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  1. Does anyone know where the scrimage is going to take place? And is it going to be intersquad or are they bringing maybe a D3 team in to place against?
  2. Do we know anything about the other player was he a big guy, winger, or guard?
  3. He is going to have time to grow, offcourse he could be a completely different type of player then Levi, but I like his height 6'5 is good for a wing player. So I think all we need to find now is a good point guard and another big guy. I like Yocum regardless if he is 6'8 or 6'9 is good start and can replace Knotts as a role player, and I like Andersen I really like his Free throw percentage 82% and he can get better. So far so good I'm glad to see the one year contract extension isn't preventing us from recruiting good solid players.
  4. Yeah baby we stole one from Vermont i like this pick up, looks like a good replacement for Levi.
  5. I feel like there is nothing else to say about the football season. We really don't have a chance to win the confrence now, and I'll be shocked based on how the offense has played if we will win more then 2 or 3 games. One question is nine fumbles a record or somthing?
  6. Hey just a crazy thought this might seem like a high school tactic but since we are trying to raise money for a new football stadium, why not have like a sign on the field that tracks the progress? I've heard goals of trying to raise 25 million or somthing. I think that if alumni and people in the community see what we are trying to do, they might be more persuaded to chippin to the effort. Just a thought does anyone think we should recomend this to athletic department?
  7. Well again its a good start and it makes sense that the Fire Marshell has a cap of under 5,000. I think the University if they again advertised more on the website and had purchasing tickets online avaliable you would see a jump, and I wouldn't be surprised if by a week or two before the season starts that you will see a rush on tickets. I can't wait to feel the RACC shake with attendence over 4,000 it should be exciting.
  8. Hey 84 sorry about posting under your name, I was in the library and I guess I used the same computer you did lol. What are the odds.
  9. Thats really good to hear but how many seats with backs do we have at the RACC? For some reason 1,500 seems to be the number I remember. Still its a great start and we must remember that a certain percentage of tickets are purchased the day of the game and there is still 6 weeks till the first game, so the attendence is going to be there and does anyone know how many student tickets are avaliable?
  10. I have been rather annouyed at how Scout.com is unable to follow up on some of these guys that they say Albany is after, I mean Elliot we all know went for Butler, the day of that announcement we land Yocum. IDK what the deal is and how these updates don't seem to happen, also it seems that anyone they say that we are going after seem never to land at UA, and the ones we land are unknown until the day of the verbal commitment. I have had this subscription for almost a year and I'm on the verge of cancelling it, so does anyone know a better recruiting site? Or am I better off staying with Scout or saving my money and cancelling?
  11. That was indeed one of our motto's on the team
  12. Could u give me the website address, cause thats a rather old picture and I would be like to show this to other members of the team. Thanks also for giving the crew team which is a club sport some attention.
  13. Hi i rowed and coach the novic team at SUNY and I was wondering where u found that picture?
  14. I know we already have one in the bag with Yocum, but does anyone have any knowledge of other recruits that have visited the campus? I subscribe to Scout.com but its been sort of dead since the first recruit and its been almost two weeks since then.
  15. He at the very least he would make a good come off the bench player, he is just so versitile he will make any team that much better. Hey when does there season start?
  16. Hey these girls work there ass off, its hard to play for a team that dosn't get much attention and if I'm not mistaken don't they have some of there games over at Colonie High? Correct me if I'm wrong but dosn't that make recruiting rather hard? I can also why they are struggling to beat even Howard who beat Siena isn't it possible that Howard just happen to play great that day, soccor is alot like American Football because anything can happen on any givin day.
  17. I was wondering how ticket sales are going this year? If anyone knows that would be great, I think that if advertised in the correct way the home opener could be the first ever sell out at the RACC. I draw this conclusion from last weeks football game where 6,000 came out and most of them were students, and lets be honest most of the hype around our sports this year isn't football. I can't wait to see the turn out this year, and I think we picked a good team for our first home game I believe we beat SH badly last year. I like our start and where we go from there when we face Siena (I think this is going to be a good hard fought game) and then Harvard (does anyone know anything about how good these guys are? cause whenever I think Ivy and Basketball I only think of Princeton).
  18. Hey I was thinking since we are looking to build a football stadium and we are going to need around 25 million to do it so why not play the lottery this week, I think its over 200 million. Just a thought
  19. Now that we have our first recruit who I think looks like a real solid player who else should we look at. I believe we lose 4 players this year Jordan, Levi, Zollner and Knotts correct me if I'm wrong. We already have our first big man who I think on paper can take the place of either Levi, Knotts or Zollner, but I would like us to add another gaurd, maybe another small foward, and a big center atleast 6'10 or more. I think if we can get all that we will have yet another solid recruiting class. I was wondering what everybody else was thinking.
  20. According to Scout.com Brown has scored his first recruit his name is Michael Yocum, he is 6'8 weighs 235 pounds, averages 12 ppg, 12 reb, and 3 blocked shots and is from Episcopal Academy (Pa.). He had offers from Penn, UMBC, Binghamton, Rider, Cornell, Holy Cross and Lehigh.
  21. All things considered yesterday's game wasn't that horrible, we seemed to be able to stay with Hofstra for most of the first half. Far better then we did last year, there were alot of errors by our team especially in the second half. I can think of the int by Hall as probably the biggest mistake. I'm not expecting much out of these first two games UMASS is going to be an intresting game. In my opinion the football season starts when we face Central Conn. On another thought I really liked the crowd that came to the game. Shows me that the university is really pushing the students to come to the games. We should have another good draw on HC and hopefully we will blow SB out of the water. It should be intresting to see if we can average 4000 plus a game for the rest of the season. And if we can do that for the football team just imagine what the basketball team can pull with all the expectations around them this year.
  22. I would be intrested to know when the injury occured. Also I wonder how this would play with the deep roster we have, would this give more playing time to say Siggers, Johnson, or Bauman. I have to say if Lillis is out for a while it would be unfortunite because he always seemed to bring an energy to the floor, and in a way he was like a quarterback on the basketball court able to make plays and find the open man. I'm not sure how our other guards would fill in, I've never really seen Sigger or Bauman play. I've heard good things about Sigger but I never believe anything I here, and only half of what I see. The only time I saw Bauman in a game was when the game was well in hand so I'm not sure about his full ability and I remember Johnson was more of a defensive player when he played most of the games in the 2003-04 campaign. But who knows maybe everything has worked out for Albany for a reason. I mean not to jink anything but the first injury Jamar goes down for most of a season where we weren't going to be that good and saves himself for the next two years where we seemed ready to shine, then last year Iati went down setting us up to have him for the next three years to come when we can have him with Jordan and Jamal this year, then next year we have him and Jamal at the one and two spot, then with Lillis the year after that. Now as for Lillis I'm not going to speculate how this will work out until we find out more about the injury and see how the season progresses. But again not to sound like some crazy person but its intresting to see how this has all come to be. Also mind you that I find it intresting how Northeastern left this year, and how Vermont and Boston U, are in rebuilding mode.
  23. Any win against Siena is a good win. Great Job Ladies you needed it and deserved it.
  24. I guess its between us and Butler hor this player. I wonder if this kid wants to go to a big school like UA or a small school like Butler. Looking at there roster they seem like a small team, so it should be intresting to see. Hey does anyone have any info on this guy? Also has any other recruits taken a vist to campus?
  25. Hey folks, Ive been apart of supporting UA sports over the past four years. Being a member of the pep band at the school has been great and I've seen this team really grow. But I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get more students/people to the games. The reason why I ask is because this past season I saw bigger crowds then previous years. And at those games we seemed to play great and the RACC really was an exciting place to watch games. So if anyone has an ideas it would be nice to hear it. Thanks
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