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  1. Contrary to popular belief, economically speaking, splitting the state would be worse for the rest of us...not better. 5 reasons why splitting New York would be a disaster for Upstate - syracuse.com I can't stand the lunacy in NYC either but NYS already sucks (why I moved out), splitting would make it that much worse. Sure if you split it then we might be able to make a more favorable business climate and companies would move back into Upstate but do you think it would amount to $14B on a yearly basis? I don't...at least not for many many many years...and in the meantime the state would be broker than broke.
  2. Last Up: L (86-75) vs Stony Brook Next Up: @ UMass-Lowell (10-8, 2-4 AE) Date: 1/26/22 @ 7:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 23.7% chance of a UAlbany win
  3. Last Up: W (66-54) @ UMBC Next Up: vs Stony Brook (10-6, 2-1 AE - blown out by UVM and then beat UMBC by 4 at home and Bing by 3 on the road) Date: 1/22/22 @ 7:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN states it is on ESPN3 but UA states it is on SNYLocal Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 53.2% chance of a UAlbany win
  4. Caught the last 6 minutes. Team pulled away quite well. I've only seen 3-4 games this year but I don't know why you all were freakin out :D.
  5. Is there a chance that if the CAA grows to 16 it might be a multi-bid league? Agree it would be stupid to lower our chances of making the dance by going to a huge conference double the size of our old one just to be an also-ran.
  6. That would certainly take care of the home and home requirement of the LCC series lol. One year the Cup Game is at SEFCU and the next year it is at whatever the arena is called now.
  7. Can someone post the article here? Not giving the TU any money for their pay wall. Also, didn't know the arena changed names. Cool.
  8. Trying not to frequent here too much and if I do, just lurk, but figured I'd share that the 2021 Survey is available. https://www.ticketreturn.com/boxOffice/et.aspx?c=1291&t=c&cu=EEFMHDLM&ci=338635&s=1 Let er rip! Let em have it! EDIT: Looks like questions are geared toward ticketing, etc. But last question is a text box... EDIT2: Looks like link may be one-time use...so in that case many of you probably got an email with your own link.
  9. Wishing you success in your endeavor! I tried to make that resolution prior to Christmas/the New Year after the whole FB Transfer/Undercuffler taunting wild accusation but you see how long that lasted hahaha. Since Gattuso/Benson have pretty much killed any desire many of us have to attend UA events, now is probably a good time to make a clean break for it. So, Happy New Year all...see ya for March Madness. Maybe.
  10. Interested in seeing the new offensive system. Will Gattuso be hands on or let the guy run it on his own?
  11. Clearly you got plenty of time to be flapping your virtual gums about Bobby. At least (evidently based on your ridiculous posts) I can be mistaken for a doctor lol. Ain't no one mistaken a 5'2, 250lb bowling ball for any sort of health expert. Happy New Year :).
  12. Last Up: W (68-52) @ Lehigh Next Up: @ Vermont (8-4) Date: 1/2/22 @ 5:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: 10% chance of a UAlbany win
  13. Hah. Looks like I have decent waterfront acreage in your noggin as you've been on quite the anti-Eli bender ever since I called your BFF a clown. It's okay, you'll come to grips with it eventually. Just as the world will come to grips with the fact that COVID is going endemic and we should stop with these cancel-everything reactions over some sniffles and a variant that is extremely mild by all reputable sources. Merry Christmas Bobby! ============ Back on topic: girls had 5 players out due to protocols and were able to continue their game but the guys weren't? Do we know how much of our mens team is sick? Was DK down to 5 'healthy' players?
  14. Still hittin that egg nog, ey? It'd venture support for Union or something but never LCC. Not after how they treated us for a long long long time :P.
  15. I'm super bummed. I was supposed to attend and have been looking forward to it for the past 2 weeks. Probably won't see a UA event live at this point until some time in late 2022 if not early 2023. It's just not the same on TV (I only watched like half the football games and have only seen like 3 basketball games). Ugh.
  16. This is BS. Couple of players might have the sniffles, so stop the world, they gotta get off. Can we be done with this? COVID is the new flu. It ain't goin nowhere. It's going to get weaker and weaker but it'll always be around.
  17. ESPN has upped our chances of a win from 77.7 to 81.1. I like it.
  18. That's depressing. firebenson.com or firemarkbenson.com are both available. Should I build this community a poppin website? lol.
  19. Any email sent to the president probably doesn't make it to Havidan himself since it goes to a monitored/managed inbox (I never got a response in the past - not even a cursory thank you). BUT, a bunch of the AD folks (Vic Cegles, etc.) 100% read this forum so I'm sure they are VERY aware that the real diehards are pissed at what has transpired. Problem is, I believe they all report to Benson...so doubt emailing or contacting them will do anything other than them just being a shoulder to cry on, so to speak. Unfortunately, not like they can go to their boss and say, "You should fire yourself."
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