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  1. So is the inside track gone as well.  Are we building the bubble as well?  Wow if so.  Also interesting the use of private funding, is that the Casey naming rights money?  

    Definitely swept under the rug, this announcement was made on a Friday and no local papers covered this?  Very strange, but then again the anti athletics people would have gripe about how could we privately fund this project and not the whole athletic department.  

    I wonder if the PE gym renovation completion in March 23 was a typo.  I have to imagine it will be done before September.  

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  2. I feel like this is being kept on the DL because the school doesn't want a backlash from the academics and anti athletics people on campus for the price tag of 11-12 million.  Granted this is still likely to happen after it is announced thanks TUseless. 

    But let's be honest the arena needs rehabbing.  The price is reasonable and it is the largest indoors seating capacity on campus.  It makes sense and it is time. 

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  3. This rehab needs to be done regardless of conference affiliation.  3800 attendence is about right for our size.  Having seat backs will make for a more comfortable experience also easier to sell season tickets.  When we were most successful in the early to mid 2010's the seat backs were mostly sold out.  Bench seating is just not comfortable, glad to see things moving in a positive direction with regards to facilities.


     Now a parking garage would help a lot as well.  

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  4. So are the MAAC and AE about to decimate the NEC?  Seems like the NEC is the only league to pull from. The MAAC commissioner is on record saying they want 12 teams and currently they are at 10 members.  It seems like Wagner and MSM make the most sense.  The AE is interested in 11 so Bryant, Sacred Heart and CCSU or LIU.  QU is already in the MAAC and I don't ever remember a MAAC school leaving for the AE. Only other school I can think off is Northeastern no longer loving the CAA and moving back. If I had to guess the 3 schools coming in would be Bryant, SH and CCSU in that order.  But I know nothing.

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