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  1. Why do we need to win right away? How many 1-11 seasons or 4-7 seasons or 5-6 seasons do you think the money paying public attending these games will stand? THIS CAN'T TAKE 4 YEARS TO BUILD A WINNER! Yes, all of us on BPF will all attend as will a good amount of students and former players. The majority of these people do not know JMU from Union. If we are a bad team year in and year out over the next 4 years then the naysayers come out of the woodwork and start screaming what a waste of money it was to build the stadium. Next comes the fact that people stop caring and attending and the next thing you know we are Rhode Island. With a winner on the field, winnable FBS games and full attendance in the stands is the only way! Without that we will never have the build out of phase II and attendance will dwindle. Just read what that poster said on Any Given Saturday about Coach Matthews and they won a NC as well as a sellout every Saturday they play at home. And for the record I certainly don't want to tear down a program that many of us help build on the field with our own spilled blood. I certainly do not want to become Rhode Island. I wholeheartedly agree. This is Albany New York not Albany Georgia. College football is not king in New York. If we have several losing years the entire program begins a death spiral with declining ticket sales and more vocal detractors. We need to get to .500 or better as soon as possible. It is critical to not be the next Hofstra, Northeastern or Siena.
  2. Exactly... and for good reason. The national media is not going there. If you like your name you can keep it. Period. (as long as it's 'Albany' not UAlbany) Maybe we're just trend setters? USiena, URPI, UStonyBrook anyone?... UUCLA?
  3. I cringe when I hear UAlbany. Most non-Yorkers are repulsed by it. From Georgia to California I hear the same complaints when I wear logo'd apparel. 1) Why add the 'U? It's not UToledo or UPitt? At least Connecticut and Mass are states so their oddity is a bit less weird. 2) What is UAlbany? If it's a flagship why doesn't it follow normal naming convention? The city name implies its a lower university like Kennesaw State to University of Georgia. 3) Is this a city college? If it's a state school where is the state's name? UCLA doesn't follow the convention but the 'UC' stands for University of California. UC is the top state university all others are City X State (Fresno State, San Diego State etc) 4) Universally there is a blank stare with UAlbany. I chalk that up to New York having an absurd 64... check that 65 campuses. It's too many and creates too much noise. We beat this topic to death over the years but I hold out hope that someday someone in power will come to their senses like what appears to be happening at UBuffalo... I mean New York.
  4. Yes. Buffalo realized something that is obvious to any native non-New Yorker like myself. No one outside of New York cares about Buffalo, Albany or Stony Brook. Most folks don't even know what a Stony a Brook is. In New York these are university centers but in most states the city named schools are lesser schools to the "University of X" or "X State" schools. Buffalo is latching onto State University of New York because it sounds like U of Michigan, U of Virginia etc. Toledo for example sounds small relative to Ohio State. This has been much discussed. Albany needs to be doing the same or else risk losing it to Buffalo some day
  5. While New York is breaking universities apart to create more colleges, Georgia is consolidating. It seems SUNY is going the wrong way. Strong colleges create stronger universities. Undercutting UA helps no one not even CNSE. Why stop at 65 campuses? Let's go for 100!(sarcasm) http://m.albanyherald.com/news/2013/nov/12/georgia-board-of-regents-approves-southern-poly/?templates=mobile
  6. The hit out of bounds basically cost us the game. It restarted downs and they scored a short while afterward. I love college football and UAlbany but this is painful... I'm kind of waiting for the end. Like a sick family member at hospice dreading the day but can't take the pain anymore. What is a feasible record for next year? What should the expectation be for the new coach? I'm thinking 4 to 5 wins overall. 2 in conference. That's my baseline following this year.
  7. It took UAlbany, a university center in the largest state university in the country, a decade plus to build an $18M "stadium"... This Texas high school may build a $70M stadium. http://www.cbsnews.c...ters-to-decide/ Am I crazy but shouldn't it be the high school with a $18M stadium and the large state university with a $70M stadium? I'm not sure who's crazier, the liberal anti-athletics New Yorkers or the conservative pro-athletics Texans but a sense of balance was lost on both sides. I'm certainly feeling a mix of jealousy, envy and confusion after reading this story.
  8. The first series had me optimistic but that was the end of it. Down hill from there. Any news/rumors on coaching, stadium naming rights, expansion or getting a Dane statue at the stadium?
  9. Really smart move to have a bobble head day and military appreciation day. It'll cost a few bucks but if you want to expand the stadium we need to show high attendance numbers. Folks love giveaways and special events. A few grand in bobble heads could push up our attendance numbers and get us millions needed to expand. Big thumbs up! http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209291507&DB_OEM_ID=15800
  10. Can someone share photos? Preferably some wide crowd shots, stadium shots etc. Did anyone take a photo of the stadium donor plaque?
  11. Nice coverage... required coverage considering few events in the Capital District pull 10,000 attendees. Yet not one wide shot photo showing the crowd!
  12. Why is it so GD hard just to be a fan? I cannot find the F'ing game. A TU blog post said the game is moving to PYX106 but it's not there. It shouldn't be this damn hard. Every week it's a challenge to figuring out where the game is or trying to fight with Dane Zone. Anyone know what radio is broadcasting?
  13. So... as of the beginning of the year only one SUNY Campus had a nano presence. By the end of the year two will have a nano presence and netiher will be UAlbany. Cuomo and Zimpher really screwed over UAlbany. I thought I was past it but it's just shameful. http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Over-1000-jobs-could-be-coming-to-SUNYIT-227255661.html
  14. I couldn't tell from the tweets but did it pass? Is it a done deal? I'm not sure what to think of the amount. Finishing the stadium will probably cost $20M so $13k doesn't go very far and $1 a student isn't much relative to special stadium/D1 one time assessments. I believe those are about 100x to 200x larger.. That being said I don't know what their budget is or what is feasible for the SA. Clearly something is better than nothing and we need to be grateful for all donations. Can someone put this $13k into perspective?
  15. I agree that a new stadium and new coach should bring enthusiasm and help recruiting. When does recruiting for next years players occur? Is that now, after the season or are they already committed? I guess I'm asking assuming we hire a new coach today what impact is there on next year's team's talent?
  16. What puts our losses into perspective is the losses for the teams that beat us. 1) URI lost to Brown a team we could easily beat in years past 2) ODU barely slipped by Liberty. Granted we haven't played Liberty much but SBU owned them for years and we nearly upset SBU last year. Certainly not a team that should hang 66 points on us. 3) Duquense is playing D2 schools and only winning with modest margins. I expected this year to include more losses but last years team would have several more wins this year all other things being equal. Yes the competition is better but the primary issue is we're significantly worse. How is it that those close to the team didn't see this coming? I too removed to have seen this but the coaches should have known.
  17. My concern is that anti athletics critics seize on growing pains and try to scuttle our program. Look at all the UMass critics. I didn't think much of their issue but I've become a cheerleader for them. Their faculty and many other critics have tried to sink them on the first sign of weakness. Could happen here?
  18. This was our first FBS team and a future Conference USA team at that. Better than many MAC schools. The point is you have to start somewhere. Buffalo got blasted for years before they had any wins. They beat UConn yesterday.
  19. These loses to weak NEC and CAA teams could not come at a worse time. UA is trying to lock in a decade long stadium naming rights deal. Attendance and excitement in these first few games will impact a decade of UA fans, players and coaches. It's these early games that corporations are looking at to project value and place bids.
  20. What was attendance tonight? I hope attendance will be the bright spot. I think getting additional stadium funding is based on attendance first and winning second. Usually their correlated but not necessarily. Big crowds and lousy record is better than small crowds and small attendance.
  21. Sad to say but I don't think we win 1 more game this season. It's not the better competition of the CAA. This team is awful relative to the last 10 UAlbany teams.
  22. Albany offense looks terrible. This is the easiest game of the year for UA. If we can't blast CCSU then we're in trouble with James Madison and ODU. Doesn't get easier from here.
  23. The game is on WGY 810. Not sure why the change in channels. Still no audio on Dane Zone. 1 play difference between Dane Zone and WGY.
  24. Watching games remotely is a complete pain in the ass. 1) The game isn't on 980 2) Dane Zone starts late and has no audio I want to scream!
  25. Weather Channel says 0% chance of rain through 8PM. Only 10% at 9PM. Looks like rain will be later in the night. That should be very good for turnout.
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