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  1. I am biased. I would love to see it. The fit makes sense just need to find a conference and a bit of green. Recruiting would be easy but we will see in three years.
  2. Love the enthusiasm of another rower on this site, also what I always enjoy about this site is the knowledge I learn from other posters. First of not a boat snob haha learned to row my novice year on a wooden hull Kasper 4. Which for those unfamiliar is heavy as all hell and is used often as wall decorations you would see at a TGIFridays. The 30k number was an estimate based on a classified ad on the Vespoli website for a 2013 V1 DM 8 for 27k. Vespoli is a very popular maker of racing shells and the V1 is their top of the line model. They have cheeper models but a lot of your d1 recruits most likely rowed in these models on their club teams. So it would help with recruiting if you have them in your fleet. I used the out of state tuition amount because that was sited by the GDAC in promotions for giving for football. Fascinating to learn about the realities of D1 womens rowing. Since we disagree about the cost of starting a program what do you believe a estimated cost of starting a program from scratch would be? As for the current coach talked to him before, used to be RPI coach when I rowed. Nice man. Enjoyed a little crew chat. I live near the walk way over the hudson and my sons love walking and taking a ride in the stroller. Only down part is that I always am a little eger to be on the water when I see boats practicing. Again thanks for the discussion, knowledge and what you believe the costs would be.
  3. The key to being successful would be a willingness to work with the current team even if it's not affiliated with the University right now. Also, Crew just isn't as costly as people make it out to be. Especially when comparing it to other sports. Let's help to stop furthering this myth! As far as spectating goes - when was the last time you were at the Head of the Charles or the Grand Stands of a big regatta? Huge, huge spectating potential - an entire shoreline. The $$ come in from sponsorships rather than the gates sales of spectators. Love your posts, very well written. Last time I was at the Head of the Charles was 2004. Which was my senior year, I was in the College Club Men Varsity 8 race. Yes it is a great spectator race in Boston but that isn't the normal situation. Most races that I have been to as a college and master rower are run by clubs that don't invest in grandstands along a river or lake to allow for great viewing of a race final 250 meters. Boston, Worcester and Philly are the exceptions. Regattas are money makers for clubs and the race organizers make a ton on boat entrance fees. To race in the Head of the Charles was around 200 back when I raced. Not sure what it is now. Unfortunately according to my math to start a fully scholorshiped D1 program would cost around a million dollars. The NCAA allows for a maximum of 20 full scholorships for women's rowing. Now this whole conversation got started because of title nine violations. So we are trying to get compliant so let's add the full amount. So cost of a scholarship using out of state costs are $39,811×20= $778,220. Average Cost for D1 rowing coach $50,000 not including benefits. Which is a bargin for the work he or she would have to do. $ 828,220. Most likely they would need an assistant coach for recruiting, driving the trailer to races and for extra safety during practice. But for this exercise will leave that out. Boats Avg Cost for D1 competitive shells 30,000 including tax, so figure you need at least 4 8's just to start 2 Varsity HVW and LTW, 1 JV and 1 Novice. That is 120,000. You could throw in a few 4 and 2 boats but that could come later. 948,220 Oars 4 sets 6,000 (1500 per set) 954,220 Add in a cost of a used dependable Trailer 5,000 959,220, new trailer you could double that price. You also would need to either rent or buy a truck capable of hauling the trailer to races. But that is a cost that is to much of a variable so I will leave that out as well. Rowing Machines 20 (1100 per erg) 22000 981,220 Coaches boats 2 (5000 per boat) 991,220 Additional Expenses that I am sure are high include insurance, transportation for practice and races, storage fees at either at Albany Rowing Club, Mohawk Rowing or where the current club team practices. Then you have race fees which can run between 100-300 per boat depending on the regatta. Again it would be expensive to start the program. Now doubt all the scholorships would not be given out in year 1. However in four years after the program is full funded it would exceed over a million. Wish it was cheeper. BTW the current club coach is a really great coach. Hope to make it up to Saratoga for the Head of the Fish this fall.
  4. Another easy (but more expensive way to do this) is elevating women's crew. The expensive part is the shells which, from my understanding, can be upwards of 50-75k per boat. Being a former rower and swim club founder, I would love to see both come back but rowing is really costly and isn't a spectator sport. Rowing would be a million to start up with boats, trailer, oars, rowing machines, weights, coach boats, also an issue of where to store the equipment which would be interesting and scholorships. Currently the UA rowing team is unaffiliated with the University so I doubt the new athletic team would get any of their equipment. Swimming would be cheaper and there is already built in seating area in the PE building, although not cheep just add two lanes and diving boards and your set. Although a diving platform would increase insurance costs.
  5. Unfortunately I agree the price is to high. Speaking for myself last two years I payed around 200 for four seats. This year when I was asked to renew the same seats were 400 plus 100 for a donation. In addition 50 for parking. Granted if my son's were older I would find away to afford it because I am a diehard, but for a casual fan the price is to high for 5 games or even 1 game for that matter. Also no casual fan is going to be excited to see Monmouth. No disrespect to Monmouth.
  6. Sorry didn't know that this was in a different thread. I saw it this morning and was excited to spread the word. Can't wait to see it in person.
  7. The new scoreboard in sefcu is being assembled. Picture on facebook.
  8. Yeah I agree kid seems to give up easily 2 transfers. Good name recognition but the CAA is no cake walk hope he comes in and works hard. If he does we have something but if he doesn't
  9. Yikes three big ten schools (Maryland, MSU and Rutgers hahaha they are big ten alas I digress.) UCONN and Providence. Lot of money games good for them get that cash and steal a few wins.
  10. Haha first amendment is a wonderful thing. Hope I don't get excommunicated from this board for that joke . Games against MAAC schools make sense because of travel cost involved. It also works for me planning to go to Monmouth to catch the game. Anyone who has been there have any recommendations on where to eat?
  11. So are we auditioning to join the MAAC this year? Playing almost half the conference Iona, Monmouth, LCC and Canisius.
  12. Also Quarterfinals on that Saturday love it.
  13. Seems fair make staying out of last place mean something. Also nice for the 1 seed so they don't have to prepare for two possible opponents.
  14. Looking forward to the season any idea how ETH? Went to the last game last year and the injury looked gruesome. I heard it takes a long time to recover. If he isn't what he was a top 6 finish will be difficult. Hoping one of the QB makes a big jump, we need to be more balanced on offense, defense don't change a thing.
  15. Probably made building easier not having the media scrutiny of today. Thanks for the back story.
  16. Hi was looking on the AE board and was looking at the new arena for UMBC. Impressive if you haven't seen it. So got me thinking how did SEFCU arena come about. Aside from Doc, who was the president, positions, backstory etc that got the building built? Given we were D3 at the time seems like an impressive accomplishment. Anyone who was around during this time I would love to hear the story.
  17. OK I will bite PG Brian Lillis SG Jamar Wilson SF Peter Hooley PF Sam Rowley C John Puk Bench PG Mike Black SG Tim Ambrose SF Jason Siggers PF Brent Wilson C Kirsten Zoellner
  18. Shocking the game against Siena is a Saturday night not during a school vacation. Just thought I would point that out.
  19. They will play the game. My guess is they will play a neutral site in Virginia. Most likely JMU or UR as they both have openings that weekend September 30. Slight edge to Richmond because of the bye week and shorter drive. We probably won't play Elon again till the travel ban is lifted.
  20. If we joined the CAA all our expenses go up. Way to many schools in the south we would be a geographic outlier. As much as we might dislike it the AE is the right fit for us. CAA is perfect for football. Only reason we should join the CAA is if UNH, Maine and SBU leave the AE for the CAA. Then only does it make sense.
  21. Wow and they kept Wrestling not sure how they are title 9 compliant elemensting rowing.
  22. Going to be weird not hearing a Rowley being announced in the starting lineup next season. End of an error new Aussies have a lot to live up too.
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