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  1. I hope the affiliation happens. It should happen as its in everyone's best interest (except Binghamton and Stony Brook) That said New York is an odd place. There is this weird private is better regardless of the facts mentality. If a UA alum can't get behind the idea New York cynicism will certainly kill the deal. Again, New York is an odd place. What makes sense in 49 states doesn't there.
  2. I have family in Michigan. Michigan is NOT private. U of M is as public as Michigan State. New Yorkers seem to to mix up big name state schools. In most states like California and Michigan, the state school is THE school to attend.
  3. How much state funding does Albany Law get today? UA got an $80M Business School and only privately raised a tiny fraction. UA got a $40M campus expansion and privately paid $0. The list goes on and on Cuomo is an Albany Law Alum. He could structure a sweetheart deal. If you keep finances separate and tap state funding where is the downside?
  4. The point mentioned earlier is New York cannot be limited to a single SUNY public law school. Cuomo won't be in office forever... assuming as an alumn he'd block the addition of others. Binghamton and Stony Brook have money for law schools. If UA doesn't get it I'm sure they'll be lobbying for it. Don't bite your nose to spite your face. Are you better served with new law schools in Binghamton or Stony Brook? Law degrees at 1/4 the price from other great institutions.
  5. As a current Southern California resident and previous resident of Georgia and other states I do not get this fear of public universities New Yorkers hold. The best university in San Diego is USCD. Georgia Tech in Georgia. UW-Madison in Wisconsin. The Capitol District has all the pieces to have a UCSD, Michigan, Wisconsin but the parts are not connected. Albany Law and UAlbany is the start to a much better single institution. Would Michigan's law school be better or worse as a separate institution? New York is big government for everything except universities. This mentality is hurting New York from having that great flagship. You guys in New York are short sighted. This is a great opportunity but all anyone sees is state school. UC Berkley is a state school!
  6. I'd like to know more about this development. I think an affiliation/merger would be great so this seems disappointing. "UAlbany approached Albany Law. Albany Law has just unveiled a new strategic plan that includes alliances with UAlbany, RPI, Siena, St. Rose. What was previously unknown was that Albany Law has been approached by another university."
  7. Can anyone that attended the town hall speak to how it went? What was the mood? Mostly positive or negative? What was brought up? Etc
  8. Any tv sources other than Dane Zone for those not in the 518? I bought Dane Zone again but it sucks. For me it's more charity than a service. UNH web broadcast was reasonable... we need to improve audio and fill those commercial blanks of dead air.
  9. So no longer independent now affiliated but still private and financially independent?
  10. http://m.nationallawjournal.com/module/alm/app/nlj.do#!/article/1719293997 I'm very excited about the potential for this deal. Yet the terminology is confusing. 1) Not a merger but an affiliation 2) No longer independent - "going full-on with an affiliation OR retaining our independent status" 3) But remaining private - "although the law school would retain its financial independence and remain private."
  11. http://m.bizjournals.com/albany/morning_call/2014/09/why-ualbany-is-moving-forward-on-affiliation-with.html?r=full
  12. Knock on wood because these things seem to fall apart for us but imagine the shock at SBU and BU if we get a law school ahead of them. Didn't BU get $20M or so for a law school... years ago?
  13. Fantastic news. Let's hope for a UAlbany law school. Any bets on the final outcome and timeline?
  14. I thought I saw an article that the university was moving toward a standard schedule meaning away from the Fall Jewish holidays? Did that get repealed? Having classed suspended for two weekends is killing attendance. If they are keeping those holidays then these should either be bye weeks or away games.
  15. So how is different from a UA merger? SUNY Poly is or will be a full pledge university with an English Department, History etc. I guess they don't take on the baggage of all of those social science programs. Just the basics.
  16. I like to see the trend. Is there a source showing the last 10 years?
  17. I'm happy for the win but we need to make some serious adjustments to the passing game. We used all the luck of an entire season. CCSU scares me. Are they that good or did Towson collapse from last year?
  18. The D seems pretty good but the O is awful. Passing is the main issue. I like the new freshman WR. A game like this is awful for building a fan base. Losing would be one thing but at least score and provide some excitement. Put some points on the board!
  19. They should do the same thing with a parking garage. Let a private developer build it and front the costs but the developer keeps the parking fees up to a cap. Half of UA is covered in parking lots for god sakes. It's funny to see warm weather campuses in Atlanta and San Diego have covered parking garages and snowy Albany has black top .
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