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  1. Thanks DP. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
  2. That's what I'm talkin about! Glad the black is just an alt. I love the white. I'd buy one!
  3. My spouse works retail. If it wasn't for our Governor and the decision was left up to the school, I'd have liked to been given the option to attend in person. If anything, my spouse will bring it home to me.
  4. Happy to see it will be streamed on ESPN and not the crap AE TV. I wish they would have just had season ticket holders spaced out and no one else (how many of us are there?) but people wouldn't have their normal seats. Then you have our genius of a governor...but anyway...better than nothing.
  5. This lack of sports during weeknights or on Saturdays has kind of let me get a feel for what life would be like if I was to move South. Last 3-4 weeks I've really been thinking about it more (it has always been 'on the list' but I never pulled the trigger when I was younger...and then I got married). This break in UA sports is killin me.
  6. Eli

    Albany-Siena 1977

    @Dane Pound, see above.
  7. @Dane Pound, another bot looks like lol. We're under attack! Duck and cover! Duck and cover!
  8. @Dane Pound...Scott seems 'questionable'.
  9. It's grown on me. I wish we had a different font, but it's not terrible. Could be worse.
  10. https://ualbanysports.com/news/2020/11/2/mens-basketball-announces-2020-21-schedule.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0r5B3w2fLs2teRC0fxTlUll-DcCK48-imBVZP1YdNJyg0E7JdKbqZVHjY Not in doubt anymore! But we won't be allowed at the games. Hopefully UA has their audio/video team working overtime to ensure we can at least watch and it better not cost an arm and a leg!
  11. Icon issues seem to be resolved now although after the updates there are some other things happening with the layout such as the banner now being the wrong size and being displayed past the header navigation frame. As always DP, thank you and my offer to help you out still stands :).
  12. Can we boot these new bots such as the one above? This not a real user.
  13. So for the sake of my spreadsheets, does that mean that effectively all players are bumped down a year? Sr = Jr, Jr = So, etc.?
  14. Doesn't do it for me. We aren't the Black Fam or the Gold Fam or the Yellow Fam, we are the Purple Fam. Where is the Purple?
  15. Yeah, that mane is majestic. I'm jealous.
  16. Seriously? I didn't even comment here. Kick rocks dude. Not sure what game you're playing at but I don't 'muddle' the waters just for fun. And congrats, you just took a topic completely off topic...by complaining about people taking stuff off topic. *facepalm*
  17. You said jerseys aren't of concern to you...so I asked, even poop brown? At this point the conversation is not about the jerseys pictured above so not sure what them being or not being black has anything to do with the current tangent? Sorry, I guess that didn't translate... Anyhow, these jerseys aren't great. The best jersey's we've had in my time as a UA fan are these: #1: #2: #3:
  18. I've tried both Chrome and Edge on my PC (Windows 10) and mobile phone (Android 10) and both are exhibiting the same behavior. All of the little 'icons' don't load any more. This happened about a month back or so. Works fine in old-as-dirt Internet Explorer (which many of us in the IT industry affectionately refer to as Internet Exploder cause it sucks). Example of the issue: Here is what it should look like:
  19. So you'd be okay with us wearing poop brown jerseys? I doubt that hah. It may not have been important in the 70's, but team image/branding is VERY important even at the college level these days. It helps, to some extent (maybe not so much at UA but definitely at bigger schools), the bottom line when people want to wear what the team is wearing.
  20. Once again they didn't consult the diehards.
  21. If it ain't purple I don't want nothing to do with it. Black or gold looks too much like UMBC. We need white at home and purple on the road.
  22. Been a while since I updated this. Here is the latest with Verbal Commits as the source: UAlbany Men's Roster 2021-2022 Name Position Height Weight Year Status Adam Lulka C 6'8" 240 RSr. Returning Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RSr. Returning Jarvis Doles PF 6'9" 215 Sr. (Grad) Returning Trey Hutcheson PF 6'5" 195 Jr Returning Antonio Rizzuto SF 6'3" 180 Sr. Returning Cam Healey SG 6'2" 185 RSr. Returning CJ Kelly SG 6'5" 190 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Jamel Horton SG 6'4" 190 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Sam Shafer SG 6'6" 190 RJr. Returning Will Amica PG 6'0" 160
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