaming: ESPN3Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 31.5% chance of a UAlbany win
  7. Hahah, well then I fail too for not double checking their work! #hooklineandsinker Here I was thinking we were special...
  8. Albany Great Danes Top Ranked Team in Nation by ESPN's BPI Despite 12-15 Record (thebiglead.com)
  9. Last Up: W (70-65) vs New Hampshire Next Up: @ Maine (5-20, 2-12 AE - play NJIT before us, beat us by 10 at home on 2/9/22) Date: 2/23/22 @ 7:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN3Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 74.9% chance of a UAlbany win
  10. SB isn't coached and recruited by Greg 'can't win' Gattuso...big difference hah
  11. Oof. The worst ever score differential was 222 (222-0, GA Tech vs Cumberland in 1916). In the modern era (technically since 1966 but I'll say in the 90's or 2000's+)...84 (84-0, Oklahoma St. vs Savannah State in 2012). Source: The Biggest Blowouts in Every College Football Team's History (and Modern Era) - All My Sports Teams Suck
  12. Are these chumps the biggest and baddest our FB team has ever faced?
  13. Last Up: W (68-67) @ Binghamton Next Up: vs New Hampshire (12-11, 7-7 AE, lost to Vermont by 21 last time out) Date: 2/19/22 @ 4:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN3Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 55.1% chance of a UAlbany win
  14. I'm ready to build www.firemarkbensonandgreggattuso.com yesterday. Just say the word, BPF.
  15. Totally forgot we had a brand-new OC. Oof. I'll be EXTREMELY happy if we score a single TD. And some of those TX HS stadiums are INSANE.
  16. Eh, football is football IMO. I haven't played, but I imagine the hits will hurt whether it is a 200lb guy hitting you or a 225lb guy hitting you. I think this is a case of 'correlation is not causation'. We're D1 just like they are D1. It's not like UA offense will be up against Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom by playing Baylor and getting absolutely obliterated by Cam Chancellor or someone like that.
  17. This. I'm all for the players taking one for the team in the process of getting a nice payday for the program to (hopefully) further it's agenda and overall improvement. If that million (and more like it if we schedule other such games in the future) lead to the program being able to get a nice new locker room or field house, by all means...schedule away and let the beatings commence!
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