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  1. I know that I have been quiet recently, even ignoring the basic banter of some $iena fans over here (which is very unlike me for anyone who knows me) I was glued to my computer screen for the Vermont game, workings Satrudays such is the life of an accountant during tax season, and then of course I went MIA from work on Friday to watch the game and managed to find the only two UVA fans in the whole bar....but I digress... As for next year here is what i see, Gifford will be a huge contributor next year, as one of the biggest bodies in the AE he gives us a huge advantage over most teams, the
  2. Be careful what you say about the conference or its officials, any possibiliy that Nero's strong hand could reach into the stands and suspend a fan?
  3. In his post yesterday to his website (See link above to willbrown.com) coach seems a little pissed off at the America East for scheduling so many games in few days in the beginning of Januray... "Take a look at our conference schedule. We play Jan. 3,6,9,11,13, and 15. Is that a joke or what? How can you make a team play the 9th, 11th, 13th, and 15th? You have no prep time and no practice time. We pride ourselves on our preparation and scouting reports. This makes it very difficult to be well prepared. Hopefully the AE Conference officials take a look at this mess because that is exactly what
  4. Hoefully this years version will come in just as handy come conference time!!
  5. Sorry to be that guy, but this thread has to be one of my biggest pet peeve's...ask an A or B question and then ask for a Yes or No answer...either way couldn't help but to poke a little fun. Either way I vote YES, the danes will WIN, and that will always be my answer regardless of who we play!!!
  6. Might it have something to do with the quality of a state education as compared to that of LCC?
  7. Hahahaha, but that is a whole different discussion.
  8. Thanks for the kind words MTS and Tony, I may bitch and moan sometimes, but this is my release from the stresses of real life as Tony likes to say this is only Mid-Major hoops. Good luck the rest of the year and I think nothing could be better if both of the Capital region teams were dancing come March.
  9. I thought Lillis could also run the point. He has a good handle and pass first mentality (which i dont always like). I also think that it would open up Jamar to move without the ball and create some space. In terms of Gifford...I LOVE HIM!!! He showed great touch with that baby hook and a decent mid range jumper, once he gets a little hungrier on the boards he will be a force to be reckoned with. I like the way the team is shaping up, and I am very excited for the AE schedule. Any thoughts on our zone D? I liked the results it produced last night, it forced Siena to generall
  10. To clear the air and my good name (or at least what is left of it) I am not blaming the officials for our loss and anyone that that thinks that I believe that is why we lost clearly read the first line of my post and stopped. Try reading the whole post and then get back to me. But I hate to be the bearer of bad news but occasionally officiating does have something to do with the outcome of the game, and if you think differnelty you were not paying attention last night. To bring up one questionable call on Haddix that he fouled out on is fine, how many questionable calls were made against A
  11. While tonights game was extermely exciting, am I the only one openly pissed off that we lost this game? There are a lot of reasons we lost this game, and to name a few: 1- the officiating of the game was exteremely onesided, I even saw Coach throw is hands in the air a few times 2- our perimiter defense was horrific 3- Siena shot the lights out, if they shoot this well all season they go undefeated 4- Our outside shooting was horrible I agree that the chants are a little pathetic and classless and sitting down in sec 129 row DD we were able to hear them, and while amusing, also uncall
  12. That's so weird, if only that rule applied to all message boards!!!
  13. Here is some interesting food for thought, if there were already 10,000 tickets sold (is that a record for this match-up?) what do you think prompted the rise in popularity of the game? $iena's mediocre season in the MACC or is it possible that Albany's tap dance in the first round against UConn had something to do with it. Bottom line the game is great for both programs and I am looking forward to a great rumble (on the courts of course, although I have seen it in the stands) to take place in ALBANY, NY on Saturday night.
  14. Wait a seond, hold the presses, call the times useless...you mean a a preseason ranking is based on what a team is supposed to do this season, not what they did last season? Holy cow, earth shattering discovery. I would expect nothing less from Bob87, and I would expect nothing less then the uneducated response from a $iena fan.
  15. Maybe I missed it, but with the regular season less than a week away I was wondering if anyone had seen anything about the TV schedule that supposedly held up the release of our schedule?
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