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  1. Pool was six lanes and 25 meters. I think NCAA requires 8 lanes. Funny they still have the list of all the swim team records.
  2. This might be a dumb question but could we raise 30 million by doing something similar? That would build the bubble and football building. It would costing the average students $441 per year over four years (30,000,000/17000 students/4 years).
  3. Coaches should lose there jobs for games like this. Inexcusable we are a CAA team, we should be dominating the likes of Fordham. GG must go.
  4. Man that is a lot of money games. We must be trying to make up the 3.5 million gap.
  5. They must be sad that our updated arena will look better than theirs.
  6. Before my time but did the Yankees and the Mets have a similar situation when the old Yankee stadium was being renovated? Did they have day/night double headers?
  7. Seems like the only negative in this whole situation is for the indoor track team. Running in the tunnels suck. It can be done for a little while but over time if they don't build an indoor option it will hurt the team long term. PS love the fact that the TU has no article about the renovation.
  8. Glad it is official, feels real now.
  9. When does season ticket renewals for basketball start? I have to imagine they will announce by then.
  10. My grandfather who is a USC alum and former ticket holder must be spinning in his gave, This news sucks for everyone. It is going to have a crazy trickle down effect. OT-Does Boise finally gets into the Pac-12. For UA will it speed up our joining the CAA?
  11. HVCC from what I remember haven't been since 2007 (went to twice) is similar to the current SEFCU arena configuration. It is all bleachers so that is what it is. The scoreboard is very similar to the old scoreboard and parking wasn't terrible. Probably our best option. Saint Rose would be a second option but from my time there as a master's student the parking is HORRIBLE. I doubt the parking situation has changed. I don't think Siena wanted us using the RAC or MVP. So yeah HVCC makes the most sense, glad they are making a wise choice. OT- Could inflation and supply chain problems be the reason the athletic administration decided to do both projects (UG and SEFCU) at the same time?
  12. The Florida tournament makes a lot of sense now knowing that SEFCU isn't going to be available.
  13. Yep my money is on Saint Rose for practice.
  14. So now that we know the timelines for the University Gym and SEFCU where do you think we will practice and play this year?
  15. Exciting stuff renovated arenas for VB and Basketball. Can't wait to see it in 2023.
  16. Hey I would love the two sides to be chair back. If it saves some money to make both endzones bleachers so be it. Still going to be a nice arena when all said and done. Just one question, how are we funding this? Is a company buying the rights to run the arena and the basketball teams are going to be the tenants? I seem to remember reading about an arrangement like this at another school.
  17. Congratulations Peter on your basketball career and enjoy the next chapter of life as a dad.
  18. Congratulations to all the students, coaches and staff for winning the Commissioners Cup. Rest up and lets try to win another cup next year.
  19. Just watched the zoom thanks UA72. Very interesting I like the idea of the fitness center in the PE building. It will allow for the next phase of the SEFCU renovation. I will miss the pool but it makes a lot of sense what they are doing.
  20. So it looks like the link to the announcement is down. Hope this isn't a bad sign.
  21. Nah it was a joke I'm sure they could accommodate. I would do season tickets it just doesn't work with my wife and kids schedules. We pick 1 or 2 games each season to go to and that works for us. 4 for 200 is very reasonable.
  22. OT question, why is every family deal for a family of 4? As the head of a 5 family household I demand equal deals for families smaller and larger. 😜 That really grinds my gears.
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