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  1. Alright so I am really confused are we building a bubble this spring like the one in Uttica or is this in the future?
  2. Amazing that Hartford isn't allowing the general public to attend games in February. I was planning to go today. Bummer.
  3. D96 thank you. So SEFCU renovation and new bubble will cost 13.5 million (7.5 Sefcu and 6 bubble). Is the plan to build the bubble in the spring, and next year start the SEFCU renovations when the PE gym is complete? Would love to see what the new PE gym will look like. Is the coming SEFCU renovation the reason the north end zone has yet to be fixed yet?
  4. Man that is an awesome indoor facility. Can't wait to see it built as well as the PE gym renovation. D96 is the PE building number 1 on the capital investment list? Appreciate if you could share.
  5. take 290, 495 always has construction and you cut out parts of 95.
  6. Question I always had was why wasn't Joe Bruno stadium built at UA?
  7. HAHA never heard the story about the medical school before. I learned something new about UA history today. Hey look I feel you my friend. We all want to see UA succeed. I am optimistic that no matter what happens Athletics will end up in the best place for success.
  8. Never heard of the medical school before. I learned something new about UA history today. Hey look I feel you my friend. We all want to see UA succeed.
  9. Do you really want UA to be in the CAA? Is the CAA the best place for us financially? Competition wise? I don't see it but time will tell.
  10. Why do I get the sense we will be moving to full CAA as well?
  11. So we are down to 8? Do we have enough AQ in most sports? What about schools we can add to AE?
  12. Albany and Bing are not economic engines of the state? I don't get it. It is all a business anyway. Not going to change much. Still expecting to pay between 150-200k a piece to send my kids to a SUNY by 2033 and 2036.
  13. Would explain the bpg being in December glad the renovation ball is moving. Amazing how such a large project is going under the radar.
  14. Found this on facebook market place https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/918958848787981/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  15. Hopefully years from now we will look back on this thread and all be proven wrong. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays everyone.
  16. D96 you have posted here for a long time so I have no doubt about your sources. Just really surprised. I will reserve judgment till the details.
  17. If he gets an extension and WB didn't I call BULL time for Benson to get lost.
  18. Where would this rank in our beating of power 5 opponents? For me it is 1. Washington 2. Penn State 3. BC 4. Utah
  19. Yeah I was a lifeguard during my junior and senior years so I spent a lot of time at the pool. Oh well
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