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  1. I agree the public is in the dark. What's worse the area politicians don't care. When have you heard a Capital District stand up and say UA is our SUNY Center and I demand to know what's going on?
  2. For those paying attention does anyone other than me feel UA is getting screwed lately? 1) UA loses it's most prestigious college last year 2) Once UA demonstrated success with a joint public-private program like nano it's pulled away and all new programs are going to other centers, specifically Buffalo. 2a) $100M in the State of the State for Genome Research 2b) $1B for solar greatly helping UB again I know Buffalo is a dying region and Cuomo is trying to buy votes from a much diminished but still large population using UB as the state's funding distribution into western New York point but come on! Cuomo is throwing money at UB like there's no tomorrow. I'm sure SBU will get their share too as Long Island will defend their SUNY Center. UA and BU get the crumbs due to a weak and uninterested legislative contingent. Political patronage is awful in New York. Funding is all about three men in a room and those three men will only care about NYC and Buffalo. If getting funding requires your region to be the next Detroit of poverty and despair lets hope the Capital District is the next Buffalo. Genome Research for UB "$50 million going to the University at Buffalo" http://www.buffalone...cility-20140108 Solar Research for UB http://switchboard.n...cuomo_pled.html
  3. When do we learn what UAlbany received in exchange of being stripped of its highest profile college, land seizures and missed investment opportunities over the past decade? UAlbany Foundation had a 50% ownership of the start up costs so Cuomo and Kalyeros can't completely steal everything despite their positions.
  4. The review is up and rates us fairly well. Could have taken more and better pictures though. http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/bob-ford-field-s1810
  5. I didn't see our old thread on conference realignment so I created a new one. A while ago there was a lot of talk of UA moving to the CAA for all sports. The talk then was that we wouldn't move until that AE basketball tournament since it's hosted in locally in Albany. Was this a bargaining chip in keeping Coach Abe? The tourney is now just a few months away.... What are the odds of UA moving up to the CAA for all sports in the Spring? And is the CAA really up?
  6. Thompson is a 3 star on ESPN. That's great. From what I understand history says he gets downgraded as soon as he commits to a FCS program, right?
  7. I thought it was a cheap shot. UA is ramping up in a cost containment league. Light years away from any major program. UA takes a modest half step forward and the TU is there to decry the evils of big time athletics. I wrote a negative rebuttal in the comments but the new site required a new registration and battling it on my iPhone was too much. I gave up figuring the TU wasn't worth it. Still it frosts my nuts that our modest step forward would trigger this BS. Write an article about Syracuse their BCS. Some high schools still have better facilities than us for crying out loud!
  8. Yes, we need a recruiting pipeline from Florida, Georgia, Texas and that whole area. We can get more quality players from one Georgia high school than all of New England.
  9. Ford will recruit for us locally. Gattuso brings in recruits from PA and Ohio. It's a good combination.
  10. The hire also sends a statement. This is a coach from a big name program. We will invest in Albany football and do what it takes to win.
  11. "Known as a strong recruiter who helped secure oral commitments from defensive end Brett Kulka and tight end Andrew Gray for Maryland’s class of 2014, Gattuso also enjoyed a strong season from his defensive line."
  12. http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/terrapins-insider/wp/2013/12/07/reports-terps-assistant-greg-gattuso-hired-as-albanys-head-coach/
  13. "he inherited a program that had won just six games in the previous three seasons. Eleven years later the dukes had won a mid-major national championship, seven league championships, had five bowl appearances and averaged more than eight wins per season."
  14. "There, Gattuso took a team that was 6-34 over the previous four years - including an 0-10 mark in 1988 - and turned the program around. Seton-La Salle posted a 28-10-1 record and made three WPIAL playoff appearances in Gattuso's three seasons, highlighted by a WPIAL AAA Championship and a Parkway "
  15. Here is that UB article on our new head coach. Interesting. I like that one piece is in place if we wanted to go FBS down the line. The guy could help us make the jump http://www.ubbullrun.com/2009/12/potential-coach-get-to-know-greg.html
  16. I read some great stories on him. He entered 2 losing programs and turned them around. The high school was 0-10 and Duquesne was in the toilet. He left both programs with huge winning percentages. UB was looking at him a couple years back. I can try to post that article. They praised him up and down and recruiting apparently is a strong suit. My two takeaways are recruiting and turnaround expert.
  17. And that's just wrong. Cheerleading is very athletic and requires a lot of practice. Cheerleading like pickup trucks and apple pie is politically incorrect in today's America and pays the price. More people watch football on Saturday than Sunday and yet this community passion is paid for entirely out of men's scholarships. Thanks Title IX. I have a daughter and she should have access to sports but Title IX is big government overkill. The forerunner to Obamacare... Obamasports bringing down the government hammer.
  18. What sites can I track head coach movement? We need this position filled ASAP. During the Florida game they were talking about their troubles and about how quickly the recruiting window closes.
  19. Saying what I did, I don't think we can entirely blame our performance on the strength of the CAA. We lost to CCSU and they are tied for last in the NEC... Last.
  20. I love college football. I love Albany. I'm so happy this season is over. Painful. I knew the first year of CAA would be bad but to not win a single game? Thank god there are no more games this year. Get the new coach in there with some new talent and hope springs eternal (starting next year)
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