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  1. Yeah can't remember where I saw them. Probably saw something while searching before a baseball game started. Hopefully schedules are out soon. I renewed my football tickets today and asked about basketball locations. No definite locations yet.
  2. I thought i saw 11/7 at Towson 12/2 at Harvard I booked a hotel for at Harvard, but could always cancel if not accurate
  3. St Joe's schedule released today. Albany at St Joe's November 17
  4. I think 1 year before Giants stadium opened, Mets , Yankees, Jets, and Giants all played at Shea. (I think 1 year Giants played at Yale) Even If the Danes play all home games at knick downtown, the arena should be able to handle 10 to 15 LCC games , 10 to 15 Danes games and a few indoor lacrosse games.
  5. Let's go Mets. Let's go Danes The Mets have signed Brad Malm. Looks to be going to St Lucie.
  6. Interesting. Although I decided not to go to Baylor this year they are trying to help me in my goal of trying to see a great Danes team play in each state. Hopefully mariners are home and I fly to Seattle and drive the 4 or 5 hours to Idaho from there
  7. It might be a little more difficult to get tickets ( I was planning on seeing Stanford as well) but it is easier to get to campus than it is to get to the former aloha stadium. I will make do
  8. Looks like Colgate is 9/25/27 and 9/9/28 per the article I saw.
  9. I will have to make do with some people gone 🤣 as I will be renewing my tickets and going to as many great Danes games as I can in other sports as well
  10. So far besides football, men's soccer schedule has been released. I haven't saw any other schedules yet. Men's soccer opens at home August 25 vs Boston University. So only 55 days away . 8 home games total ending November 1 vs Vermont
  11. According to Jon Rothstein, Albany at Providence December 10.
  12. Yeah. Not a good showing by Vermont. I didn't see any lacrosse today. Danes baseball and drive back today
  13. I used to say the difference between the best league and the second worst league was less than the difference between the second worst league and the maac. 😂 Got a data point on that last night and will get another date point when Vermont plays Maryland this weekend
  14. Certainly didn't look sold out when I walked over to baseball. Sign pointing towards north ticket window of football stadium saying buy tickets here
  15. Well. Hopefully someone can provide a report. Spring football usually interferes with my spring "routine" of mostly lacrosse and baseball. plus softball when I have time.
  16. One at a time. Get the series win first. Preferably tomorrow for that
  17. As long as the result is a LCC loss in either building the LCC "faithful" will still be very uncomfortable and full of excuses. ( if the last decade of history is repeated) 😂
  18. A sweep would be nice, but not sure if I would say "must sweep" End the slump ,Take 2 out of 3 and get back on track for next month
  19. 🤣🤣🤣 I am sure USF is going to love this level of "experience" you bring.
  20. Enjoy. Your team is in the other 4 team bracket 👍
  21. I think there are 2 times this regular season Danes have a game 2 days after another game. Also if this team is to go to the NCAA tournament they are going to have to win a conference semi final on Thursday evening and conference final on Saturday morning/ afternoon. Might as well get used to that turn around
  22. Get the feeling that attitude isn't describing just one person. If some think it helps to vent to someone at the University so be it, but unless you are a significant donor, I doubt they care.
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