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  1. UAlbany is in need of a Sugar Daddy. The state usually supports their flagship. Not in New York. We don't have a T Boone Pickens like Oklahoma State. Or the Papa Johns founder helping Louisville. Even Stony Brook has Senator LeValle and a billionaire. We don't have that level of support and commitment.
  2. Looks nice. Better than what was there in the 90s
  3. CAA Conference's Towson beat Syracuse. They are on to the Final 4. Barring a better offer it's time to move all sports to the CAA. Incremental improvement is still improvement.
  4. 19 and 20 is a lot better than what the folks over at AGS were saying. I'm still worried about QB.
  5. According to USA Today the average revenue by conference is 131 for America East and 111 for CAA. Albany is ranked at 135 ($18M) so if money matters and it does the CAA is a stronger conference. It would be a modest step up from the AE in lax and basketball.
  6. Is there an overall conference ranking? I'd love to see where the America East ranks overall as well as by sport. So how would a move to CAA be overall and then by sport. I think it's a modest improvement
  7. The CAA has been a launching pad conference to the G5 in a way America East has not been. So even though I'm not sure it's much stronger it's been a stepping stone historically.
  8. Even if I take as fact that we are currently a lacrosse destination, my point is the success is based on the current incumbents. It's only as lasting as the current coach and staff. So it can change quickly. Where conference affiliation is more durable. North Carolina is in a desirable conference regardless if their coach and staff quits tomorrow. That conference puts in place a floor for which they can only fall so low. It's a safety net. Same idea as real estate. Downturns hurt good neighborhoods but crush bad neighborhoods. I'd love to see that safety net in place relative to a desireable conference. As noted here the problem seems to be the same as in football. There is no place to go. We're stuck trying to run the table every year in a mid-major.
  9. Is it possible for UAlbany Lacrosse to get into the Big Ten like Johns Hopkins just for that sport or would the AE forbid it? If the MAC jumped on the lax bandwagon that might be compelling since they are fbs.
  10. The top conferences are like California beach front housing. Even in a downturn everybody wants in so "down" is never as long or as severe. What conference is even possible down the road for Albany as a next step?
  11. I think UA has outgrown the America East. It's holding us back. If we lost a Coach Brown or Marr it would be tough. The big boys just recruit the next coach because the Big 10 or ACC is perennial. We are always at risk of losing what we've achieved. In short we're not there yet where the Albany name is going to sell a recruit.
  12. How does this stack up against our SUNY Center competitors? I'm guessing much better. With such a stellar resume how do we convert that into a promotion?
  13. Most of the above drivers for a new conference are incredibly unlikely. Growth of lacrosse is the most likely but if we remain at the top in 10 or 20 years and the sport grows that could make us very desirable.
  14. Albany athletics has had major success across the board: men's and women's lacrosse, basketball, track and football. There isn't much more they could achieve on the field or court. Yes lax could win a national title. Men's basketball or football could do better in their playoffs. That said what gets UAlbany to the next level conference? In impact ranking order: 1) Direct politician support. Biggest possible impact Gov decides he wants it. Money and leverage. 2) Growth of lacrosse. It's our most successful sport. Huge growth in lacrosse would be good for us. 3) Major donor. A T Boone Pickens type guy. Huge support for Oklahoma State. 4) On the field success. We're already successful at this level so how much more we can push it without a new conference is questionable. Worked for Wichita State and Boise State but it's rare. 5) Growth of the university. Conferences are based on TV and that's based on viewers. Bigger is better So how do you get to an AAC type conference? That's what I see.
  15. I've been out of college 20 years. Let's face it, the most important quality in this role is fund raising, lobbying and influence. As long as the candidate is pro college sports and can influence politicians that's the right candidate for me. That said I'd like a land grant flagship candidate out of the Big 10, ACC or SEC country
  16. I just booked my flight for the Albany football home opener against Monmouth on 9/15, Hope it's better weather than last year's game against Elon.
  17. Totally agree. I applied to a D3 UA. We want more but it's remarkable progress in 20 years.
  18. I said it before but any paradigm shift that propels Albany or any SUNY Center to prominence athletically starts with the governor. Only he can break the status quo and give the financial boost needed to get to the next level conference. It'll take facilities and a financial commitment only he can provide.
  19. I don't like favoritism and that's what I see from ESPN and NCAA for the Big Ten.
  20. That's the point. It's not about rights since numerous worse violators are ignored by the governor. Saudi Arabia, Cuba.., hell UA could play in North Korea but god help us if we play in NC. We should move on. Stupid crap but it is what it is. Looking forward to football season and so help me god if someone injects politics into the game I'll go ape $iena. So over it. We can all agree with this... Go Danes!
  21. As a B-School alum it's positive. That said, I expect we keep accreditation. We should be achieving new accomplishments as opposed to cheerleading status quo. So great now show me more.
  22. Someone should tell the political prisoners roting in Castro's jails of Cuomo's brave stance against NC. They could use a good laugh.
  23. Again, New York's state university compete's on the level the governor chooses. New York State government could match dollar for dollar any big P5 college. Most of those schools have athletic budgets at ~ $80M. The state has a budget of ~$160B. That's why I say the biggest impact on UA athletics is the governor and their view of college sports.
  24. Why would we care about UB?!! UB is just an example. I don't care about UB either. My point is simple. Any Governor of New York controls a lot of money and power. I could cite numerous examples of where Cuomo "found" a hundred million plus for a pet project. Another example, If you recall we came very close to getting $60M for a stadium if someone didn't drop the ball with Sen Bruno. IF he wanted he could funnel $100M into a campus for facilities. Again, simple point. Governor of New York = Money and Power Money = New top of the line facilities Facilities and budget = Factors in Conference The status quo for NY State University athletics is a choice of the governor. He could match Governor Walker of Wisconsin if he choose.
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