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  1. i knew that face looked familiar-- that's the guy who threw batteries at the BU players! nice photoshop job.
  2. I have an extra ticket for the UCONN game. Face value, of course. If interested, send me a PM. Thanks.
  3. With all of the bad AE losses over the weekend, its nice to see a conference foe beat a ranked opponent. Its also good to see Hartford give the Hoyas all they could handle. What's interesting about this is that UVM beats the same BC team that just crushed UNH by 40 over the weekend. Colgate smokes Stony Brook. Maine loses to Harvard. LIU beats Bingamton. St. Peter's waxes UMBC. UA's win over Bucknell and UVM's victory against BC help give the AE at least some legitimacy early in the season
  4. My sentiments exactly re: MacNaughton. If I said in a previous thread that I'd be happy to go 7-5 in OOC, its sort of tough to pick us here. This will be a nice game, however, to see what we have up front. I have a feeling Covington will get some quality minutes here because of how he likes to bang around inside. However at 6'7" or something, he's still spotting McNaughton 4 inches. I wouldn't be surprised to see us start quickly, fade during the middle 20 minutes and come roaring back, thanks largely to our athleticism and transition game in the last 10, only to lose by a couple. It'll be interesting to see if Vegas makes a line on the game. On a personal note, someone I used to be friends with is personal friends with the Griffin family, and will be in attendance. I'm having nightmares about John Griffin dropping a trey at the buzzer.
  5. Congrats, GoDanesGo--a perfectly valid pick, especially if picking amongst current students.
  6. "We scrimmage a very talented UMass team on Saturday. That will be a test as they are one of the favorites this year in the Atlantic 10. They have a very good frontcourt and have added 6’7 wing Gary Forbes from Virginia. He is very talented! We will get a feel for where we are at on Saturday! Hopefully everybody will be able to play in this scrimmage!" I'm assuming that's tomorrow in Amherst. Hmmm... Anyone know anything about this or planning on going?
  7. Last year's lamb was the McGill Redmen, if I recall. Apparently, no one asked them to change their name. I think we won that game by 40 and it was free. Unfortunately, I'll be in Kentucky for this one
  8. i think a lot of our ooc success will depend on the team's health. we know that Iati is out for a while, but i do not think Brent's or Ross's status is that clear right now. plus, it just may take a little while for the team to gel. personally, i'd be thrilled with an 8-4 start. after all, we lost to both harvard and sacred heart at home last year, and we could be due for another bad loss at home (and on the road) again this year, as this team figures it out. i'd just like to see the team continue to improve during our ooc schedule. well, that and the merciless pounding of LCC. i'm not going to worry about our record and rpi just yet, though an opening day win v. bucknell could set the tone for a very excitable season and racc this year. not being much of a prognosticator-- though not for a lack of trying--i'd say 7-5, with a possible loss ot delaware.
  9. Per an e-mail I just received from the UA boxoffice: Hoops for Scoops Meet the UAlbany Men's Basketball Team Tuesday, Oct. 10th 6:00 PM Cold Stone Creamery Stuyvesant Plaza Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society
  10. Link from here 16608[/snapback] Whatever. Foolish to issue. Even dumber to give credence to the silly thing. The Times Useless just couldn't resist. From the article: "McElroy said he considers the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate to be a more current and accurate indicator of where the UAlbany athletic program stands. The APR is an accountability measure instituted by the NCAA to track athlete eligibility and retention. In the latest APR report last February, based on data from 2003-2005, all of UAlbany's teams were above the threshold needed to avoid NCAA penalties." Not only does UA avoid NCAA penalties, but many of the school's teams (though I mainly focused on men's bball) have a higher APR than that of many prestigious public universities-- and even some private schools, as well-- including one very nearby. NCAA APR's
  11. That's friggin' awesome-- nice use of replay--off glass, off glass, off glass-- and the "droplet" effect or whatever its called. Nice to see dad made sure his son made the final edit, lol. I love that team!
  12. ..maybe one day Ettkin could add "getting bombed at the lamp post" to his list of college football "traditions." I've eaten about 1000 chili-cheese dogs at The Varsity in Athens during my time. The place is disgusting. Ask anyone who has actually eaten at The Varsity and they'll tell you the same thing. I'd much rather go to ATS pub. Go Dawgs-- of Georgia...and Albany!
  13. If we are good enough to in the AE this year, the strength of our OOC schedule alone, could very well keep us out of the play-in game. Regardless, some 12-17 team always winds up winning their conference tournament and in the play-in game. Let's just hope that team doesn't come out of the AE. (edit...so long as that 12-17 isn't us!)
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