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  1. I am a disabled vet. I have given a part of my life to that flag to keep its ideals of freedom for everyone intact. I would appreciate it if you would take the minute or two that the anthem plays to shut the Bing up and show it some respect. If you cant do that then move to another country.
  2. If you would like to join a group I have set one up. go to yahoo sports and follow the links maac fans (Group ID# 20086) password: siena Everyone is invited. Tell your friends.
  3. i believe that the arc and peabody's have the same owners. i got the same answer from peabody's.
  4. albany is ranked 16th in the nation. click on the picture to vote for the danes. http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/logos/go.ph...c=all&w=top&n=0
  5. How about saving this for the Siena Board. This is the hoops section. Go talk about how McCaffrey is going win 20+ this year. 9147[/snapback]
  6. you are welcome to join in if you want. if you want to get in the game the info you need is to go to yahoo games and sign up and then use this info Group ID#: 4498 Group Password rats this is the first year i have seen the college games so i havent a clue how it works yet. i will win anyway. rdjc
  7. with the graduations and transfers albany should be one of the top teams in the ae this year. anyone have any idea who the top teams will be? i think bu lost their best player to either a transfer or he signed with an agent. vermont will have to replace the 2 best players they have ever had. new hampshire will have to really improve under herron. not sure if they will get the bonner kid. if they do that will move them up quite a bit. some decent talent from new hampshire at the recent gymrat at siena. maybe some of you have some news or opinions on the other teams.
  8. http://www.primetimeshootout.net/schedule.html
  9. and hot hands make for nice victories. guess i'll be running down the northway to see a few games at the racc this year. congrats.
  10. pittman suffered an acl injury last spring. when he came back he played very poorly. almost every offer was taken off the table. too bad. i liked this kid a lot as a sophomore.
  11. u guys may get the rug pulled out from u. if albany becomes successful brown will become a hot commodity. end up moving on. kinda like siena's coaches. this season is going to be a bad one again for you with a 7 or 8 win total. the next season is the one that will start u down the yellow brick road. i go to about 5 albany games a year and would like to see more students get behind the team. the only way that will happen is if they win. the albany-siena basketball game is the best one day entertainment in the capital district cept for maybe the big red freak out at rpi.
  12. ya dont have to worry about soup. he is very credible. i have been posting info back and forth with him for about 4 years on the siena boards and he usually gets good info. he only posts what is told to him. he does not make stories up. course i on the other hand.......lol
  13. the a10 is not looking for football schools. a possible move would be temple to the big east and a school like siena to the a10.
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