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  1. Most folks in California, Georgia or Michigan have never heard of SUNY. I've lived in all three. If Cuomo wants credit for free tuition he should be pushing the SUNY Centers to become household names like UCLA or Georgia Tech. That means big time athletics and top academics (the opposite of access).


    I wasn't aware nor did I care that Tennessee offers free tuition to their community colleges. Free tuition to Georgia Tech or UCLA would be much more impressive.


    Most Americans would guess SUNY is the name of a foreign transfer student not major university. Athletics and branding need to be the focus else who cares if it's free.

  2. Even if I take as fact that we are currently a lacrosse destination, my point is the success is based on the current incumbents. It's only as lasting as the current coach and staff. So it can change quickly.


    Where conference affiliation is more durable. North Carolina is in a desirable conference regardless if their coach and staff quits tomorrow. That conference puts in place a floor for which they can only fall so low. It's a safety net. Same idea as real estate. Downturns hurt good neighborhoods but crush bad neighborhoods.


    I'd love to see that safety net in place relative to a desireable conference. As noted here the problem seems to be the same as in football. There is no place to go. We're stuck trying to run the table every year in a mid-major.

  3. Albany athletics has had major success across the board: men's and women's lacrosse, basketball, track and football. There isn't much more they could achieve on the field or court. Yes lax could win a national title. Men's basketball or football could do better in their playoffs.


    That said what gets UAlbany to the next level conference?


    In impact ranking order:

    1) Direct politician support. Biggest possible impact Gov decides he wants it. Money and leverage.

    2) Growth of lacrosse. It's our most successful sport. Huge growth in lacrosse would be good for us.

    3) Major donor. A T Boone Pickens type guy. Huge support for Oklahoma State.

    4) On the field success. We're already successful at this level so how much more we can push it without a new conference is questionable. Worked for Wichita State and Boise State but it's rare.

    5) Growth of the university. Conferences are based on TV and that's based on viewers. Bigger is better


    So how do you get to an AAC type conference? That's what I see.

  4. Students petition to make Stellar permanent, but it's against SUNY policy


    UAlbany students: Keep Jim Stellar as president

    I've been out of college 20 years. Let's face it, the most important quality in this role is fund raising, lobbying and influence. As long as the candidate is pro college sports and can influence politicians that's the right candidate for me.


    That said I'd like a land grant flagship candidate out of the Big 10, ACC or SEC country

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  5. What we need to do is to appeal for an American Athletic Conference membership, and make a commitment to upgrade our football program and facilities.


    Maryland won last night, Ohio state collects another loss... although it was close.

    I said it before but any paradigm shift that propels Albany or any SUNY Center to prominence athletically starts with the governor. Only he can break the status quo and give the financial boost needed to get to the next level conference. It'll take facilities and a financial commitment only he can provide.

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