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  1. Albany and Bing are not economic engines of the state? I don't get it. It is all a business anyway. Not going to change much. Still expecting to pay between 150-200k a piece to send my kids to a SUNY by 2033 and 2036.
  2. Would explain the bpg being in December glad the renovation ball is moving. Amazing how such a large project is going under the radar.
  3. Found this on facebook market place https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/918958848787981/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  4. Hopefully years from now we will look back on this thread and all be proven wrong. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays everyone.
  5. D96 you have posted here for a long time so I have no doubt about your sources. Just really surprised. I will reserve judgment till the details.
  6. If he gets an extension and WB didn't I call BULL time for Benson to get lost.
  7. Where would this rank in our beating of power 5 opponents? For me it is 1. Washington 2. Penn State 3. BC 4. Utah
  8. Yeah I was a lifeguard during my junior and senior years so I spent a lot of time at the pool. Oh well
  9. So the PE building reno is step 1 in this process? Or is this just a reno because of ware and tear of a 60 year plus old building? or both? bummed the school is loosing the pool.
  10. So trying to understand the PE building renovation would this help athletics? Seems like a big job without any fanfare, anyone on the know with any insights?
  11. Wow 20 bucks for the sefcu lot that is crazy. How much longer is Benson contract?
  12. dsl- I think CAA football is going to look very different and more like an AE football conference after JMU and maybe ELON leave for FBS' most likely sunbelt. I am very comfortable with where our programs are. We are only a bizarre season removed from our first playoff at large birth and win. As for basketball we can be competitive with the current budget it is close to the median for the AE. Also I think your going to see this years basketball budget increase because of the money games coach is putting on the schedule. Anyways my friend it is late have faith and drink the purple Kool-Aid ohhh yeah.
  13. Hey we didn't embarrass ourselves or the conference, we got paid and we tested ourselves. All in all not bad. Things to work on yes. If we have the same result against URI then yes panic but in the words of Mr. Rodgers R-E-L-A-X. Also let us be grateful we are having a season and a home game for the first time in 2 years.
  14. From Coach Gallagher:UHart's John Gallagher: I am extremely disappointed in the Board of Regents vote yesterday. We met as a team today & we made a united decision we are staying together to play next season. We will fight hard to repeat our success & continue to elevate this program to new heights. Man I tell you what Hartford administration doesn't deserve to have Gallagher, his staff or the players on the roster. These people are world class acts and deserve nothing but or RESPECT. I feel bad for all of them hope they have a good season.
  15. Click it is all good we know how much you love the program. I hope coach Killings (weird spelling another coaches name after 20 years) comes in hungry and does well. Good luck Coach K
  16. Looking at resumes the men seem to have a good assistant coaching experience. I like what I read about Desmond a little better than Killings.
  17. So this would be Killings first full time head gig.
  18. I know Benson is public enemy number 1 for some on this board me included. We should take A LITTLE comfort in that he wants to prove he can hire winning coaches so he can move to a better job. So we will see.
  19. St. Rose could use some infusion of talent been a few rough years down the road on Western Avenue.
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