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  1. Doesn't work for me either. Not sure what it actually works on
  2. I haven't seen anything on tickets for any Albany game either home or away for the next few weeks other than Delaware football that I mentioned earlier in the week. Obviously that is now moot. Dslyank, I had already cancelled my hotel last night. Too difficult to line up other games at this point. I was hoping to see Mets at washington or ian anderson pitch for the braves at phillies on the way back. I will wait until next trip to Delaware in October. By then hopefully there will be plenty of Friday and Sunday options
  3. Limited tickets went on sale at Delaware in pods of 2 or 4 at 10am this morning on Delaware site
  4. I won't pay for any LCC game. It is wrong for them to think they are entitled to play at home every year and profit from the advertisers, ticket sales, etc. My only power in a free market is to spend my money elsewhere.
  5. Nothing changed to me with the events at Marquette. The hire will be judged based on the record during the season. That is presuming nothing deteriorates with the off the court reputation.
  6. According the useless beat writer, they paid patsos more not to coach the season after he was fired than they paid the coach for any of the last 3 seasons.
  7. I am not a fan of playing them twice a year. There are ~350 teams. All of them I would rather take a trip to see a game.
  8. Yeah. Missing things. Other seeds have hosted. 2 seeds, even a 4 this year. Shouldn't have to choice regular season or conference tournament. Goal should be to compete for both.
  9. Most would be unhappy with an Albany first round conference tournament loss and 11 years since last ncaa tournament appearance if it was Albany
  10. No. Iona won the last 5 years they had an ncaa tournament. Last year was cancelled before a championship was determined in that league
  11. Can only partner with them if they truly want to be partners. Regardless of what lcc does coach K job is to have Albany competing for NCAA tournament bids. First step is talking about "elite" level improving the fan base , filling the building, etc. The harder part is doing that.
  12. LOL Now you want to decide how I spend my time. Most of a press conference when a coach is hired is going to be "hype". They are always going to talk about competing for ncaa tournament, etc. If by "adding" you mean overreacting, that is your area πŸ˜‚
  13. If he talked about possible opponents , it is relevant. Didn't know we had to run πŸ”topics or questions thru you. I haven't watched the press conference and if it took 45 minutes to load I wasn't going to watch the replay so I was curious to opponents and his thoughts
  14. No reason can't play at some again and sprinkle in some new ones. I missed a few (Kansas and washington) when we played there and I have been hoping to visit indiana and Butler. I didn't look at timeline. Was he at Boston University when Albany played them at MSG.
  15. Maac doing idiotic things. A good sign. Sounds like a sign that things may finally be returning to normal πŸ˜‰
  16. NIT field was cut in half to 16 teams. No automatic bids for low major regular season champions this year. As far as the pay to play tournaments, even if they have them can't see LCC in one of those without ticket revenue πŸ˜‰
  17. Throw out the both teams must get crushed game on the Andy Katz bracket above. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Now at least I can root for whoever is playing that 🀑 at iowa
  18. I am not sure what you meant, but I would think lcc isn't a model how to make money for an athletic program, the #1 thing he seems to care about.
  19. Cancelled https://ualbanysports.com/news/2021/2/26/softball-returns-with-trip-to-winthrop-classic.aspx
  20. This is discouraging. Saturday was also the first time I tried to watch on line. On phone. Difficult to see the players. I also much prefer to be at the games. Hopefully soon. If not for volleyball hopefully for outdoor sports
  21. Don't care if we ever play them again. I would travel to see the Great Danes play in any of the 50 states before I would travel 8 miles to see LCC play.
  22. While I am looking forward to games in 2021, really looking forward to the trip to Hawaii. Hawaii now has Stanford 9/1 and Albany game a week later on 9/9. Not sure where they will play with the recent stadium news. Hopefully new stadium will be ready by then.
  23. That Rt 9 team usually is among the best in the lowly maac and is playing as scheduled. Albany trails Marist 27-23 at the half.
  24. Women are looking for a new opponent for December 23. The original lowly maac team from rt 9 can not play
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