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  1. Don't care if we ever play them again. I would travel to see the Great Danes play in any of the 50 states before I would travel 8 miles to see LCC play.
  2. While I am looking forward to games in 2021, really looking forward to the trip to Hawaii. Hawaii now has Stanford 9/1 and Albany game a week later on 9/9. Not sure where they will play with the recent stadium news. Hopefully new stadium will be ready by then.
  3. That Rt 9 team usually is among the best in the lowly maac and is playing as scheduled. Albany trails Marist 27-23 at the half.
  4. Women are looking for a new opponent for December 23. The original lowly maac team from rt 9 can not play
  5. I don't have a Christmas tree. I have a stocking. I got it at a game
  6. I haven't been following closely, but heard about the pause again while getting lunch. Not good. About the only normal thing was the lcc coach is whining again (in the times useless) about other coaches. This time they aren't "honest" and afraid to play his team. LOL Probably never occurred to him when in normal times you act bigger than you are, refuse home and home with other midmajors thinking they should be lined up to play every year on your court you aren't going to have other teams lined up to play your garbage school.
  7. I haven't renewed yet. I will wait and see. When they have plans, they can let me (all of us) know. I am not concerned about losing seats. Either they will be there when this is finally over or every seat in the building would have been sold.
  8. The old Newark ballpark was demolished last year. I saw Danes play them there a few years ago. The basketball arena was pretty nice. I went there between a Seton Hall and devil's game couple of years ago. I did not know about the outdoor facility
  9. True. Do you know what league they are in for those
  10. I don't have a strong opinion either way but their website shows 10 men's teams, 7 womens. Other than basketball / volleyball I don't know their facilities. Basketball arena upgraded not that long ago. Baseball used to use the Newark independent ballpark which has been or in the process of being torn down
  11. I was supposed to be in Philadelphia this weekend. Haven't gotten any emails on tickets for next year yet
  12. Those are 2 of the teams in the other bracket at the tournament at a Connecticut casino. We have 2 games there. I will have to find the 3rd teams if they aren't already mentioned. LIU and Quinnipiac were 2 of them .
  13. It isn't anyone fault that things were cancelled. Most have already refunded credit card. I already had credit card refunded for NCAA basketball, NCAA lacrosse tournament, a10 basketball and RPI playoff games. Apparently I will also have 2 years to use the delta flight that will be cancelled for next months baseball trip. I have not yet received a refund from big East. I also ordered my ticket for next year's NCAA basketball tournament in Brooklyn. I am indifferent to refund or credit but wouldn't mind knowing how much next year's season tickets cost if they are going to apply
  14. Saw a few posts on Facebook and Twitter in the last 24 hours about sienna updating their records so I went to their website and saw the beautiful 0-24 record in big type . Maybe someone can screen print that at some point
  15. I don't know which day sienna would have lost in the maac tournament, but there would have been sadness there this week regardless. hope everyone is healthy and things eventually get back to normal. Part of normal is enjoying them losing
  16. I think the NCAA pretends those games never happened not that the wins turn into losses. Either way, solid last season.
  17. Yes. I think they are now 0-24 in his last season instead of 8-24. Gives their 0-15 baseball team a goal for this season
  18. Have tiebreakers been published anywhere. If Albany wins finish 8-8. Alone in 5th or 3 way tie for 4th with umbc and UNH. Lose finish 7-9. Several ties possible
  19. Spring training started today. Stephen Woods pitched 1 inning. 2 ground outs and a strike out. Hopefully the next month will keep him on the royals roster
  20. Nice to see this made the times useless a couple of weeks after the rule 5 draft. Hopefully he makes the team. If he is on the roster, I am heading to Toronto for the April Royals series.
  21. That is an understatement on this LCC team. I am not going to do the research but this has to be the worst team (per any of the computer rankings) Albany women lost to in a decade
  22. At least the Jets are not on local TV in Albany tommorow but you can get jets tickets on StubHub for about $10 if you really want to watch them. . I will find a different game to watch tommorow.
  23. Yeah not sure what happened. They had 1win and were crushed 5 times before today
  24. With the weather I did not go out. Danes going to Austin to face #2 Texas on Thursday.
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