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  1. $15M seems like a very small amount to start a new college AND build a new building. College of 1 in a phone booth?
  2. Can't believe no one has said anything about our newly proposed new college. Not a bad addition if it comes through. 'If' always being the key word. http://www.bizjournals.com/albany/news/2015/01/21/ualbany-to-create-emergency-preparedness-college.html
  3. The UB board makes me laugh. Someone alluded to the possibility of UB losing and he was pummeled. Now they are saying they should win by 28 to 50 points. The unadulterated gal and nonsensical comments are amazing. Isn't Albany part of the CAA? Isn't the CAA the conference that sent 2 teams to the NCAA quarter finals? Hasn't CAA teams beaten not only MAC teams in the past but at least on one occasion a Big 10 team? Didn't Stony Brook play Buffalo hard in their last meeting? Didn't Albany beat Stony Brook in our last meeting? The point is show some humility. Show some restraint. ------------------------------------------------ By the way this is exactly why Albany, Stony Brook and Buffalo should be playing each other. Rivalry! A poster on their UB board was talking about donating money to the athletics program based on sheer passion of this game. Because they are playing Albany. Does Ball State bring out the same passion? I'm prepared to cut my own check! This is why the SEC is so strong. Rivalries and short distances between schools. The SUNY D1 football schools need to be playing each other to build a passionate hatred and drive the money race.
  4. Crook should bring the rest of the team with him :-) We have a FBS coach, 2015 FBS games, FBS transfers.... Is there fire to this smoke?
  5. Congrats I order Albany apparel several times a year and yet not one Albany branded item has ever made it under the tree. I guess I need to give her the URL?
  6. The point remains. We've all learned that rules/laws are discretionary. It just takes some analysis to determine how to beat the system. NCAA rules are no different. There must be a way to manipulate the existing structure without going through governance? Can a defunct conference be revived and rebranded? Northeast universities should lawyer up
  7. The northeast deserves its own FBS conference. We have way too many football sponsoring universities not to. Is there a way to manipulate the NCAA rules? Since only existing conferences can invite universities could for example the MAC create a northeast division, invite a bunch of FCS colleges. The next year those former FCS schools split that division into a new conference? Once those FCS schools join a FBS conference they can create their own conference. Watching Obama skirt/ignore immigration laws makes me think that principle can be applied lots of places. Why not to NCAA rules?
  8. Another article on law school tough times http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/dealbook/2014/12/01/law-school-becomes-buyers-market-as-competition-for-best-students-increases/?referrer=
  9. Looks like Alabama is shutting down UAB football. Seems political to me. Alabama and Auburn don't want the competition. It will free up a spot in Conference USA. The MAC is going to have a free spot with the UMASS departure. Thoughts on conference changes?
  10. I'm hoping to make it to the home opener on the 12th. It would be my first trip to the new stadium that I helped support. I'd like to catch up with some of you. The trip is contingent on my family moving to Michigan. Cali is too far to make the trip. ATL_Dane > SoCal Dane > Michigan Dane?
  11. Confirmed that School of Engineering begins in the Fall. Love Dr Jones plans. http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2014/11/ualbany-chief-outlines-plan-to-boost-enrollment.html?r=full
  12. Another article. Should be wrapped up by early 2015. http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2014/11/jones-ualbany-albany-law-school-partnership.html?r=full
  13. The official word to move forward http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2014/11/albany-law-school-votes-to-continue-affiliation.html?r=full
  14. Very satisfied with the season. 7-5 is ahead of most projections. Easily could have been 9-3. Also agree attendance is a big issue. Should have been 7k and needs to if we want to expand and start a FBS discussion.
  15. Call me a dreamer but I'm hoping the ALS goes well and then we can strike a deal with Pharmacy. He's a promising quote "It's very hard to be a freestanding professional school in this era. You need diversity of academic programs and so I've embraced that aspect," Dewey says.
  16. It's 4 PM in California so it's 7 PM in New York. I'm sure this meeting has long since occurred. Any news?
  17. What time can we expect a decision?
  18. Today is the vote, correct? Am I right the vote is just a decision to proceed with negotiations? Nothing is binding yet assuming it's yes?
  19. I hope Albany Law stakeholders look at this possible affiliation holistically. That means it's not just about affiliating with UAlbany it's also about the alternatives. Is Albany Law better or worse off with a Stony Brook Law or Binghamton Law? That is also part of this decision but that's the alternative. Is the Capital Region better or worse off with a large powerful university flagship or seeding that to Long Island or elsewhere? There are dozens of short and long term outcomes tied to this single decision.
  20. I'l like UA and Albany Law to stick it to UB. I think the partnership is a strength for both. A few blurbs from SUNY Buffalo's Law School website. Seems below they are discussing the same challenges Albany Law is failing at. ----------- Is law school worth the cost? As prospective law students nationwide struggle with that question, a leading magazine of legal education has named SUNY Buffalo Law School as one of the best in the nation for students’ return on their investment. SUNY Buffalo’s employment figures score above the national average when factoring in one major difference in the way other law schools compile employment data, Patterson notes. Many law schools hire their own graduates or fund their fellowships at nonprofit organizations, then include these positions in their employment figures. This accounts for 4.7 percent of all jobs held by the Class of 2013 nationwide, NALP data show.
  21. I always guessed if finances are kept separate what they'll do is set SUNY tuition for the students so the students make out great. Albany Law gets to set it's tuition so they get some autonomy. NYS agrees to pay the difference between SUNY tuition and what Albany Law is charging so Albany Law makes out as well (within reason). Only the tax payer loses but this is NY that is expected. 500 students in the grand scheme is a small cost though. Honestly this is cheaper for the tax payer then building a new law school from the ground up anyway. That's the power of government that no deal with private Colgate is going to get you. Money, For all the hand wringing about NYS funding, NYS has given UAlbany at least $500 Million in my simple math just in the past decade for construction projects. Half a billion dollars in effectively free money in 10 years. Try matching that elsewhere! The deal is even sweeter if Albany Law is given some special autonomy to raise their own money too.
  22. Sounds like the vote on the 21st is much less meaningful than I thought. If no structure has even been discussed then it's really just the 'ok' to have a discussion. What's the harm? At this point it's crazy for anyone to be against proceeding. At least to wait to see what the deal looks like before lobbying against it. Aren't you guys lawyers? Wait for the deal. When did you become afraid of talking? It could be structured quite favorably towards Albany Law. New York is the home to crony capitalism. Doesn't this just come down to Cuomo anyway? If he likes the idea he'll put together a great deal for Albany Law if not he'll kill it. Period.
  23. I hope the affiliation happens. It should happen as its in everyone's best interest (except Binghamton and Stony Brook) That said New York is an odd place. There is this weird private is better regardless of the facts mentality. If a UA alum can't get behind the idea New York cynicism will certainly kill the deal. Again, New York is an odd place. What makes sense in 49 states doesn't there.
  24. I have family in Michigan. Michigan is NOT private. U of M is as public as Michigan State. New Yorkers seem to to mix up big name state schools. In most states like California and Michigan, the state school is THE school to attend.
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