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  1. So we still have the women. Looking forward to Monday finding out where they will go.
  2. Troll alert. The players left everything on the court. No issues with this loss. I can think of many more losses. Rank this with the UCONN loss, the sophomores will learn and get better.
  3. Lot of hard lessons to learn today. However at the end of the day UVM was the better team. Congrats.
  4. BTW we are now tied with UVM for most AET championshipso when you combine men and women at 11 each, 5 men and 6 women. Tomorrow is the tie breaker.
  5. Got to love compounding interest.
  6. I have been to 7 out of 9 AE arenas and Patrick gym is still the worst. Although umass lowell is a close second. Really uncomfortable seats and you are crammed in.
  7. Burrrrr dress warm. Thought about making the trip with my oldest pup but then I saw how cold it was going to be.
  8. Yes they do Scarborough Downs about 20 minutes south from the old port. Harness racing but not sure if they race this time of year.
  9. Hard to win back to back. Bet Imani plays lights out for her last game at home.
  10. Weird to see that arena setup for basketball. Even stranger that Portland doesn't have a hockey team anymore. They spent a lot of money updating that place. Hope we beat Hartford and Maine beats UNH.
  11. Times like this make you realize how small the game is. All the prayers to David and his family during this time.
  12. Obsticals this season: new coach, players adjusting to a new system, taking on new rolls after losing the program best player ever. Results: in second and two games out of first. Not to bad. Let us see how the season ends.
  13. Seems like a good meat and potatoes recruiting class. The exciting offensive parts will be the 2 WR and 1 Rb. As for the QB Brunson played well enough to win games last year. Truth be told had we not had a bad day against UDELAWARE we would have made the playoffs. So I know this might be against dogma but I think we are okay at QB. Just hope Elijah is better by next September.
  14. Would take u up 0n your offer but can't. Bring 3 kids under 3 years old would be a challenge.
  15. Neutral site game? Yankee Stadium a fan can dream right? Seriously HC and Fordham played there.
  16. Look what program at our level mid-major sells out a 4500 arena consistently? How do they do it?
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