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  1. Are we going to update this site with the new logo? I like the first one (white) that Eli proposed
  2. Anyone who thinks the statement 'black lives matter' is racist, or is intended to make white people feel sorry for being white, has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the movement is about. Please, let me try to help you understand.... Right now, when you hear "black lives matter' you're interpreting it as "black lives matter more than white/blue/latino/asian lives", which is incorrect. That is *not* what the movement is about, but unfortunately many have been lead to believe this by people who want to delegitimize the movement. The correct way to interpret is: "black lives matte
  3. The ears are supposed to resemble goal posts apparently
  4. Check out the new Great Dane waffle maker!
  5. The gray has JMU vibes. Honestly I'm a big fan of the new logo (except for the full body version)
  6. PS - reading through the UA social media comments, yikes...y'all need to chill
  7. Great to see Juwan with the Falcons. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing him at the Benz! RISE UP!
  8. What Bing alum has that kind of money to drop on baseball facilities of all things?
  9. Hey, let's show some respect to the intern who took 30-seconds out of their day to type up that flyer in Word.
  10. Only when they defraud richer people
  11. Why Benson extended Gattuso’s contract is beyond me. Dude did absolutely nothing to earn it. Huge blunder and it will cost us bigly. Who is going to want to play at UA with these coaches? Nobody worth a damn, that’s for sure. Bring back McElroy
  12. Yeah if we could stop scheduling Oneonta, that'd be great. Also getting sick of seeing the same OOC teams every year. Let's schedule some CAA opponents for a change.
  13. They might....question is, do you want to make a claim and have your rates increased if there's only minor property damage?
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