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  1. Svare and the malcontents at the TU managed to sabotage their own university. What an A-hole!!!!
  2. It's clear the TU editorial board has limited knowledge of college athletics or the outside world. For that matter I think a lot of Capital District residents should visit other parts of the country. Visit Boise Idaho, Athens Georgia, Columbus Ohio. Hell, go to a high school game in Kennesaw Georgia. They would be shocked to see the community engagement, pride and support. Too many folks in the Capital District really have a Smallbany outlook.
  3. ' This whole argument about Russian and French is a joke. The students had already voted with their feet and wallets long before they got cancelled. Correct me if I'm wrong, going off memory here but those programs saw such low enrollment that it didn't make sense to keep them as majors. There was very little to no interest. The school did the right thing and restructured them. Excellent point. The students voted with their feet. Those majors were very unpopular. Asking the university to keep them is like asking GM to continue selling the Chevy Nova. If people don't want a product and your losing money are you obligated to continue selling it? Let's not forget this is the community's largest outdoor venue. Why should the Capital District not have a community venue?
  4. I heard back from the TU. They'll run my letter in response if I agree to drop the last paragraph where I assert the TU simply dislikes the university. I do think they have a bias against UAlbany but I agreed to it to get the letter accepted.
  5. I left a comment on their site and submitted it as a letter to the editor. Comparing UAlbany's ambition to Florida State is ridiculous. Even with a full build out the stadium would be one of the smallest FBS stadiums in the country. What I hate is the selective outrage. Where were the complaints about funding Stony Brook, Buffalo and Binghamton? Syracuse is asking for 10x what UAlbany is talking about but there has been no editorials about funding a private university up to $200M!!!
  6. News of a possible expansion made it to Philly http://mobile.philly.com/sports/?wss=/philly/sports/sbnation/villanova/&id=242540231
  7. This scheme represented a seating capacity of about 24k so considerable construction would be required. I'm confused as well. Could you elaborate just a bit more? Is a 24,000 stadium not possible for an extra $20M or are you saying it is but just not like the original sketch supplied?
  8. I didn't want to ask on AGS but Dane 96 noted the below. Is this true? I'm reading this to mean money is in the budget. Am I interpreting this correctly? ----------------- 7. Previous $12 million request in this year's capital budget for planning of an indoor facility (All Sport, including football and track) and expansion of stadium; and
  9. Like proper child development you should immediately reward good behavior. I just did a small donation to the stadium to reward stadium expansion news.
  10. The ambiguities around going after funding this year or future years so to me like trying to set yourself up for an out if Cuomo rejects us. We say well we didn't commit to this year. I love the plan but after losing the $60M initial ask I thought our plan was to phase it out. If you can get it all great but I'm just a bit concerned $20M may get us unwanted attention that 4 years of $5M each wouldn't.
  11. Any drawings or visualizations of the stadium expansion in the article?
  12. Big pharma needs more customers and better drugs. They don't need more pharmacists. We could all use politicians to stop acting like Santa Claus with other people's money!
  13. Our time in the sun with a powerful local politician was with Senator Bruno and most of those wins were on nano college funding... which is to say a total loss. 10 years of funding to a college that no longer resides at UA. I curse that nano college! A lost decade! Bruno said he never he knew about the $40M stadium request. Someone is either lying or blew it big on that story. The legislature passed it and then it failed in the senate. It still annoys me. Bingo now has money for both a law school and a parmacy school. This is outside of the NY2020 funding. UA has none of that support. There better be some big announcement for UA. Isn't there suppose to be some payback for the loss of nano? Something!?!
  14. The problem is very basic. UAlbany has two major disadvantages relative to our SUNY Center peers. 1) SUNY spending is completely political. 1a) UB benefits heavily from its region's economic distress. Want to send money to Western New York? UB is the dissemination tool. 1b) Binghamton getting a pharmacy school or Syracuse getting a stadium is completely based on getting money to those regions to buy votes. 1c) The Capitol Region doesn't rank high on the wealth redistribution priority list. New Yorkers don't like 'Albany' and the area is smaller so our legislative contingent has less sway. 2) New York's capitol is already the home to a law school, pharmacy school, medical school, etc. The problem is they are all private. Politics again trumps everything. Cuomo doesn't do what's right. He does what he's rewarded to do. He's not going to anger those private colleges by adding a state college to compete with them. I'm not sure how UAlbany fixes this issue. Do we just become the permanent underclass of SUNY Centers? Short of getting a governor from the Capital District with an affinity for UAlbany I think we have no shot.
  15. Add to that McDonald, McLaughlin and Fahey
  16. I left voice mails with Breslin, Farley and Lopez complaining. I call more in the morning. Someone needs to stand up for UA. That someone is all of us.
  17. Two strong pick ups. Is this our first FBS transfer? http://terrapinstationmd.com/2014/01/19/former-maryland-ot-mike-madaras-heading-albany/
  18. Looks like Syracuse nearly got $200M in tax money for a new stadium. This PRIVATE university almost picked up $200M in tax money but the state university in the capital was declined and scoffed at for asking for $40M? UA ended up with just $18M for its "stadium". It's not just about UA. Why should Syracuse get $200M or anything for that matter when the 3 SUNY Center football schools have very basic facilities? Even Buffalo's stadium is ugly and basic. They jammed as many seats as possible into a track in circled hot mess. New York must stop funding these private colleges!!! http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/01/su_sports_arena_timeline_do_not_publish.html
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