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  1. I thought AAU was more about research and the primary driver was a medical school. Am I mistaken there?
  2. If that's it then it's very disappointing. Much a do about nothing
  3. 4) Nothing happens. This is the most likely and least desirable outcome in my opinion.
  4. What structure if any do we eventually see? Below are the possible options as I see them. 1) Outright acquisition of Albany Law. This would model the planned Stony Brook acquisition of Touro Law, which never materialized. I prefer this model but I see it as the least likely (my opinion) 2) The Cornell school within a school model. Private Cornell has several SUNY colleges. Reverse it where SUNY (UA) has a private law school. Novel approach. 3a) The outsource approach - SUNY through UA purchases a set number of seats through Albany Law. Joint school degrees. UA leverages Albany Law's ABA. Students get charged SUNY tuition and the state makes up the difference to Albany Law 3b) A hybrid between 2 and 3a. SUNY like Cornell has separate programs within the other institution. Cornell has SUNY Industrial and Labor Relations. Likewise SUNY sets up distinct legal programs through Albany Law like environmental law. New York has something like 30 law schools but ony1 SUNY law school. This means affordability is awful in state with a surplus of law schools.
  5. Are we in a catch 22? If we can't just pay lacrosse players then we can't pay any players. We can't afford to pay all players like the ACC or Big 10 Why would a player choose a college in the 90% that are non-Power 5 conferences that can't afford to pay? Doesn't that just give every sport to the Big 10, Big 12 etc.
  6. There is a lot of stories being written on this topic often focused on football. What's the impact on other sports specifically lacrosse? If the 5 Power conferences start paying players does New York's lacrosse hot bed start feeding a Johnny Come Lately Big 10? Only the ACC was a big fish of the Power 5 conferences but is that going to change? Lacrosse is SUNY's most successful sport. UA went to the national quarter finals. Do we pay players? If not does the Big Ten become the winners by dominating another sport?
  7. Our numbers are smaller in comparison but is this a true comparison? We just finished the stadium. That will increase ticket revenue, event revenue etc. This is not included. As stated full scholarships are not included in our numbers yet. It just feels like its premature to judge our revenue. It's like saying the new restaurant on its first day open hasn't had the sales of a restaurant that's been opened for 20 years. Let's look at next quarter or next years sales and then judge.
  8. The article makes me a bit scared for the future.
  9. I wasn't aware Dr Jones and Dr McElroy's relationship was so strained. The article makes it sound like McElroy was striving for greatness and Dr Jones was a break... at least that's what I took away from the article whether it's true or not.
  10. One of the first pictures of him that I saw was him holding a football jersey. He spent his entire adult life at Big 10 and SEC schools.
  11. Any thoughts on a timeline to backfill? Will this be filled this year or will this drag out?
  12. If it's $400k to $600k for bleachers can this be used in finishing the lower bowl or does this have to be throw away?
  13. Any chance some of that $3M miscellaneous or other category will be used on stadium expansion? The $18M used to build the stadium was never expressly targeted. Seems like a smart way of doing it.
  14. Last 3 seconds. Cool but it would be nicer with a label identifying UAlbany. http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/our-favorite-moments-salute-college-graduates-n117736
  15. More rumblings at Albany Law in the TU today. Financial problems. I really wish Cuomo would step in and push for a UA / Albany Law merger. New York gets its much needed 2nd SUNY law school with affordable tuition and Albany Law gets stability and access to state finances. Win-win!
  16. Would these "permanent" bleachers be surrounded by an earthen mound when the stadium is completed or do they get pulled out as part of the build out.
  17. Why was the head of SEC at UMass? It's not like UMass is part of the Big 5. One poster on AGS thought it was possible the CAA could be one of the FCS conferences allowed to upgrade as a group to the 5 left behinds.
  18. I heard the engineering degree story a while back. Of course it's nice BUT there is a big difference between adding a new school or college and just allowing for a few degrees. We need new professional schools not just a major. Current gaps: No law, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, architecture, engineering... I hope there is more to come.
  19. I heard that argument when we were D3, D2, D1 and D1 scholly. Anyone think it was a mistake leaving D3?
  20. So in 20 years you still want to be watching Albany play UMass Lowell or Maine? AIM low...
  21. Everyone keeps saying that the BCS will separate from FBS in a few years and we should wait. There's no guarantee of that happening. We could be waiting years for an event that never happens.
  22. UB only spent 5 years in FCS before upgrading and only had 1 winning season. Just pointing out the road to FBS doesn't need to take decades. Charlotte and USF skipped FCS all together
  23. An article this morning pegged our budget at $16M. That's up a few million in a short time. I remember $14M as the old number. Stony Brook is $25M. I can't see us not getting there in a few years especially if we expand the stadium. $25M is solidly in MAC territory. The problem as I see it is we don't have Cuomo or Zimpher pandering to Albany like they do for Buffalo. Anything for Buffalo and Nano but Albany.... no help to date.
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