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  1. Woke “Anti-Racism” is racism.  The fact I have to declare it makes me miss my liberal friends.  The progressives eliminated those folks at the same time they took out President Lincoln and other historical figures that don’t meet their perfect 2022 ideals.  


    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I take solace that most Europeans, Asians and other non-English speakers see this as one American import they don’t want.  This poison is largely constrained to the English speaking world.  I don’t see anyone else interested it.


    it’s astonishing to me to see the left go from marching for free speech to cancelling dissenting opinions in less than a generation.  Even Alan Dershowitz as a former ACLU head is now denounced as a heretic in this new non-liberal religion.


    it’s poison.  Poison!  Believe me now or experience it for yourself when they come for you later.  I’ll gladly watch from a safe distance… about 3,942 miles to be exact.

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  2. On 10/3/2022 at 3:57 PM, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    The origin of woke was in the black community in the 30s and 40s to promote social awareness. The use it as a negative is racist.  That’s it. Now back to sports. 

    Contextually and historically speaking it’s not much different than using a certain other word that many people should not use because it’s not their cultural prerogative.  

    Do I think some things have gone too far. Sure. But it’s far worse to offend someone deliberately than to be easily offended. Ok. Now really back to sports. 

    I do not financially support any woke institutions.  I do not fund DEI or ESG.  I made the conscious effort to stop giving to UA, SUNY or any other institution, other than maybe Hillsdale College, any financial support.  $0


    This American madness into woke ideology started me down the road to pursuing French/EU citizenship three years ago.  It is illegal in France to even produce government reports on race, ethnicity or religion.  While the US is reverting to a caste system and ditching meritocracy, France remembers the dangers that led to WW2.


    Let me know how your woke insanity works out for you.  


    Woke = Marxist Poison 

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  3. Many parts of this country have fallen into significant disrepair and UA is no different.  I wouldn’t send any of my 3 girls to UA.  I honestly don’t think it’s worth the tuition.  This institution abandoned meritocracy and embraced all things woke.  The Chinese are laughing at America.  They churn out engineers and we churn out “studies” majors who only know they are owed a living because of their group identity.


    UA’s rating is appropriately well deserved crap.  The best education is to be found in Asia… even in communist China where meritocracy still means something.  


    I need a safe space and a lama (and for you to pay my college debt)

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  4. 23 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    Politics as usual and campaigning for votes on Long Island and Western New York....silly having two "Flagship" schools....major difference UB and SBU has medical centers associated with these campuses.  

    Awful.  I’ve dreaded this outcome for 20+ years.  

    At the risk of being repetitive of my prior comments over the years, UAlbany has been on a decline since we lost the Nano College.  There are so many indicators documenting the decline… the decline is NOT an accident.  UAlbany’s decline is intentional.  I remember when this school was often interchanged with the other SUNY centers.  We are now Cal State to their UC.  Maybe that was the point of it all.  Creating a second tier

  5. On 3/7/2021 at 10:13 AM, blorp said:

    None of those things have been "cancelled". You can still buy Mr Potato Head, you can still buy Dr Seuss books including those six that they recently decided to stop publishing because they contain racist and offensive stereotypes. Every library in the country has a copy of Huck Finn.


    You're mad about manufactured controversies and it makes you look like Chicken Little

    In point of fact the publisher was pulling the copies of the Dr Seuss in question and would no longer be selling them.  “Mr Potato Head” would in fact no longer exist.   It would be rebranded so it does not exist.  If anyone here questioned this madness at work we would be fired... unless you have progressive privilege.


    As an army brat born and raised mostly on military installations in Germany I visited many of these early critical race theory and cancel culture institutions in Germany such as Dachau.  I’ve been there many times as it was just outside of many US installations in Munich.  Additionally my grandfather spent 5 years in an institution run by these well meaning (Progressives of the day) Democratic National Socialists of Germany so I know this story all too well.  Start small progressives with your canceling speech and lean forward.


    ”and then they came for me” Mr Blorp.  When do you come for me?

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  6. The first victims of cancel culture but NOT the last


    Mr Potato Head

    Uncle Bens

    Land ‘O Lakes 

    Huckleberry Fin

    Dr Seuss

    Clarence Thomas

    75 million people who voted ‘wrong’

    ... “and then they came for me” (if anyone remembers actual history you’ll know this quote)


    When does Ford drop the Lincoln brand?  When is Washington State renamed?  When is religion too problematic?

    I look forward to the coming age of the Communist Chinese.  For all their many many faults at least wokeism isn’t one of them.  I’d rather live under a Xi than AOC.

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  7. Cancel culture


    Colonial Quad is next.  It’ll change to murderous imperial colonizer quad.

    What happens when the number of people who hate this country outnumber those who love it?  I guess we’ll find out.  

    I’ve applied for French citizenship so I have an escape hatch to an EU country... maybe there is a country where the citizens are still patriotic?

  8. Maslow's hierarchy of needs...


    You’ve got too much time and money if BLM is your priority.  Or worse yet taking pained efforts to splice words to tack on “too” because your marketing effort is offending instead of uniting.

    My mother grew up in war torn Europe.  Her father in a POW camp.  No food.  No toys for the kids.  Nothing.  Bombs falling from the skies.  

    What a testament to how affluent and easy our lives are if we have time to argue and fight over words.

    I wish for the days when we were poor and spent 12 hour days at work.  No time for such luxuries 





  9. I’m not sure what is so hard for the Northeast to have a single budget friendly football FBS conference?  Clearly with UMASS, UCONN and Army adrift and Buffalo, Temple and parts of the CAA available why something can’t be pieced together.  There is clearly a need!


    I’m not talking about the SEC or BIG10.  A MAC level conference with a Northeast footprint makes sense.  I understand it’s probably a pipe dream but I don’t understand why.  Why is the Northeast so damn dysfunctional?

  10. I tweeted Susan Herbst, Gov Cuomo, UConn, UMASS and others lobbying for a Northeast cost containment football only conference.  The Northeast seems to really have a need.  2 independents and several possible upgrade potentials in the CAA.


    Just need some damn leadership to make it happen!

  11. I will NOT withhold funds for the football program specifically or athletics generally.  It’s too important to me and posses risk in crazy liberal New York.  They’ll just ax the damn program.


    That said I give $0 to this university generally or any university.  Just athletics. These universities are too screwed up to support their crap.



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  12. I had 15 tickets for the game.  12 if us showed so I ate the other 3 tickets.


    Tailgating was a lot of fun but very thinly attended.  A few people attended toward the end.  We started tailgating at 4.  My uncle rolled in with catering level service so props to him.


    Same experience for the game.  I thought attendance was light at first but by the first beer run there was a line.  That could be because a single worker was manning the bar.  

    The weather was awesome.  The play on the field was poor.  Based on prior experience I’d say it was a B- experience.

    Part of my attendance is to be a foundation.  If people like me do not attend why should others from the “Bubba Alumni” as James Carvel referred to non LSU grad fans of the program.


    It’s my annual trip.  Glad I did it.  Lots of fun but some missed opportunities by the University.  I wanted to buy anything marked UA and it was challenging to do at times.


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