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  1. 7 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    I mentioned to my wife that football is playing in Hawaii in 2023 .... she stated as long as Bob is going she is all for a trip to watch the game....Bob ... I keeping to your word that you are going

    As we found out in 2020 certain things are out of my control. I still have $250 of airfare credits from cancelled 2020 flights that are good until September 2022 and probably won't be used before August. 

    But I have been looking forward to the game in Hawaii since it was announced. I plan on going to 2 islands while there. One new and one I have been to on each trip. I only been to the one with Honolulu (twice)  and the big island (once) Plenty of time to work on the details. I

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  2. No idea what Hawaii is doing with finances. They have at least one nonconference game on their schedule on their website until 2029. For 2023, 5 non conference games listed for them. 3 at home including Stanford the Friday before the Albany game and 2 on the road. Perhaps they got a Friday tv game with Stanford to cover some of this other expenses. Hopefully this game remains on the schedule as 2024 road game to West Virginia isn't nearly as enticing. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Clickclack said:

    So your position is that I hope they lose...is that right? At the time I posted that they had no life...we're down 10 or 8pts. 

    You always have the worst case scenario. If they are down by 8 that means the are going to lose by 10 or more. Never that they could turn it around and make a run. Even years when Albany had good teams you usually wanted to fire the coach multiple times during the season. Also the way you describe a typical basketball 3 point shot as a miracle shot. It wasn't rushed. It was a nice shot. Still between 1 and 2 seconds when it went in.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    No one pissed off...people are sharing their observation with no malice. What do you want folks to say...what an incredible showing? Yes, it was a win, first for DK, glad the kids got to taste victory...hopefully many more but it was ugly. That's all...


    Observations fine. But the assumption that they were just going to lose by 10 or more is the seemingly hope of 1 or 2 people. 

  5. 22 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    Just checked the blog, while visiting family in Wisconsin. While reading through this thing I thought we got killed. Went to live stats to find we won; we’re up 1 @ the half; had 3 or 4 players finish in double figures; and won the game on the buzzer. Sounds pretty GOOD to me. Know the opponent bad & bad record; but you have to know they wanted/needed a win pretty bad also. It’s like beating a junk yard dog—-not easy. I was not able to listen to the game; but I for one going to be positive & happy for coach K and the TEAM 😊


    There are some that are going to complain no matter what. Not the best game, but nice to get win number 1 of the season for the team and coach. 



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  6. My point is if they couldn't serve you walk away. When I was at a layover at LAX on the way back from Australia in 2020, the chain sub place screwed up the 2 orders right before mine and when they couldn't even repeat my order back without screwing it up, I told them forget about it. I ordered a basic sandwich , probably turkey LT mayo. You aren't exactly getting the best and brightest at those places in an airport and it isn't worth the hassle to me.


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  7. 33 minutes ago, jimbo said:


    Apparently eating food makes you immune as well. Remember when you couldn’t just go into an establishment and get a drink...but also had to buy food...only not just chips, because chips don’t protect you. Had to order more expensive stuff because helping the establishments bottom line makes the covid stay away from you. I once stood behind a woman at a donut shop at the Fort Lauderdale airport who was absolutely grilling the counter person over what wasn’t or was handled in the donut shop. Why? Because her kid had a severe peanut allergy and could DIE if he ate anything that came even close to a peanut. It went on and on as people in line groused. The supervisor was summoned. My only thought was...I needed coffee and a donut. And maybe that if your kid is so sensitive to peanuts You SHOULD NOT BUY HIM FOOD at an airport donut shop. Same thing here to all complaining. Write a letter...stay home and watch on TV....complain to security if you feel threatened....You do you. 

     Perhaps you could have provided her a list of places she was allowed to eat and questions that she was allowed to ask 🤣🤣

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