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  1. I know Benson is public enemy number 1 for some on this board me included. We should take A LITTLE comfort in that he wants to prove he can hire winning coaches so he can move to a better job. So we will see.
  2. St. Rose could use some infusion of talent been a few rough years down the road on Western Avenue.
  3. If it makes people happy and does not hurt anyone so be it. Life is to short.
  4. I could see Baseball being the first of any team axed. I drove by the field yesterday and it has got to be the worst of all our athletic facilities at the school.
  5. As a fan of the Patriots I went through similar feelings about a year ago. 20 years is a long time and i am grateful for the memories.
  6. Anyone think that Benson already has a hire in mind?
  7. Good luck Coach Brown and to your family I have no doubt that you'll land on your feet. The man can coach. Benson hire well or your ass is grass.
  8. Anyone else watch when Brown and Gallegher had a longer than normal talk after the game? CB looked like a man who knows what is coming. I hope he gets extended as he is the only UA basketball coach I have ever known (my freshman year was 2001). If it is his time I will hold him in the same light as some of you hold Doc Sauer. I doubt the grass will be greener on the other side without some considerable investment (renovated arena, private practice arena etc.), If Benson does move on hope it works or it will be his butt..
  9. I see CB getting another 5 year extension looking at Benson track record. Think the Gattuso contract I remember the uproar from that. We have split the season series between UVM and UNH. We would have against UMBC if the last second shot had gone in that is the top 3 in the AE. If I am Benson I see progress in a crazy year.
  10. Okay probably a bit of a tacky question but who are the most wealthy UA alums? Also who is well off I mean Alfond level in the capital region? We got to get them motivated to donate.
  11. Well that sucks but understandable. Here is hoping for the SU game next fall.
  12. We have had 13k for football before lol. Hoping to watch the game against URI. Is the campus open to the public? When I got my first shot last Monday I asked where the nearest rest room was and I was told to go to the dunkin donuts on Washington Avenue.
  13. So does this mean 1000 people can go to a UA football game next month?
  14. Listened the first 15 minutes then had to put the kids in bath. Always good to get a win at Patrick gym could that be the last time we play there? Anyways is UVM as banged up as we are?
  15. Me and GD06 went to this game, I remember the alumni meet and greet, taking the LIRR and Subway to the game. Oh those times before kids and responsibilities,
  16. Ultimately we have a better chance of raising in the ranks because of our affordability. Most net worth millionaires according to the book put out by Chris Hogan went to either JUCO or Public institutions. Food for thought the largest single donation to an athletic department was to Oklahoma State University. So cheer up I know not having sports to talk about sucks but things are going to get better. This is coming from a stay at home dad with three pups under 6 who is closing in on being home for six months straight.
  17. So here are the 8 categories US news uses. Graduation and retention rates, social mobility, faculty resources, expert opinion, financial resources, student excellence, alumni giving. So if UA wants to improve our score they need to 1. graduate more students okay seems reasonable. Quick Google search 66% graduate on time. 83% was the retention rate. Get those GR up to mid 70s and we will be where SBU ranks. 2 social mobility measures graduate students who receive Pell grants. We do well hear we are 4th in NY, 27th in US. 3. Faculty resources no idea how they get this rating but it probably is tied to endowment which is again quick Google search 75.1 million 2019. So increase giving and get some good ROI. 4. Expert opinions grease some pockets lol. 5. Student excellence have our students apply and win some more awards. 6. Financial resources raise our endowment. 7. Alumni giving self explanatory.
  18. A quick google search says he committed to Castleton a D3 school back in April. Obviously changed his mind. Welcome to the program JB.
  19. Change can be a good thing I guess. Honestly didnt think anything was wrong with the UAlbany logo. If the dane logo doesn't catch on it seems we have a few other options.
  20. Disappointing but glad we are in a conference with schools that understand the situation. My heart goes out to the coaches, athletes and families that this will impact. Stay save everyone.
  21. Could the NCAA go really old school and go to one bid per conference? It's only fair hahaha yeah this won't happen to much $$$$$$$$$$$$.
  22. All for cancelling the season, playing football just doesn't make sense. I doubt the university will have an on campus year. We just as a country need to be realistic and for the love of god keep politics out of this.
  23. Glad to have you NJIT. Makes it less likely we have a D3 team game. I like it when schools want to be in the conference. I think we are set for a while.
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