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  1. First I do root for both UAlbany & Siena. I just find it hard to read the Siena message board re: the rivalry. They compare themselves to Syracuse & UAlbany to Colgate as question whether future games should be played against UAlbany. When was the last time Colgate gave Syracuse any competition or let alone a defeat? Yes Siena is a very talented team this year but what happens when McCaffrey bolts & they have to start that rebuilding process all over again? This to me is very frustrating. Also, Siena fans would rather play someone like Temple in place of UAlbany game as gain nothing much from it. Siena had a chance to jump to the A-10 but did not & still expect to be compared to the elite as state UAlbany should be grateful for the chance to play them. As a local fan, I still see UAlbany overtaking Siena in the near future as have more potential to join higher league & may take over the Big Arena. I will always wish Siena great success but please get off the high horse. They are never going to get 10,000 fans for MAAC games during the regular season.
  2. I may be too harsh as young team but seems like UAlbany had no direction & continue to decline offensively. There was no flow to the offense. Even against AE teams, when are they going to post Harris down low to create easy baskets. His game seems more like a guard. This Syracuse team is not that good but we made them look like a Top Four team as North Carolina game will be scary. Just my 2 cents as thought we would have been able to compete against average Big Boy program.
  3. On his radio show today, Wyland stated it was nice for Siena to lock up McCaffrey but from one of his trusted inside sources was told McCaffrey would not have had shot at Penn job as reason he may have committed so quickly to Siena's offer. I'm sure Siena fans won't be too flattered by his comment. Wyland also stated UAlbany/Siena game would be a sure sellout. It seems like the rivalry keeps building up steam.
  4. Again I just want to say what a game Albany played the other night as admit never expected to throw such a scare into UConn. Were they outcoached? Perhaps or was it that they were not used to playing such smaller guys as seemed surprised when we stripped the ball from them time after time (ha, ha). Seriously, I think the ultimate missing element was a 30+ game for Jamal Wilson. Thinking back, did he even get to attempt a 3 pointer? I remember waiting for that as seems other long distance shooters were off the mark. All & all though, what an awesome time for UAlbany & all the fans. Hopefully we will wrap Coach Brown up for a long time as I guess cockiness he possesses goes a long way to success. As a Siena supporter as well, I would hate to see coaching carousel that they experience as truly feel UAlbany better jump to higher rated conference down the road or roller coaster years will result as Siena knows too well of as sounds like McCaffrey may be headed out of town already.
  5. What a hell of a game Albany played as showed great basketball skills on the big stage. When interviewed, Calhoun stated that this was the worst 30 minutes of basketball ever played by his team but then quickly gave props to Albany to kind of lessen that statement. He should just feel bad that his team was being outhustled & outhearted for most of the game & give credit where credit is due. A win would have put us on the basketball map forever. As a Red Sox fan, I wondered if this win would have been bigger than comeback against the Yanks in 2004 but feel Albany win would have been bigger as level of talent was more unbalanced. Again what a game & thank you Albany for a great year which could have been real sour after poor start & look forward to the future of great things to come. This can be such a negative sports town but events like tonight make it great.
  6. First of all, I just wanted to say what a great atmosphere it was at game on Saturday. I will admit did question not moving game to Pepsi Arena but on campus was a great setting as seemed like more than 4,500 crowd as enthusiam reached high level. The only negative was the level the music blasted out at times as felt like a heavy metal concert. It was the first time that I have covered my ears at an event. Getting back to my reason for posting, did we get 16th seed & no extra love because this is our first time going to big dance? I'm a big sports follower & hardly heard of some of the other teams that were seeded ahead of us.
  7. I caught Coach Brown on Dan Murphy's radio show today & one caller was given chance to address Brown as don't know if this was intentional or not on Murphy's part to stir things up. Of course the caller asked Brown something like if he would have liked to check available of Pepsi Arena for game on Saturday. Brown & Murphy both agreed the atmosphere would not be matched by Pepsi opposed to RACC. I agree with that to a point but Brown said they would draw 15,000 but again likes the idea of students storming the court if win as security would not allow that at the Pepsi. It seems to me that Iona fans were celebrating on court after their win on Monday night. I also know that some fans would have gone to Pepsi Arena if game played there. I feel UAlbany may be placing all of its eggs in one basket because if they lose, they will be sent on road for NIT with little chance for success as chose not to prove they could have had real special event at Pepsi which NIT would have looked at for sure.
  8. It seems everyone is very opposed to ever moving games to Pepsi but is the Pepsi (soon to be named whatever - as funny possible options in Times Union today) going to be a negative to the program in long run? It seems it hurt Siena in building new on campus arena as hard to justify the expense w/ option of Pepsi being available. I also don't know if UAlbany would invest in larger on campus facility for hoop in future but do think taking over Pepsi in future would be only way to capture area fans in long run. I don't think the casual fan wants to go to a campus where students may be too close to their family, etc. I recently attended a UMass game & their 8,000 seat arena seems perfect for future of our program. I'm not saying Pepsi is only option but will new facility be an option? Also regarding letter to Times Union today, I agree it was harsh & unfair. Mike Deane always pulled a player (maybe not studs like Brown or Bennerman) after one bad play & look how he was viewed by area fans. If Coach Brown is not retained after season, it may seem like definite clash of personalities w/ AD as his frankness may be his ultimate downfall.
  9. I was just wondering if crowd for Vermont game brings in less than 3,000 fans would it be considered a disappointment? I know they don't have the same stud team from last year but still took us at their place. My opinion would be anything less than 2,500 would be a real shame & feel the program needs to start playing some games at Pepsi Arena to build local fan base as students seem indifferent as a whole.
  10. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Big Purple Growl but heard from attendees that the place was rocking. I did however catch most of the game on TV. I know this was mentioned before but why do they insist on court being lit up & taken off crowd? I feel it makes the backround grayish & washed out. Almost looks like the game was played way back when. As a side note, Siena games on TV suffer from not being able to see the crowd but only hockey boards. Syracuse games also suffer on TV from not having fans closer to court as mentioned a lot on their message boards. Also if Coach Brown is not brought back, any thoughts on who may be considered? Any chance Mike Deane could be brought in. Also what is Scott Hicks doing these days as had some success here & love connection to Syracuse in bringing in games against them. I know he tanked at Loyola (MD) but was not quite the best situation at the time. Sounds like UAlbany administrators quite pleased at starting to do well at mid-major level but any talk of conference shakeups, etc? Will we be staying in America East for many years to come?
  11. Although we have been up & down so far this year, I'm sorry our series w/ Syracuse ended. This would have been the first year we had a full squad & possibly given them a scare especially if game played here @ Pepsi Arena. Boeheim continues to say how he loves to play the NY state schools (maybe just to build up his record). I still feel we have to get some good non-league games @ Pepsi to build up fan base some & get ready for league games. The games @ Pepsi would also prepare us for post season league tournament atmosphere I would think. Tough loss to Siena as definitely underachieved against them but beating them last year was sweet for our early stage of D-1. Many fans thought we had more talented players than Siena as they just played better as a team on that day. I feel we would take Siena if played them again. I'm also sorry to see Patroons come back to area as watered down product & probably taking some area fans away from the college teams.
  12. I appreciate all the feedback. I guess I just don't believe UAlbany will become anything special by staying exclusively w/ on campus games. The parking situation is ridiculous as delaying people getting into game by collecting money for parking as would rather see higher game ticket price. I'm not saying playing at the Pepsi would make us a super power but may persuade some player to come here because of the facility. The students just are not showing much support for the program & I know for sure of some area basketball fans who would support UAlbany if move to Pepsi. Siena AD said they want to be competitive at MAAC level year after year re: recent problems but that does not excite me at all as feel we could have higher level team w/ UAlbany. The RACC is nice but nothing great as feel Pepsi would be much better in long run for their program. Siena blew it by not attempting to make move to A-10 when have any kind of chance (as Fordham & LaSalle bolted for it). I know Fordham & LaSalle have not been any big deal as of late but to play UMASS, Temple, St. Joes on regular basis would entice me to spend my recreation dollars for it. Even on TV, Siena games look much more impressive as UAlbany games resemble high school look (not talent of players but overall impression). If I were a player I would much rather play at a better facility. As a fan, the Pepsi is much better all around to watch a game. Most college teams have around 8.000 or so in attendance as feel would be reachable in near future. Most college teams jump off campus to play at local arenas. Even St. John's with all their problems play at MSG & not at campus. There also was talk of Siena expanding their on campus facility but that would not have made much of a difference in my opinion as long walk in cold weather to their facility was awful & would stop one from going to their game on a frigid night.
  13. Now that Siena is down, UAlbany should try to get some of their games played at Pepsi Arena in attempt to gain area basketball fans. Siena's style of play is like watching paint dry as UAlbany is much more exciting. I would love to see Vermont game moved to Pepsi. Area high school teams are even playing at larger venues as demand have developed. The America East presents good product (as consistently beating MAAC teams this year) & having Albany tag would work in their favor. Would also love to see Boston College, Providence, etc (Eastern Powers) come in for non-conference games.
  14. On the sports newscast tonight (channel 13???), it showed Vermont's coach Brennan responding to Coach Brown's comments that Coppenrath gets all the calls based on his great acting ability. Brennan called this a cheapshot by Brown as Brennan stated Coppenrath gets banged around & never complains as also has worked hard in achieving his great college career. This should add some fireworks to UAlbany/Vermont game as also Brennan's last year of coaching as planning on retiring after season. It seems that Coach Brown has made some bold statements during his time here as receives some strong responses from targets. I hope this cockiness results in big things for UAlbany as opposed to backfiring on them. Unfortunately it seems that every time we take a step forward then we take two steps back (injuries, etc).
  15. Unfortunately it sounded like we tried to 3 ball them for win (which I guess is only way we would have had a chance) & were very cold. I hate hearing their fans refer to us as just another fat cupcake on their schedule. Sounds like Jimmy B likes these local games (as also helps pad his record) but hope we get more chances in the future to really take it to them. Witnessed Vermont's beating on Siena & would like to see UAlbany also play Vermont at the Pepsi as may start to build more of a fan base. I believe casual fans shy away from games on campus as feel limited parking, etc. With Siena having lousy season & not great weather night, over 6,000 fans still came out. I feel UAlbany (as improving) could really have a great atmosphere at the Pepsi. Just my 2 cents.
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