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  1. What time is the bookstore open until? Past 5 or do I have to go over at lunch time?
  2. Anyone at the breakfast today , please explain better than I could why Murphy's an ass! It was his inappropiate question at breakfast!
  3. Someone posted that info yesterday on the TV thread
  4. I have also had mine since we went Division 1. Now I am so excited, I will probably add another one next season and I am going to try to make ALL the games next season or at the very least all the conference games. And just in case some of you don't know me, by ALL I mean all home AND away games.
  5. State fan pretty much covered it. I was nice to mingle. Also Mayor Jennings gave a proclamation recognizing the Danes as the first SUNY school to clinch a regular season title and post season berth. He also talked about the mayors office supporting the university in the stadium plan.
  6. I would be shocking if any season tickets holders didn't buy their tickets. Even the season tickets holders I know who are away got thier tickets for friends. I went over and picked up my tickets today so I don't have to wait on a long will call line on saturdat.
  7. We are working on getting some of the alum to tailgate by the alumi house before the 10 AM breakfast. Also, I am not sure who would want the game as the Knick other than Siena or Vermont fans. We earned home court with the regular season title and 2 tournament victories so the game IS on our home court.
  8. Who is Doug Sherman? Just got back from the reception tonight and going to the breakfast on Saturday. But I will have to skip the 21st.
  9. I believe the Philly venue is sold out. I hope they reserved some of those for the schools who get assigned there but I also imagine that will be limited. 12554[/snapback] Yes. Most regions are sold out including Philly. They do have tickets for the schools at the site. Not that many though. 500-600 I think.
  10. Yes I believe that is correct. 550 is by the visitor bench. I sit in 600 on the side that is closer to the vistor bench. Although I don't mind most (bingo being the exception) visting fans near me it is great to have as much purple as possible in that section. Great job by all the Albany fans getting the tixs and hopfully leaving none left for UVM except for their allocation.
  11. Just as an FYI, Vermont's website is telling their fans to try to get tixs from Albany instead of through Vermont. Let's sell out all of our remaining allotment tomorrow and block 802 area code calls from getting throught the phone lines. I saw enough green last weekend. This weekend is Purple! I already bought my season ticket and both extra available tickets in my row just to make sure there would be no vermont fans in my row. http://www.uvm.edu/athletics/mens_basketba...ws&storyID=7499
  12. Anyone know when it will be on again. I would love to add the broadcast of that game to the collection
  13. Exactly. The most excited I felt at a game up until that point was last year when we beat Loundonville 86-65. But this weekend was So much better. It is called March madness not December madness for a reason. I have attended 90+% of the home games over the last 7 years and many road games but I have never looked more forward to a game than this Saturday. It is on ESPN in our house for a ticket for the big dance
  14. I did see that puff piece. Someone had the TU at the game and showed it to me. My only comment was. Can I take the article just in case the hotel runs out of toilet paper. That is about all the TU is useful for on most days anyway. I don't worry too much about the lack of coverage in the TU other than I mock the TU. If they don't want to cover what I want to read, they don't get my 50 cents. If they can't figure out their lack of coverage to the area's top dog impacts their circulation in a negative way it is not my problem. Fortunately we don't need them for news.
  15. Are you sure? 101 was behind UMBC bench last night. They were the home team in the 8-9 game. I think oour bench is in front of 101 today.
  16. I will also be there for every game of the tournament with a stop at Brooks in Oneonta at Friday at 2 and appoximately 1 1/2 hours after the end of Sundays game on the way back. I will be staying at Howard Johnson.
  17. Didn't see the replay. But I yelled about that during the game.
  18. I gotta disagree with Levi's quote in the TU today. "We're kind of greedy right now," Levine said. "We know we've worked really hard, to the point we want to get to the NCAAs." It's only greedy if you haven't earned it. If anyone has earned it, Levi, Jamar and the rest of the players who've been here in the back of the pack finishes have. It's yours, you've worked for it, now go take it. This post has been edited by Dane Pound: Today, 12:45 PM I disagree with you, Dane pound. I am reading the quote from Levi as meaning they aren't satisfied with what the accomplished so far. They want to get to the NCAA's. I like the hunger to get to the Big dance. Although winning the regular season number 1 is great accomplishment especially considering where we were 4 years ago, getting to the NCAA's would be a great way for the seniors to end their career here.
  19. I am not sure how the it was determined between day and evening session but they generally have the higher seeds play earlier in the session than the team they would meet the next day should they advance. Thus the 1-8/9 is played before the 4/5 in the evening session and the 2/7 is played before the 3/6 in the day session. Although us at 6 means someone better stop by my seats before the B-ball game and tell me how much we beat Siena by. I will still be in Bingo for the whole tourny.
  20. Anyone else going to Baltimore this weekend. I am still probably going Saturday for lacrosse and Sunday for basketball.
  21. It was great tonight. First regular season basketball championship. But we have some stops before ESPN2 at the raac. I know some people going to UNH. I am still leaning towards going to Baltimore this weekend for Lacrosse/basketball and of coarse will be at Bingo for the tourney.
  22. Lets get in with 2 wins in Bingo and a win back here on 3/11. Then I root that they send us within an easy drive. Philly is closest. Detroit,Dayton or Greensboro are not bad drives either. I really don't care who we play as long as we make the tournament and I can get to the site.
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