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  1. Because that is how you pronounce it in Georgia. Again there are a half dozen towns in the US called Albany or New Albany. Even one in Australia. It's part of the baggage of the name. Of all our discussions over the years on this board my favorite is still New York Capital University. Anyway that's the reason. Greg Gumbel sounds like a southerner ergo the southern pronunciation
  2. I'd love to support a fellow SUNY institution but if history is any precedence UB will use this single NCAA appearance to argue they are the one and only SUNY Center. I can't support that nonsense. UAlbany has unquestionably been the most successful SUNY Center athletically by a long shot and we can't get basic respect from them. MBB, WBB, LAX, etc When they stop looking down on UAlbany maybe I can support a fellow SUNY institution.
  3. We should have much higher percentages than our peers since we are coming off a much smaller base.
  4. The budget is nearly $19M. It was $16M just a few years back. Your approaching MAC levels. I think Eastern Michigan was $21M.
  5. Union Graduate College to merge with Clarkson. Maybe UA could pick up Pharmacy as well as Albany Law from the deconstructing Union affiliation or whatever it was. Pharmacy doesn't want to be left alone, do they? http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/03/02/union-graduate-college-to-explore-merger-with.html?r=full
  6. Where does this fit in the Albany Law/UAlbany "merger/acquisition"? Is this a program that may have occurred anyway and is somewhat unrelated or is this the net result? Should we expect more?
  7. Is this open to other SUNY schools or just University at Albany? "SUNY" seems to imply this is not UA specific.
  8. English please. Seriously, I'm not sure this is telling me.
  9. The travel costs of the American conference are not feasible. The MAC on the other hand is compact geographically and those schools have tiny budgets for FBS. Stony Brook has a larger athletic budget than 2 MAC schools. You have to take one step at a time. The MAC is the logical next step. Compact geography New York is already in their footprint An existing member with a built in rivalry Small budgets (For FBS) Higher RPIs in both football and basketball No other conference has this much upside
  10. Butler is independent (though originally Disciples of Christ), but otherwise yes, the AA is a better fit than BE or A-10. The A-10 looks to be more compact travel-wise but is more than half private schools. AA might require FBS football.I'd like to see us in the MAC one day. An upstate rivalry with UB would be great. Of all the FBS conferences travel wise the MAC prob is the least. 100% agree
  11. The fact of the matter is branding is important. For example, no one cares about saving jungles but saving the rain forest makes for a nice bumper sticker. SUNY Albany and all it's name variations carries a lot of history... some might say baggage. Rebranding is expensive and not a cure all but I think it's necessary if we want to grow beyond the boundaries of the 518. It's not like UAlbany hasn't changed its name several times in 150 years. At least 4 times? I wish this new VP a lot of luck. Changing course will be seriously tough. Success to me looks like a university name that is: 1) Completely Unique (Rutgers, John Jay, Emory, Purdue, Harvard) 2) Not tied to a town, city or county. No city names. State or region maybe. Nothing that makes us look small time. 3) Nothing weird. No 'U' proceeding the name or 'at'. 4) No historical baggage Just (Name + "University"). Simple
  12. Rutgers... Yet another university named after a person that history largely forgot. But who cares? It works. What "Rutgers" gives that university is a unique name, which is important in our digital age. Every publication, tv news story, internet article etc uses "Rutgers". There is no confusion. No URutgers, Rutgers State, SUNY Rutgers or a myriad of other names for the same university. The problem we have is an average person can see our university quoted in 3 different articles, publications, tv news stories and they may use 3 different names. That was the same university? Add to this mess the 6 or so "Albany"s around the country. New Yorker's seem to blow this off but I live in California and when someone says Albany I assume they mean the town outside of UC Berkley. People in Georgia assume "Albany" means the south Georgia university town. SUNY has 65 no name campuses. They need to take the assets of those 65 campuses and put them together. Shrink the number of brands to a manageable number. Not close campuses just put them under the same umbrella name. Why does 2 of the 4 SUNY Centers have no medical school and yet there are 2 free standing independent medical schools? That makes no sense! SUNY Upstate is now part of Binghamton and SUNY Downstate is part of Albany. Change the umbrella university names because again University at Albany at Brooklyn makes no logical sense. Governor X University can have as many campuses in as many locations as you like. Simple.
  13. They let SUNY IT and Nano College rename not 12 months ago. So they do allow major rebranding when it's convenient. I don't know how they handle any possible partnership with SUNY Downstate with the current name. Sure Albany Law was easy but University at Albany at Brooklyn doesn't work. If it's just a few joint degrees who cares. A real partnership requires rebranding. Period. I still come back to the historical fact that UAlbany lost the Nano College for the stated reason that this needed to be a state wide initiative. There was no reason it couldn't stay with UAlbany and be state wide other than the branding.
  14. We need a bold change. Tinkering around with a 'U' or an 'at' is not going to fix our issues. I think that's why we have a new VP level position. It's not to drop a 'U'. 1) There are too many iterations of 'Albany'. UAlbany, Albany State, SUNY Albany, University at Albany. When I get to a web site I don't know what to search for to find my college! 3 published articles, news stories may use 3 different names. 2) Making things worse there is already an Albany State and cities named Albany in Georgia, Indiana, California, Oregon etc. 3) Albany constricts us to the Capital Region. We lost the Nano College over this name because everyone in New York still thinks of us as SUNY Albany teacher's college. The Nano College can't possibly be part of SUNY Albany?!? 4) Geography will cause us challenges with SUNY Down State. I can already hear it now. Why is a Brooklyn college under SUNY Albany? 5) I'm not a fan of Cuomo's politics but I'd be 'ok' with naming the university after him. It eliminates all the geography issues, all the Albany State, SUNY Albany baggage. 1 clean name. Cuomo University 6) Duke, Emory, Standford, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, John Jay, George Mason, James Madison University are all people's names. What did those people stand for? Who cares. It's a clean name that doesn't trap us from having a campus in Brooklyn or Syracuse
  15. My thinking on this has evolved. I too focused a lot on dropping the 'U' or dropping the 'at' from our name. Those tweaks are too small. We need a completely new name. We lost SUNY Poly because it was argued this Nano College needed to be a statewide initiative not something just in "Albany". So our name in part lost of the Nano College. Also, what sense does it make for Brooklyn's SUNY Down State to be part of "Albany"? The name "Albany" has become a hindrance as we're grown. We need a name that is bigger than "Albany". Something that doesn't hold us back. SUNY Albany, Albany State, UAlbany, Albany, UA.... It's a mess. Dump it all and start with a clean name that is not geographic. I think this new position is part of the SUNY Down State discussions. "Albany" can't have a campus in Brooklyn but a non-geographic named university such as a campus named after a former governor could have different locations. Lots of colleges are named after people. John Jay is part of CUNY. Duke, Stanford, Emory, etc. Since we know we'll never get "University of New York" I think they should look at other options.
  16. How is it Bing has so many fans and passion considering their poor performance since moving to D1? Is it the rural area and there is less to do? We'd have empty stands with their records. http://www.pressconnects.com/story/sports/2015/02/09/bearcats-get-another-shot-bullies-ualbany/23149733/
  17. Affiliation for the first year or two and then maybe more. Discussions continue with Down State Medical. Affiliation there too http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/02/10/ualbany-moving-closer-to-affiliation-with-law.html?r=full
  18. Is this true? Engineering college? Or a watered down structure like a school or program? A college would be great but I'll believe when I see it.
  19. Do not care. Call me when college football begins.
  20. Anyone know if the new dean is pro merger, against merger or somewhere in the middle? http://m.timesunion.com/news/article/Albany-Law-goes-in-house-for-next-dean-6033316.php
  21. $15M seems like a very small amount to start a new college AND build a new building. College of 1 in a phone booth?
  22. Can't believe no one has said anything about our newly proposed new college. Not a bad addition if it comes through. 'If' always being the key word. http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/01/21/ualbany-to-create-emergency-preparedness-college.html
  23. The UB board makes me laugh. Someone alluded to the possibility of UB losing and he was pummeled. Now they are saying they should win by 28 to 50 points. The unadulterated gal and nonsensical comments are amazing. Isn't Albany part of the CAA? Isn't the CAA the conference that sent 2 teams to the NCAA quarter finals? Hasn't CAA teams beaten not only MAC teams in the past but at least on one occasion a Big 10 team? Didn't Stony Brook play Buffalo hard in their last meeting? Didn't Albany beat Stony Brook in our last meeting? The point is show some humility. Show some restraint. ------------------------------------------------ By the way this is exactly why Albany, Stony Brook and Buffalo should be playing each other. Rivalry! A poster on their UB board was talking about donating money to the athletics program based on sheer passion of this game. Because they are playing Albany. Does Ball State bring out the same passion? I'm prepared to cut my own check! This is why the SEC is so strong. Rivalries and short distances between schools. The SUNY D1 football schools need to be playing each other to build a passionate hatred and drive the money race.
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