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  1. The MBB situation is discouraging and a mess. But more discouraging is the comments about not supporting UA athletics We began supporting MBB in the 1960's as I played for "Doc" for 4 years. In recent years we changed our donations to UA athletics. Remember, your donation goes to the student athletes. We have sixteen teams and a lot of very, very fine coaches. More importantly we have some great young people who represent us by their play and commitment to the community. Think of the broad picture as THIS TOO WILL PASS!!
  2. I hope some of the men's team watched the game in person or on ESPN+ to see how you need movement against a man-to-man(WHOOPS) women to women that creates double--almost triple digit assists. Great game, great freshman, great vets all playing and encouraging each other. Great depth on this team--should have a solid season.
  3. Relax! 4 of first 5 on the road. A tough two point loss at home and $510,000 in the bank for 2 of 3 losses. I am not a fan of Gattuso either but I'll give him 8 more games before sending him back on the beat.
  4. I was able to print my tickets and got SEFCU lot passes Saturday. It is not only UA. I have a friend whose family has had Nebraska season tickets since 1954 and Nebraska is trying electronic ticketing. It is such a mess that the box office is getting 2500 calls per day. Kind of like getting the UA box office
  5. We will see against URI if our OLine is bad or if NDSU Defensive Line is just very good.
  6. Why do we have to sign up on Instagram for the schedule?? Certainly a third world athletic department!!
  7. Why do we have to go through all these social media outlets to get news of UA sports? It is annoying and makes us all available to electronic attacks.
  9. GOOD LUCK!! Had to change Username--password to get on. Then no information on tickets. Hope someone had better success. New system seems to be another gross error for the athletic department!!
  10. Doc looks great---can't say the same for myself. Played 1st game for Doc in 1957. We had a Freshman team and I played 1st half of Freshman Home games then dressed for the Varsity games. In 4 years we were something like 72 - 29. Beat Siena twice. HAPPY BIRTDAY DOC!! See you next season!!
  11. If Benson is as bad as most are saying on this Board, it will be Bryant Stith 8 year assistant at Old Dominion.
  12. We entered the weekend with 10 games, one other team had 12 and the rest 14. We lost two starters last week, two reserves this week. We were terrible today BUT you simply have to suck it up and play well tomorrow and see where you land. Except for UMBC which we played close both games we have not lost twice on a weekend. It is One and Done Time. Be Positive!
  13. We have just finished game 3. Normally we would be at least game 8. A lot of new players and they seem to be good picks. However in the 2nd half they seem to develop a HS intramural mentality--watch me I am going to win the game--and they can't. Once we get Healy, Rizzuto, Huthinson and Lulka to meld in with Anderson, Kelly, Horton and Taylor we will be fine. UMBC is very, very good. I hope for a split at Vermont and then run the table with a few blips
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