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  1. They will remember the stony brook game forever. Glad they won, defense looked good and on offense great ball movement.
  2. Just watched the game on app absolutely inexcusable. You are D1 TEAM how the Bing can you not Handel the press. Lot of soul searching on that bus.
  3. Yuk defense was not what it needed to be. This is a game that could define the season. Either they fix the defense and some of the players start committing more to it or this squad will be a middle of the pack team come tourney time.
  4. And their ill-informed students called UA a safety school.
  5. Nope because it brings down our rpi and it shows how strong UVM is.
  6. I hear what your saying but to get to the level of OSU you would need a few things. 1. Bring back the music major. They got rid of it when I was a student. Most of the large pep band/marching bands you see are filled with music majors. 2. Hire a full time director. Kevin does a fabulous job, guy deserves to be full time. 3. Bring in a music service fraternity that will allow music majors and non music majors to network and former lifetime bonds. 4. Donate money to the marching band, only way to grow is with seed money. Instruments and uniforms ain't cheep.
  7. Sophomores and JUCO's going through growing pains. Folks remember we were picked 3rd for a reason. Give this group time.
  8. Probably the most satisfying victory against Siena in the D1 era. Now we are on to Holy Cross. No let down game.
  9. I would also like to nominate Sir Charles. Kid was lock down.
  10. Folks on the earmy morning of the Albany Cup let us take comfort in a truth. Come win or lose we have overcome the last injustice we had to endure in our transition to D1. On a personal note, will be attending my first ACG since 2006. I have boycotted this event for a decade because I got feed up with having to watch in the then Pepsi Arena. This should have been a home and home series. It was one of the few blunders Dr McElroy had as our AD.
  11. Haters, hate us, because they ain't us.
  12. The turning point of this game was the first INT thrown. Sussman never seemed the same and we couldn't get anything started. Kid has to develop some short term memory and for the love of God not Telegraph his passes. Sat near where the UDelaware radio guy was broadcasting, he even said that Sussman was looking to the right on the pick 6. Very strange that he was outside above section 206. Really disappointed ending but you learn, try to improve and move on.
  13. Thanks looking forward to taking them to their first games at Casey.
  14. Saw the last quarter from the hospital waiting room. Glad to be 5-3 now we are on to Delaware. BTW ladyram game birth to twin two boys Everyone is healthy and doing well. MD hope you had fun, glad you saw a win. GO UA
  15. Guys its going to be okay, yeah we are 4-3 overall, but we have Elon and Delaware the next two weeks. If we are not 6-3 going into UNH then yes that would be bad. Let's also remember We were twelve points away from 6-1. How many people at the start of the year would have signed for that? Let's take a deep breath, the one thing that this team has is resilience they have shown it in this three game losing streak. They should be hungary against Elon. Bummed I can't be there next weekend. Hope Michigan Dane fan has fun in my place. Me and little Dane are looking forward to the Delaware game.
  16. For those interested Men picked 3rd and Women picked 1st. Interestingly on the men side Bing picked fourth and Stony Brook picked seventh.
  17. Ugly first half but this was going to be a grind it out game. Hope we play better in the second half.
  18. Well that gives someone else more playing time.
  19. Richmond beat a ACC team and we beat a MAC team. The team is going to have to play their best game of the season to have a chance. If we play the way we did in the first half against St. Francis we are toast.
  20. That would be awesome if they came, damit why did we plan the twins baby shower for HC weekend? SMH, #reallypoorplanning, #canistillgomrsram?nwih
  21. Yeah but why Sunday after thanksgiving? In the 14 years the game being played at the TUC it has been mostly played on a Friday or Saturday night. I recall one year was on tuesday before thanksgiving. Anyway seems a little shady.
  22. What a crock, November 27 a Sunday for LCC? Most students for both Siena and UA won't be back.
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