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  1. Brother and sister in law went to Cortland. Got to go twice fun game, crazy weekend.
  2. Hey folks had a great time at the game. Glad we won definitely didn't think we would have 5 wins this season. Side question in he Dutch quad parking lot, why did they have so much security? Has this been the norm? Did something happen in the past on HC? Me and the ladyram were wondering. Thanks
  3. Saw them play two weeks ago at Brown. Jeff needs to have a good day throwing the ball for us to win. The Rams defense held the RB in check most of the game. The Brown coach went for it a lot on fourth down because the Rams had a hard time controlling the Brown QB who ran a lot of RPO. The URI offense can move the ball so I expect a high scoring game. Looking forward to bringing the kids and Ladyram to the game.
  4. My major problem is the lack of discipline in situations. That fall start on 4 and 5 which lead to a touchdown on the next play is just a sign of poor coaching. I don't remember seeing these issues when coach Ford ran the team. Also the defense loosing the battle on the line. Well on to the next game
  5. Atleast tailgating will be fun. Might need a few more beers to prepare for the game.
  6. It was dropped around that time. I met the coach when i was working, forgot the gentleman name. Those records still stood on the wall during my time. Yes to D1 standards needed to be 8 lanes but when they redid it they made it 6 lanes and no diving area. Currently there is a swim club. As for local demand there are plenty of indoor pools. Only time I remember getting a large crowed was Friday night's between 7-9, during the day times it was mostly quiet. Great part time on campus job, decent pay think 9 an hour in 2004, 12.24 in today's money, great boss.
  7. In the write up I saw said the pool was going to be filled in. Bummer for me being a former ua lifeguard
  8. Based on the size of the PE building reno I would say 3 to 5 years is about right. We will get there.
  9. I believe a SEFCU renovation is in the cards. My belief is strengthened by the PE building renovation which includes the PE gym which is where the teams will need to play for a season or two.
  10. Plus 8 out of 9 AE universities are state institutions. The CAA is a complete mixed bag. I would love to ask fans of former AE schools like Drexel, Northeastern, Hofstra and Towson how the move to the CAA has worked out for them?
  11. Ah we got in for football which was the biggest concern. The AE is the right fit for other sports. Let's focus on growing when the conference merry go round comes around in the early 2020s with the tv contracts up for renewal.
  12. Ah thank God I saw the first part of the title and I got a feeling of dread. Congrats to those players and well done officers and coaches.
  13. DRG and UA 72, thanks for your input. Leaning in the direction of the Weber 1200. Seems like a dependable grill and it comes in purple. That pizza grill looks awesome.
  14. Yeah cooking for atleast 5. Hot dogs and hamburgers mostly would love to be more creative ie Pizza, Quesadas, Nachos, wings but not with two three year olds and a five year old.
  15. Hi folks looking for a recommendation for a propane grill for tailgating this fall. Had charcoal girls in the past but looking to go to gas. So if anyone has a suggestion that would be awesome.
  16. Seems like a fair agreement to me. Glad the women will play each other.
  17. How is that ten million dollar donation from the Casey family been invested? If we put it into the S and P or somthing similiar we should be doubling the money within two more years. So shouldnt that provide us with money to invest into a field house such as this?
  18. Someone get him some winter gear kid will get to experience his first true winter.
  19. Joe most likely has two degrees from 2 fine institutions, got to play the game he loves and made it to the NCAA. I think he did alright.
  20. Tied for first sad that I picked St Mary, hope I am wrong for JC.
  21. I read a write up from last May that said that the field needed replacing
  22. Could we expand the current footprint of Sefcu? Also what new amenities would people like to see?
  23. Bummed I couldn't get to the game. Hope we do well and can get a win.
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