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  1. Fans we have won as a 4 seed before. Yes I know we hosted back then, but I think the best thing to happen to this team will be to start a new season in the tournament.
  2. Great job on faceoffs big reason we were so successful today.
  3. Are the parking fees an attempt to raise funds for sefcu improvements or building of a parking garage? If so I would have no problem paying but I would love to know where the money goes.
  4. Walked around campus Saturday and saw the lacross teams practing in Casey Stadium
  5. Going to be in Albany this weekend and want to see the new scoreboard in action. Does anyone know if they charge for parking at womens games?
  6. Time will tell. Unfortunately the student loan bubble will burst one day and the small private colleges will get hurt the most.
  7. Plenty of things to correct but it is fixable. Expect a better effort Saturday.
  8. Wish we had more then 1 afternoon game this year. Would love to take the kids to a game.
  9. Hopefully with Purple and gold seats. Would love to see pictures someday.
  10. Nice job going two for two tonight. 10-1 is still 10-1. Good test coming up against Memphis.
  11. I coached middle school soccer for a few years before kids. I would have lost my $iena on a call like that. Absolutely a 50-50 ball you can't blow a whistle on that. Okay took a second look the head Ref had horrible positioning. Why wasn't there a line judge helping. In NYS playoff games they have three refs to avoid calls like that. Wow did the NCAA have only one ref doing this game? Okay third look, I think I saw that they had line judges one with perhaps better positioning. Not sure why they didn't talk with the Head official. Does the NCAA have replay rules?
  12. God these announcers suck. Every play the blue hens make sound like the best plays of all time. Seriously take it back a notch.
  13. Thanks for posting the intro. looks nice. I agree that the video could have been shorter but when you win five championships you need to make time for all of them. In all seriousness though the video could do without the dribbling by the players.
  14. Definitely not 7k no section was more than half full. SBU fans I talked to were bummed about attendence. Their marching band was impressive though.
  15. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. Our last trip to the 518 we went to DE Brazil. Wonderful experience and the staff did a wonderful job.
  16. Hey folks me and the lady ram are making our first trip to Albany together in over two years. Anyone have a recommendation for a place to eat. We are staying around campus and there always seems to be many new places opening every time we visit. We will be kid free so a non family Resturant would be ideal. Thanks for any recommendations, so looking forward to this weekend.
  17. Holy scoreboard must be double the size of the old one
  18. Sorry all deserve credit for the scoreboard. Can't wait to see it.
  19. If it's just the scoreboard that would be great as well. Benson when it comes to fund raising is doing well.
  20. I have a funny feeling SEFCU is about to be renamed. 100% all gut no source but this reminds me of when the football stadium was named.
  21. He had an affiliation with the University during his life.
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