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  1. On 9/10/2018 at 10:45 AM, reeder said:

    i'm not sure i believe this.  There's not much revenue with football.  Yes there are ticket sales and donations but i doubt that comes close to servicing the debt for the stadium.  The guarantee games probably cover some of the remaining operating expenses but 63 scholarships is expensive.

    I'd guess that basketball provides more revenue with their guarantee games, NCAA tournament shares... 

    My donations are squarely tied to football.  Too much nonsense happening at colleges for me to fund the university or academics.  Not sure I’d follow UA much without it.

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a hitch cover for my truck?  My father in law is sporting a Wisconsin Badgers one and I’d like to get a UAlbany one.  I’ve checked the usual places (bookstore, Amazon, Victory Tailgate even Etsy) 

  3. If you go down the town name route it helps if your university is named after a popular town.  Say Chicago or Miami.  I’ve lived in 12 states... Albany doesn’t have that cache if it’s known at all.  New York does have cache.


    I believe in marketing so to me this is important to how we are perceived by the general public.


    In the end Id be happy if they just merge the schools back.

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  4. I tweeted this editorial to Gov Cuomo.  Make UAlbany great again!


    The two schools need to be reunited.  I’d actually prefer the SUNY Poly name as opposed to Albany.  Flagships aren’t typically named after their town.  Ohio State not Columbus State.  Michigan State not Lansing State.  The town name typically indicates a lower tier.

  5. Its a good sign. I remember being in an Albany area gas station and seeing a Syracuse promo cup deal. This was many years ago. I wondered how long it would be if ever we would see a UAlbany promo... a real promo targeted at the general public not just UA students.




    Whoa...didnt know he verballed. Looks like he could be a player. A lot of these German / Austrian kids are coming over now...and many of them are good

    I'm confused. Did he play here somewhere and is just German? Or is he legit playing HS football in Germany?


    I'm Ukrainian and if it's the latter...I had no idea Europeans played it (even though I realize the NFL has been going to London for years).

    They have german FB teams with German coaches - just did a little research.

    I played HS Football for a DoDDS school (Ulm) in Germany as my father was US Army stationed there. Is this kid a US army brat or a German national? I know they have some German leagues now. Just a bit confusing to figure out.

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  7. Title IX was never meant to regulate sports. I say that as a HR professional. It's hijacking laws after the fact... government run amuck.


    This is a huge waste of time. Why cheer is not considered in the mix but tennis is just shows how this process has become about identity politics and not sports (or helping girls and women).


    People know how to kill the fun in sports.

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