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  1. If football could squeeze out 4 to 5 wins this year and the administration lobby's SUNY Central, the MAC etc we might have a shot. The administration and SUNY would need to put up or shut up. Does Zimpher want SUNY Centers to have a higher profile or not? Buffalo got a lot of help getting into the MAC in 1996. I'm sure their budget was tiny in relation to existing members. I'm sure MAC members scoffed at admitting SUNY Buffalo but it eventually worked out. Moving up a conference is rarely easy. That's true for almost every college. Maryland and Rutgers will have a tough time in the Big 10. We're not unique. That said you don't improve if you stay in your comfort zone.
  2. Stony Brook's budget is $25M last I checked (see below) Higher than a number of MAC schools. Higher than 4 MAC schools to be exact. Higher than another half dozen FBS schools. The primary difference between them and us is they've had the revenue boost of a stadium for a decade. Even with such a large budget gap we seem to be beating Stony Brook. Do you disagree? If we are playing Stony Brook why can't we play MAC schools with a SMALLER budget? Delaware at $31M is double our budget and larger than nearly every MAC school. Why can we play Delaware but not Buffalo? Point is the CAA has budgets as large or larger than the MAC. Why not be FBS if it's an option? http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/schools/finances/?fullsite=true
  3. How is it that New Yorkers and New Englanders have such a small view geography to think Albany New York is too far away from Buffalo New York or neighboring state Ohio? How far do western teams like San Diego State have to travel? How about the SEC or Hawaii? The northeast conferences expectations are out of whack .
  4. UMass football is leaving the MAC after 2015. That means an opening. Let UA and SBU in there. Our facilities and budgets can't be worse than where UB was back when they transitioned in. UB took a decade build up but they are full members now. Heck we're not far behind Eastern Michigan now. That's before the full impact of the stadium. http://bostonherald.com/sports/college/on_campus/2014/03/umass_football_to_leave_mac_after_2015_season
  5. I don't think staying in the AE is an option if there are alternatives. 15 years in the AE is sufficient. There is nothing more to be achieved in the 27th of 31st basketball conference.
  6. I thought that myself but was holding out hope. Yes, football is a few years away but the rest is on par or better. FBS is my goal and I don't see any roads that don't run through the MAC. Albany has had far more success than any SUNY Center. We've done all we can do in the AE. If we can afford the CAA I would accept it but I have concerns. 1) Would we have a prohibitive exit fee ($1M) that would stop us from further elevating later? 2) Is the CAA a one bid league. If so are we trading a one bid conference that's winnable for a one bud conference that's less winnable? 3) would travel costs make us 'house poor'? We need to invest in facilities more than travel costs.
  7. Agreed. I'm all for moving up as long as we can afford it. Strike while the iron is hot. We've accomplished all we can in the AE. Is the CAA our only option? I'd really prefer the MAC for obvious later football possibilities. The MAC took Buffalo. Why not Albany (and Stony Brook)? We've had more success than any SUNY Center. MBB NCAAs Albany 4 Binghamton 1 Buffalo 0 Stony Brook 0 WBB NCAAs Albany 3 The rest.... LAX same story. Albany success Only Stony Brook's baseball run a few years back is equally successful. For me yes to the CAA if we can afford it any only if the MAC is off the table.
  8. Albany California is well known in California. It's just outside of Berkley... as in UC Berkley or Cal. It may be smaller than the New York capital but it's better known here. This is why I always preferred a name with 'New York' included. That being said if we're keeping Albany drop the 'U' and 'at'. The media ignore both anyway. I prefer the below Albany University or University of Albany For being "fairly small," it's still larger than all the others mentioned..and is the only state capital. And Albany, California..18,000 people..come on. Would be interested to hear from those who actually put (NY) why they do it..Albany State or the cities in Georgia and Oregon. My guess is that most do it now simply because that's what the person before them did.
  9. I suspect the (NY) has more to do with the fact that there are at least 6 cities named 'Albany' across the US from California to Oregon to Georgia and New York. The city in New York is fairly small and not well known in the rest of the country. I don't think Albany State is the reason we have a (NY). The 'U' is purely for locals to distinguish the high school from the university. As you see the national media ignore it whether we use it or not.
  10. I suspect the (NY) has more to do with the fact that there are at least 6 cities named 'Albany' across the US from California to Oregon to Georgia and New York. The city in New York is fairly small and not well known in the rest of the country. I don't think Albany State is the reason we have a (NY). The 'U' is purely for locals to distinguish the high school from the universities. As you see the national media ignore it whether we use it or not.
  11. UA sent out an email contribution solicitation last night. Great idea! I donated and I recommend you do as well. That donation spike is ammo for athletic expansion and a shield against critics. See below ------------------- As thousands of alumni across the world get ready to cheer on our men's and women's Great Danes in the NCAA basketball tournament, alumni are prouder and more excited about UAlbany than ever! Now is the perfect time to make a UAlbany Fund gift in honor of your favorite team or program. Every gift makes a powerful statement that our University is worth supporting, and helps our programs advance to the next level of excellence. Basketball not your thing? Whatever your passion, there are countless ways your gift can create opportunity for UAlbany students, any one of whom could become the next great physician to cure a disease, the next tech giant or the next novelist to tell a story that has never been told before. At UAlbany, the possibilities and the promise are endless. However you choose to support UA, it's a great time to invest in UAlbany students and programs. Thank you for your continued support, and GO, GREAT DANES! Watch the Men's Team: Today at 4:10 on TBS UAlbany Men vs Florida Amway Center - Orlando Florida Watch the Women's Team: Sunday March 23, 2014 3:00 on ESPN Maravich Center - Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tim Murphy '77 President, UAlbany Alumni Association Giving to UAlbany The University at Albany Foundation UAlbany Sports UAlbany Fund • The University at Albany Foundation • UAB 226 • 1400 Washington Avenue • Albany, NY 12222 • 1-800-577-7869 Please send questions and comments about this email to uafund@albany.edu. To ensure delivery of our emails to your inbox, please add uafund@albany.edu to your address book. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, unsubscribe here.
  12. I reached out to the Times Union and asked them why they aren't asking hard questions like what does this mean to UA. The Times Union said they let their Higher Ed reporter go. No one is covering this story according to the Times Union.
  13. Very proud. We were in the fight. If a few more balls dropped we could see a different outcome.
  14. No one knows how long this will last. Future governors, chancellors etc may look at 2 SUNY institutions sitting across the street from one another and say this is stupid. They could be merged again in 10 years. Cuomo won't be governor forever, Zimpher won't be chancellor forever. Kalyeros is not a young man. New leaders may see the absurdity in this decision. What happens if the new governor is fiscally conservative and stops the money flow to Nano? Does it all come crashing down? What if technology changes? Can this one trick pony adapt without endless government money? We'll see how smart this decision is in 10, 20 years. Steel mills seemed like a good idea in the 1900s. You don't see many of those around the US. Personally I hope they fail. I suspect they will when the money slows or stops. New York won't write $1B checks for speculative corporate ventures forever. Both liberal and conservative leaders could stop this for different reasons. Yuck it up Cuomo a Kalyeros. The music doesn't go on forever.
  15. Where'd you watch the game? I was at Taco Mac in the Highlands since I'm here on business. What's the best place to find a rebroadcast? I want to rewatch the game without bar distractions.
  16. I feel like UA passed on every girl in hopes of going to the prom with the super model. After telling everyone about this amazing prom date the super model backs out and UA is left dateless. I hear everyone not to stress about it but it feels like insult to injury. The SUNYIT twist is just insulting.
  17. Separating from a university that is literally across the street to merge with a college 60 miles away? I guess I'm still stunned by this decision
  18. Huge win. I have to admit I was nervous. I'm glad we started with a First Four game.
  19. Looks guaranteed that SUNY IT and SUNY Nano College are merging. The Chancellor is for it and it passed a vote. Why again does CNSE need to separate from UA but merge with SUNYIT? Doesn't the argument for separation conflict with the argument to merge? http://www.dailygazette.com/news/2014/mar/18/nanocollege-merge-sunyit/
  20. I like the prime time game especially since I'll be in Atlanta on business. 3:03 Pacific Time is a non-starter if I was on San Diego. Good timing on the business trip.
  21. The CAA Board is once again speculating that we'll make the leap when JMU departs. Maybe SBU comes along? Thoughts? I think we've got the best hand we're likely to ever get. Men's basketball with NCAA trips 4 of the past 9 years. Women's hoops 3 for 3 to the NCAAs. A very good LAX team. Rocking track team. I think our portfolio of success doesn't get much better than this. If offered and we decline are we waiting for something better? I would only decline if the MAC was in play down the road. Maybe they pick up UA and SBU to close the geographic gap between Buffalo and Boston (UMass). Give us all sports with the option for football if or when we meet the attendance and facility requirements. Buffalo was slow to start but has been a good MAC member. Bet on the other 2 football SUNYs.
  22. CNSE is a curse. The worst thing to ever happen to UA. UA lost a decade of funding to CNSE but it was argued that CNSE was a UA college and we should support it. Then CNSE was ripped from UA. I wouldn't shed a single tear if CNSE was leveled in an earthquake.
  23. I agree. My resume took a hit with our loss of this college.
  24. So Nano is splitting from UA but merging with SUNYIT?!? http://m.uticaod.com/article/20140226/NEWS/140229465
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